US News Air Taxi Startup Lilium creates the IPO on the NASDAQ

15:15  16 september  2021
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Lilium has now made the IPO via a Spac. But the diverse Munich airtaxi startup threatens plenty of counterwind until the vision of the environmentally friendly short-haul flights becomes reality.

Der geplante Siebensitzer von Lilium. © Lilium The planned seven-seater of Lilium.

The Munich airtaxi startup Lilium starts today at the US technology exercise NASDAQ its IPO about the detour of an SPACS (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). The company from München elects an empty stock market sheath to be listed faster. However, the vision of the air taxi company is controversial - which consider it unrealistic mischief, for the others it is another puzzle part for the traffic concepts of the future .

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What are spacs? This is behind the new investment hype

lilium wants to mix taxi business: flight should cost 1.16 euros per kilometer cost

airtaxy lilium now flies 100 km / h

because just in the metropolitan regions could allow air taxis to relieve car traffic in the medium term , at least researchers of the Fraunhofer Society believe. The advantage is in almost vertical start and land, in combination with conventional support surface technology, as we know you from planes. The bottom line should be the aircraft, which can be used commercially in three years and, for example, could connect between nearby airports and train stations, more environmentally friendly than many alternatives.

prospective customers are already some. In conversation is about connecting the two airports München and Nuremberg - and also the Brazilian airline Azul plans 220 air taxis and wants to make a billion US dollars easier. However, Azul does not want to order the originally planned five-seater, but seven-seater at the unit price of around 4.5 million dollars.

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Lilium achieves less investor money than expected

So a rosy future for the listed company? This must not show up, because if the manufacturer can reach the high-flying sales plans in about five years, is not clear. In the run-up, the investors were apparently significantly more reserved when they had hoped: the IPO achieved 580 million dollars instead of the envisaged around 830 million dollars, according to the media reports, which would have been possible in view of the Spacs - apparently a trend at Spacs generally, to which it was yes so far rather little experience gives.

Nevertheless, Lilium is one step further and has proven that the traffic startup at least for the time being did not fail at the development costs and money. Now the developers who founded the company already founded in 2015 as a spinoff of the TU Munich, even demonstrating that the idea is technically as economical and the bill is committed. Because according to media reports, such a lilium aircraft is not only extremely loud, even the planned ranges could not be achieved at least in the previous test flights . Abundant headwind also promise some competitors who also work on comparable technologies.

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