US News Germany: a "Islamist" attack project foiled against a synagogue at Hagen

21:05  16 september  2021
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Un homme en lien avec l'attentat déjoué contre la synagogue de Hagen, dans l'est de l'Allemagne, interpellé par la police allemande, le 16 septembre 2021. © AFP a man in connection with the foiled attack against the synagogue of Hagen, in the east of Germany, arrested by the police. German, on September 16, 2021.

The worst was avoided in Hagen, in the east of Germany, where the police arrested, Thursday, a minor of 16, suspected of preparing an explosive attack against a Synagogue of the city in the full party of Yom Kippur. The German authorities emphasized the "Islamist" motivation of the suspect, a young Syrian residing in Hagen.

a 16-year-old Syrian and three of his relatives were arrested on Thursday, September 16, in Germany , the next day of a threat of "Islamist" bombing " against a synagogue , in the full party of Yom Kippur.

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"There was a danger of attack against the synagogue of Hagen", in the west of the country, confirmed the Minister of the Interior of the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Herbert Reul praised the action of the police forces that "probably prevented him". For him, he does little doubt that this threat was "motivated by Islamism".

"It seems that before the beginning of Yom Kippur, an Islamist motivational attack could be avoided," said soon after Armin Laschet, conservative candidate to the succession of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the elections of September 26 and boss of the region.

A minor of 16, suspected of preparing the

bombing on Wednesday night, the celebration of Yom Kippur in this synagogue of Hagen, a city of 180 000 inhabitants located in the old industrial basin of the Ruhr, had been abruptly canceled.

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The police had deployed around the religious building several heavily armed men and dogs to find potential explosives. However, no bomb has been discovered in or near the premises, the local police said on Thursday morning. Access to the streets around the synagogue had also been blocked.

The investigation, open for a suspicion of "preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state", has, in particular, "led to the identification and arrest of a 16-year-old, original From Hagen, "announced the local police on Thursday at the end of the morning.

The 16-year-old is a Syrian who lived in Hagen, confirmed the minister. It was arrested on Thursday morning at the station of the city, three of his relatives as arrested at home, according to the local media.

alerted by a foreign intelligence

the young Syrian, who has announced an imminent attack on a forum for discussions supervised by this service, has been spotted by a foreign intelligence service, which immediately alerted the German authorities, according to several media . The attack was likely to be conducted Wednesday night using artisanal explosives, according to the media.

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This case intervenes almost two years after an attack against the synagogue of Halle , in the east of Germany, there too during Yom Kippur. The author, a right extremist, had tried to enter, without doing it, in the synagogue to shoot the faithful. , however, he killed two people in the street and in a snack before being stopped. He has since been sentenced to life prison for this attack.

anti-Semitic crimes and crimes, emanating from the Jihadist movement as the extreme right, have steadily increased in Germany in recent years, with 2,032 offenses recorded in 2019, or 13% more than the previous year .

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