US News Further sequels of the action series in danger? That's why Tom Cruise is after the tripping of "Mission: Impossible 7" powerful Sauer

21:05  16 september  2021
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, the shooting of " Mission: Impossible 7" after two years and numerous, mostly corona-related problems and interruptions finally completed. But the common graduation party of the crew and the Casts was probably clouded. Because Tom Cruise is to be Stinksauer, as the Hollywood Reporter reports.

Weitere Sequels der Action-Reihe in Gefahr? Darum ist Tom Cruise nach Drehschluss von © Paramount Pictures Further Sequels of the Action Series in Danger? Therefore, Tom Cruise is after the tripping of "Mission: Impossible 7" powerful Sauer

because Studio Paramount recently shifted the action movie not only once again from May 26 to September 29, 2022, but also confirmed that "mission: impossible 7" Theoretically already 45 days after theatrical release on the in-house streaming service Paramount + can be available. Incidentally, Paramount + is to come to Germany as an additional option at Sky.

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Paramount relies on Streaming

for Paramount makes the point. The traditional Hollywood studio is now full of streaming. Only a few days ago became known that Cinema lovers Jim Gianopulos is replaced as a previous CEO. Successor Brian Robbins (director of "Norbit", last president of Nickelodeon) is streaming advocate. His order: Paramount + lead to success.

Supposedly Paramount is supposed to even plan to get out of the business with large cinema blockbusters and prefer to produce medium-sized films directly for the streaming market. Gianopulos should even have been accused of his supervisors at parent company Viacom that he held at the theatrical release of films such as " a Quiet Place II " instead of driving out directly on the in-house streaming platform.

Competition Authority: Missions and referral

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Tom Cruise wants to see his films in the cinema

all that stinks Tom Cruise probably huge. The star also applies as a great advocate of the cinema experience. He is said to be supposed to be assumed that "Mission: Impossible 7" will continue to see at least 90 days exclusively in the cinema, as it was originally agreed. The shortening to 45 days surprised him tremendously.

The question is now what the consequences are. So far, Tom Cruise has a very good relationship with Paramount, but especially with the previous CEO Gianopulos. Also his upcoming movie " Top Gun 2: Maverick " will publish the studio. In addition, the rotation of " Mission: Impossible 8" was agreed.

That this bursts is currently still considered very unlikely. Finally, there are already final contract agreements. It was possibly even in the recordings of part 7 already material rotated, even if one took distance from the originally announced common rotation of both films. If Tom Cruise returns to the series, is now more than in question - not just because Cruise is so angry and may have no interest in collaboration with Paramount, but because also Paramount may not be such a great movie like "mission : Impossible 9 "wants to do more.

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Other "Mission: Impossible" parts according to Part 8 have become much less likely. Hollywood argues because of Streaming

Tom Cruise is not the first star that with his own home studio because of its streaming policy.

Scarlett Johansson even sued Disney because " Black Widow " was released on Disney + and that had taken revenue. And Christopher Nolan ended his years of cooperation with Warner, because the studio currently publishes cinema films parallel to streaming service HBO max.

just became known that Nolan now makes his next movie with universal. The studio was contractually secured to him that his film will run for a long time exclusively in the cinema. Of at least 100 days (and thus even more than the previously in Hollywood 90) Cinema Exclusivity is the speech. Some insiders claim that the number should be at 110 or 130 days.

such agreements will increase - at least for the stars who have the appropriate power to enforce them. Cruise, too, could continue in the future with a studio like universal with appropriate demand. Together with the studio behind, among others, the "Fast & Furious" series, the "mission: impossible" star finally sets

already his allegedly $ 200 million dollars loyal action film in space around . according to "Tenet": Christopher Nolan breaks with Warner - his next 100 million blockbuster he turns for the competition

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