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21:10  16 september  2021
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Australian submarine contract. "Great disappointment" of French Naval Group

 Australian submarine contract. © Archives Ouest-France. This contract represents 50 billion Australian dollars (€ 31 billion). The decision of Australia to have nuclear propulsion submarines in partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom is a "great disappointment" for Naval Group.

Pékin juge en particulier «extrêmement irresponsable» le transfert de technologie de sous-marins à propulsion atomique promis par les États-Unis à l’Australie. © Xie Huanchi / Xinhua via AFP Beijing judges in particular "extremely irresponsible" the transfer of technology of atomic propulsion submarines promised by the United States 'Australia.


The China severely condemned the new security pact concluded Wednesday by Joe Biden with Australia and the United Kingdom, which " seriously undermine regional peace and stability " in a context of rivalry Thank you with Washington.

This agreement called "Aukus" (Australia-UK-US) " intensifies the arms race and compromises the international efforts of nuclear non-proliferation ," said Chinese diplomacy on Thursday, Zhao Lijian.

biden embersed Australia and the United Kingdom in a new strategic alliance

 biden embersed Australia and the United Kingdom in a new strategic alliance © AFP L ES USA, who seek to strengthen all-round their alliances against China, announced Wednesday with Australia and the United Kingdom A large security partnership in the Indo-Pacific area, which could mislead the French ambitions in the region.

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the communist regime sees in the new pact an" small click "animated by an " mentality exceeded from the cold war ". This proceedings became a leitmotif of Chinese diplomacy since the Trade War triggered by Donald Trump in 2018.

Beijing judges in particular " extremely irresponsible " the transfer of atomic propulsion submarine technology promised by Washington to Canberra and Pointe America's " Double Language" on the issue of nuclear proliferation.

This agreement, unprecedented since the cooperation initiated in 1958 with the Royal British Navy in the face of the Soviet threat, must allow the eight future Australian submersibles to lead distant patrols, until the South China Sea or off Taiwan, Areas claimed by Beijing.

Australia's new nuclear submarines will have to remain out of New Zealand waters

 Australia's new nuclear submarines will have to remain out of New Zealand waters USA-Security-Australia-New Zealand: Australia's new nuclear submarines will remain out of New Zealand water Australia's new nuclear submarines will remain out of New Zealand waters Wellington (Reuters) - Australia's new nuclear submarines will not be allowed to enter the neo-waters. Zealanders announced the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

By agreeing to share the sensitive know-how of nuclear propulsion, with the sale of Tomahawk missiles, Joe Biden affirms America's long-term commitment on the peaceful front, reassuring his ally of the antipodes, itself knife with Beijing. A determination message towards the other Allies in Asia and a challenge to red strategists that rely on inexorable decline in the world's first power.

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The American offer is not without counterparty and enters Australia in the new Pentagon containment strategy, the Forcing a naval commitment to China, possibly in a future conflict, for the Defense of Taiwan.

with 7000 soldiers and nearly two million nationals in the region, France considered the most credible European partner in the region. The new pact ostensibly spreads the game, at the risk of listed a little more the transatlantic front against Beijing. Paris also loses a juicy contract that served as a showcase for the armament industry towards the governments of Southeast Asia.

Washington attempts to appease the IRE of Paris in the Australian submarine case

 Washington attempts to appease the IRE of Paris in the Australian submarine case © AFP / Archives a ccused by France from giving her a "blow in the back" by torpedening the "contract of the "French submarines to Australia, the United States of Joe Biden tried Thursday to avoid an open crisis with Paris, without succeeding in soothing his anger. "France is a vital partner" in the Indo-Pacific region "and in many other areas," said American diplomacy Antony Blinken. "It was the case for a long time, and it will be the case in the future," he said.

Chinese leaders see in the setbacks of France an opportunity to make kneadings to the old continent. The Anglo-Saxon Pact demonstrates " that Europe can not trust America and must exercise its strategic autonomy " to develop " its own relationship with China ", highlights a commentator of the CGTN channel.

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The climate of Sino-American defiance has not been dissipated by a rare telephone exchange between the presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden on September 9, after seven months of silence. What to maintain the fear of a military slip - so real that the US chief of staff, General Mark Milley, had to reassure his Chinese counterpart by telephone, the day after the Electoral Defeat of Trump, says the new BOB WOODWARD, PERIL Book.

Next week, biden will weave a little more its canvas around the middle empire by presiding a summit of the "quad", format bringing together the Indian Narendra Modi and his Japanese and Australian counterparts.

Submarines: The EU highlights "a lack of loyalty" of the United States .
© Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP European Union, submarines, USA, Charles Michel, C Harles Michel, the President of the European Council reacted Monday 20 September to the affair of submarines that shake the political and diplomatic world for a few days. On September 15, Joe Biden reported the signing of a security pact with Australia and the United Kingdom to counter China. France, not consulted, lost a huge contract of submarines ordered by Canberra.

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