US News Where to go with the nuclear waste?: Environment Ministry Sets the Mine Gorleben Stick

12:05  17 september  2021
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South Korea launched its first Miss-Sol Ballistic Miss

 South Korea launched its first Miss-Sol Ballistic Miss This shot illustrates Seoul's willingness to strengthen its defense against North Korea with nuclear power © AFP a North Korean missile shot at the South Korean television in Seoul, October 2, 2019.

Long has been fought for Gorleben as a site for a repository. The mine, built extra for the storage of the radiant scrap, is now poured.

Jahrelang wurde das Bergwerk Gorleben instand gehalten. Ende September fiel es aus dem Verfahren der Endlagersuche. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld / DPA years the mine Gorleben was maintained. At the end of September, it fell from the procedure of the final storage search.

If any place in Germany was for the conflict for nuclear power and for the whereabouts of his legacy, then it was Gorleben, the symbol of a social great conflict. For decades, the Salzstock in Wendland was explored in 1977 for the final storage of highly radioactive waste, billions were invested. And Straight Gorleben learned the resistance of the anti-atom movement , each Castor transport to the intermediate bearing of the site was massively counteracted. Probably no other place in the Federal Republic there was such strong civilian resistance.

Nuclear: The IAEA reached an agreement with Iran on Monitoring Equipment

 Nuclear: The IAEA reached an agreement with Iran on Monitoring Equipment © Atomic Energy Organization of Iran / AFP The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), whose Chef Rafael Grossi is Find Tehran, announced that there has been a consent on Sunday with Iran about monitoring the nuclear program, a few days after denounced a lack of cooperation. "The IAEA inspectors have the authorization to intervene to maintain the equipment and replace the hard drives", indicated the UN instance in a joint communiqué with the Iranian organization of atomic energy.

Now the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) has decided that the mine should be shut down - it is served. "The chapter End camp Gorleben is closed from this day. I hope that in the Wendland now the wounds can heal the decades of dispute over Gorben, "said Environment Secretary Jochen Flasbarth on Friday. "From this conflict, the policy for the final storage search has learned: In the end, it must be well understandable, for whatever reason a location has been chosen," says Flasbarth.

Gorleben since autumn No more than a repository site in the race

years ago, the final storage search has been rebuilt, just to end the long quarrel about the location Gorleben . It was the "white map". No place in Germany should be excluded from the procedure, salt, sound and granite rocks as geological formations come into question. If Flasbarth speaks of the traceability in the final storage search, then because of the conflicts around Gorleben. Never again should append a location of the smell of the political back room.

Lead 1-nuclear-Agreement between Iran and the IAEA on Surveillance Cameras

 Lead 1-nuclear-Agreement between Iran and the IAEA on Surveillance Cameras Iran-Nucleaire / IAEA (Lead 1): Lead 1-nuclear-Agreement between Iran and the IAEA on the cameras of Surveillance (Updated with Press Conference of the IAEA Director) Dubai / Vienna, 12 September (Reuters) - Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have reached an agreement on The maintenance of the surveillance cameras of Iranian nuclear facilities, reviving the hopes of a wider agreement with the West.

last fall, when the federal company for final storage (BGE) presented its first interim report, the salt stick fell from the procedure. "Gorleben is not the best possible location," said Steffen Kanitz, one of the managing director of the BGE, at the end of September in Berlin. Among other things, the salt stick has a non-intact cover mountain, also the water chemistry speak against the location. At that time, demand emphasized that the decision was pursued purely scientifically, it did not give a political pressure.

"Our colleagues have stood here in the storm"

Now the BGE is looking forward to the order. "This finds a chapter an end, which was also painful for the workforce of our predecessor company. Our colleagues stood here as well as many actors in the region, "said Stefan Studt, also managing director of the BGE. The company benefits both in the mines and in the location selection of works made here.

Australian submarine contract. "Great disappointment" of French Naval Group

 Australian submarine contract. © Archives Ouest-France. This contract represents 50 billion Australian dollars (€ 31 billion). The decision of Australia to have nuclear propulsion submarines in partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom is a "great disappointment" for Naval Group.

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"The construction of the mine Even was also demanding, "said Student. He was probably expensive too. Up to two billion euros should have been invested in the mine and the exploration of the site. Now the salt farm should be spent underground again, the tunnels are filled.

BGE wants to find the final camp region by 2031

The BGE meanwhile looking for a place for the repository for the 1900 castors and their highly radioactive content. "The laptop Gorleben is history - the task of solving the repository question. The last chapter of exit from high-risk technology must still be written together, "said Wolfram King, President of the Federal Office for Nuclear Disposal.

90 regions and at least 54 percent of the federal area continues to be considered, it is in the first interim report of the BGE, which their managing director Studt and Kanitz presented at the end of September in Berlin. The difficulty of coming years is now in its limitation. Because already 2031 the location should be found.

Death of Paul Quilès, former Minister of François Mitterrand .
Deputy Mayor in the Tarn, Paul Quilès died at the age of 79 © Bertrand Guay / AFP Paul Quilès, on July 10, 2014, in Paris. Deces - Deputy Mayor in the Tarn, Paul Quiles died at the age of 79 several times socialist minister in the 1980s and 1990, especially from the interior and the defense , Paul Quilès, death this Friday at the age of 79, was a striking figure of the Mitterrandie in power.

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