US News Faced with China's critics, Australia says Defend International Law

14:35  17 september  2021
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Hong Kong: Organizers of the annual vigil for Tiananmen arrested

 Hong Kong: Organizers of the annual vigil for Tiananmen arrested © Philip Fong Empower on the 30th anniversary of the repression of Tiananmen in Beijing, June 4, 2019 at Victoria Park in Hong Kong The Hong Kong police arrested Wednesday several members of the organizing association of the annual vigil in memory of the repression of Tiananmen (China), in the aftermath of their refusal to cooperate in a survey conducted on behalf of national security.

Le Premier ministre australien, Scott Morrison (à gauche), et le président chinois, Xi Jinping (à droite). © AFP Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left), and Chinese President Xi Jinping (right).

The Australian Prime Minister explained Friday that the military alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom aimed to respond to the current situation in the Asia-Pacific region, where the territories are increasingly disputed and where the Rivalry with China intensifies.

Australia swept, Friday, September 17, China's anger, after announcing the purchase of American nuclear propulsion submarines, Canberra committed to enforcing international law in the aerial and maritime spaces claimed by Beijing.

biders and XI calls to "fate in the world"

 biders and XI calls to US President Joe Biden and China's head of state Xi Jinping see the danger that the tensions could end between their countries in a confrontation. © Adam Schultz / White House / Zuma / Picture Alliance For the first time since seven months, US President Joe Biden and China's state and party leader Xi Jinping have once again phoned each other. Against the background persistent tension between the rival grand powers , the white house spoke of a "wide, strategic discussion".

China has a "very important program of construction of nuclear submarines," said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday, in an interview at the 2GB radio station.

"They have the right to take, in defense, decisions in their own interests and, of course, Australia and all other countries too," he replied to the criticism of Beijing.

China had strongly reacted, by qualifying the acquisition of these submarines of "extremely irresponsible" and threatening in particular stability in the Indo-Pacific region. It has also pointed that it calls into question the international efforts of nuclear non-proliferation. These Western allies are likely to "shoot yourself in the foot," she warned.

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Australian submarine contract. "Great disappointment" of French Naval Group

 Australian submarine contract. © Archives Ouest-France. This contract represents 50 billion Australian dollars (€ 31 billion). The decision of Australia to have nuclear propulsion submarines in partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom is a "great disappointment" for Naval Group.

then Friday, the Embassy of China in Australia has pulled the nail. "We strongly oppose the unfounded accusations and erroneous remarks against China on the issues related to the Southern China Sea, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other issues related to China," Declared a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Canberra in a statement.

The new security pact between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, announced Wednesday by US President Joe Biden, also provides for close collaboration between Washington and Canberra in terms of cyberfense, and artificial intelligence in particular. .

The Head of the Australian Government hammered in different interviews that his government responded to the current situation in the Asia-Pacific region, where the territories are increasingly disputed and the rivalry intensifies.

"Ensuring peace and stability"

biden embersed Australia and the United Kingdom in a new strategic alliance

 biden embersed Australia and the United Kingdom in a new strategic alliance © AFP L ES USA, who seek to strengthen all-round their alliances against China, announced Wednesday with Australia and the United Kingdom A large security partnership in the Indo-Pacific area, which could mislead the French ambitions in the region.

Australia has "absolutely aware of the ability of Chinese nuclear submarines and the growing military spending of Beijing, said Scott Morrison on Television Channel Seven. "We want to make sure that international waters remain international, just like the airspace, and that the rule of law applies in the same way everywhere," he added.

Canberra wants to ensure that there are no "prohibited zones" in the regions governed by international law, said the Australian Prime Minister. "It's essential, whether in terms of trade, submarine cables, aircraft and space in which they can fly, (...) that's the order of things we need to preserve. This ensures peace and stability and that's the goal we are seeking to achieve. "

Beijing claims almost all of the Southern China Sea, rich in natural resources and through the billions of dollars of goods, and rejects the territorial claims of other residents: Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan and Philippines.

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China has been accused of deploying anti-ships missiles and sol-air missiles, ignoring a decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (CPA) that found in 2016 that Beijing has no "historical right" on this strategic sea.

Commercial tensions between Beijing and Canberra has not stopped growing since 2018. In recent months, China has imposed severe economic sanctions against many Australian products.

Many believe that it is primarily for retaliation against the refusal of Chinese investments in strategic sectors and CANBERRA calls to an investigation into the origins of the CVIV-19 epidemic.

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European companies worried about China's new course .
Beijing. The leadership in Beijing relies slightly new rules in the private sector. The ranging, but also the rapid advancing foreclosure of the second largest economy will provide great worries. Are the golden years over? © Huang Jingwen The Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a large regulatory campaign. European companies see the new economic class of Chinese leadership with great concern.

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