US News Lebanon is delighted with the arrival of Iranian oil delivered by Hezbollah

14:40  17 september  2021
14:40  17 september  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

"You are heading to your death": Amnesty Alert on the return to the country of Syrian refugees

 © CEM GENCO "No part of Syria is safe for people who return", warns the NGO in its Report published on Tuesday. "Syria is not a hotel that one leaves and where you come back when you want" . These words are those of a Syrian security agent to a woman who was preparing to rally the country after years of exile, just before violating it.

Une femme jette des pétales de fleur et du riz au passage d'un camion-citerne transportant du pétrole, à al-Ain, dans le nord-est du Liban, le 16 septembre 2021. © Reuters - Issam Abdallah A woman throws flower and rice petals at the passage of a tanker truck carrying oil, al-ain In northeastern Lebanon on September 16, 2021.

Hezbollah has moved on, Thursday, September 16, a first convoy of Iranian oil loaded trucks "Via" a point of informal border crossing with Syria. The powerful Allied Tehran says he wants to relieve the drastic shortages that the country of cedar knows.

With our corresponding to Beirut, Laure Stéphan

in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Fief of Hezbollah, the activity turns in slow motion: the effect of the crisis and shortages. Generators sometimes take the relay of state electricity, absent. Here, everyone welcomes the arrival of this first convoy of tanker trucks loaded with Iranian fuel oil. A very political operation: Hezbollah challenges the United States by importing fuels under penalty. The juror enemy of Washington and Israel accuses Americans for financially strangling Lebanon.

IAEA blames Iran

 IAEA blames Iran In the nuclear dispute with Tehran, there is no relaxation under the new Iranian President Raisi. The International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA has questions, but does not get answers. © Lisa Leutner / AP Photo / Picture Alliance worries: IAEA boss Rafael Grossi Iran continues to expand its atomic program - with undiminished dynamics: as a new report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna , the Islamic Republic has once again increased the amount of highly enriched uranium.

Video: Crisis in Lebanon: Arrival of Iranian oil delivered by Hezbollah (France 24)

Young Trader, JAD considers that the arrival of Iranian oil in Lebanon will not solve everything, but it sees a start of crisis. "This opens up the possibility that the countries who fear that Lebanon passes under the control of Iran get involved and in turn help the country, he considers. They may be reacting and helping Lebanon more, there will be some kind of competition in help. Even though, of course, Lebanon must first reside itself. "

" It's a victory facing the Americans and for Lebanese "

Rokaya, a convinced partisan, holds a photo of Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader. On his phone, she looks videos from the fuel convoy entered Lebanon. "We are very happy, it's a victory for us, she rejoices. We undergo a seat and a lot of pressure. Our chef, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, succeeded: he brought fuel oil into Lebanon. He wants to relieve Lebanon. It's a victory for Americans and for Lebanese, although some do not agree with this operation. But all Lebanon will enjoy it. It's not aiming for a priority to Shia regions, but all Lebanon.

Other people say they wait to see the impact on everyday life. The government formed last week did not react to the arrival of this fuel convoy under American sanctions.

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Iranian nuclear: Tehran will come back "Very soon" at the .
Negotiation Table © Iranian Presidency, AFP After the Westerners have expressed their frustration with the negotiations around Iranian nucleari, Tehran seems to display a position more Positive.

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