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17:55  17 september  2021
17:55  17 september  2021 Source:   spiegel.de

Federal Government with new strategy for hacker defense

 Federal Government with new strategy for hacker defense It's about more cyber security for companies, citizens and authorities. At the federal level, the Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI) should experience a significant increase in meaning. © Allover-MEV / Imago Provided by Deutsche Wave The Federal Cabinet has decided a new strategy for cyber security for the next five years. It is about the protection of authorities , critical infrastructure, companies and citizens in front of cyberattacks.

Egypt, Qatar and Turkey are involved in armed conflicts in Yemen and Libya. After mirror information, the Federal Government nevertheless approved arms exports in a billion level to the three countries.

  Bundesregierung genehmigte Militärausfuhren in Milliardenhöhe an Kriegsparteien © Carsten Rehder / DPA

In the coalition agreement, the large coalition in the spring of 2018 still swore to address the delicate theme armor experts restrictively. On countries involved in the conflicts in the Yemen and in Libya , there should be no exports. In September 2021, this swine is not much to see in the statistics of the approved arms exports.

The Federal Government has approved arms supplies of almost four billion euros. This emerges from the answer to a request of the left-wing group that exists the mirror. Accordingly, the Groko alone approved Egypt war tool worth two billion euros, including submarines and frigates.

lull in sight: less growth for German exports

 lull in sight: less growth for German exports The growth of German exports has weakened in July. The value of exports adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects grew again by 0.5 percent compared to the previous month, as the Federal Statistical Office reported on Thursday in Wiesbaden. In June, there had been a surprising jump by 1.3 percent. © dpa container ships at the Rhein-Neckar harbor in Mannheim.

controversial are also the approvals for Qatar in the amount of 731 million euros, including "Leopard «Panzer. The Emirate is not only involved in the war in Yemen, but also plays a role in moving the Taliban in Afghanistan . The United Arab Emirates were considered by the Federal Government with export licenses worth around 340 million euros.

The export licenses according to Saudi Arabia amounted to 457 million euros over the entire period of reign. Since the murder of a Saudi Arab journalist, the Federal Government has imposed an export moratorium. Since the beginning of this year, she has nevertheless approved exports worth a good two million euros. However, according to the answer from the Federal Ministry of Economics, however, only those from "governmental community programs" as well as "protective equipment for use on civil airports" are counted.

The Turkey was allowed to import arms on eleven million euros alone this year although the country strongly engages in the local conflict in Libya. Overall, since 2017, the government has approved military exports to the Bosphorus worth of almost 83 million euros. The left deputy Sevim Dağdelen speaks of a "moral bankruptcy declaration for SPD and Union", which are "especially destabilizing for the nearby and Middle East."

All-clear after hacker attack on election authority .
A few days before the general election, it came to a hacker attack on the Federal Statistical Office, whose boss is at the same time the federal electoral manager. Danger for the federal election but probably not. © Allover-MEV / Imago Provided by Deutsche Wave concretely had been installed on Wednesday on a program a software. First, "Business Insider" had reported about it. This software allows external access to server and file systems.

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