US News Pier to the sea from Japan, a bottle is found in Hawaii ... 37 years after

14:50  18 september  2021
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La bouteille, jetée à la mer, aurait dérivé pendant plus de 37 ans dans l’océan Pacifique. © photo Stock Illustration: Nguyễn Thanh / Pexels The bottle, thrown to the sea, would have derived for more than 37 years in the Pacific Ocean.

In 1984, Japanese high school students had launched a bottle to the sea as part of a study project. Thirty-seven years later, a 9-year-old girl found the object on a beach in Hawaii, more than 6,000 kilometers from her starting point.

The ocean is full of surprises. A bottle jetty at the sea in 1984 since the Japan was found last June on a beach of Hawaii ( United States ) by Abbie Graham, a 9-year-old girl.

inside the abandoned glass object was a letter dated July 1984. The message, written in Japanese, Portuguese and English asked "to anyone who would find the bottle to return it to school, the high school of Choshi », according to the local press .

Japan is concerned after North Korean missile firing

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In early September 2021, the girl returned the document to the Japanese school, as well as a drawing of her and her sister eating sushi.

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School Experience

according to the American television channel CNN which relayed the information on its website on September 17th , the bottle was part "an experience" led by the high school of the city of Choshi. At the time, the Natural Sciences Club of the school had, as part of a course on ocean currents, thrown to the sea by less than "750 bottles" specifies the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

"We are very happy and excited by this discovery" , told Local Media Jun Hayashi, Deputy Director of the Choshi High School, who was the educational advisor of the 2000-to 2004.

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51 Natural Sciences Club. Bottles already recovered

Since 1985, 51 bottles from this experience have been found in no less than 17 different locations around the world, including the Philippines, China or the west coast of the United States. "But the last bottle of the project was found in 2002 on the island of Kikaijima" , specify our colleagues of BFMTV .

Mayumi Kanda, a former school student, who was a member of the scientific club in 1984, confided his surprise when she learned the reappearance of the bottle. She also told CNN that hear the new had "revived the nostalgic memory of [his] high school days» .

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