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20:55  18 september  2021
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Germany. Parquet survey for alleged cyber-espionage against MPs

 Germany. Parquet survey for alleged cyber-espionage against MPs © F8Studio / Goyoliz Illustration Image. Have foreign intelligence services attempted to spy on German institutions? To answer this question, the German floor launched an investigation after suspicion of cyber espionage. The German Federal Prosecutor's Office announced on Thursday the opening of a survey for the alleged cyberspionage against members of the Bundestag, a few weeks of the legislative elections, behind which Berlin suspects the Russian information services.

while Telegram had promised the blocking of Navalny voting instructions, it is the removal that was finally decided

L'application Telegram sur mobile (illustration). © Wally Santana / AP / SIPA The telegram application on mobile (illustration). Policy - While Telegram had promised the blockage of Navalny voting instructions, it was the suppression that was finally decided

Telegram messaging, which first announced its intention to resist the injunction of Russian power. To block the voting instructions to the legislative Alexei Navalny opponent, finally removed these instructions on Saturday.

The Russian Telecom Constable, Roskomnadzor, had demanded Monday the blockage of a robot (BOT) on Telegram , by which voters could obtain instructions to vote for the best placed candidates in each riding to beat those of the to be able to.

Legislative Elections in Norway Threatened

 Legislative Elections in Norway Threatened Norv-Ge-Elections: Legislative Elections in Norway, The Outgoing Majority Threatened © Reuters / Gwladys Fabric Legislative Elections in Norway, the outgoing majority threatened Oslo (Reuters) - the Norwegians have begun to vote on Sunday for legislative elections that could redefine the political landscape, the opposition "red-green" block ahead of the surveys the right coalition of Conservative Premier Erna Solberg.

The messaging, founded by Russian Pavel Dourov, explained to "limit the functioning of the bots related to election campaigns" on his service. Pavel Dourov explained to him only follow Apple and Google, who "dictate the rules of the game for developers such as us."

The American géans follow the same directives of Telegram

the American Apple and Google giants also complied with these instructions on Friday by removing from their shops the application of Alexei Navalny, the opposition accuses them of "yielding to the blackmill of the Kremlin ".

Sur TELEGRAM, Pavel Dourov pointed out that the giants of the Internet had asked "already this year" at its service to remove containers violating the laws of some countries, under pain of being removed from their shops.

Russia's allies Navalny called to vote communist in order to weaken the party in power

 Russia's allies Navalny called to vote communist in order to weaken the party in power RUSSIA-ELECTION-Navalny: Russia's allies Navalny called to vote communist in order to weaken the party in power © Reuters / ANDREW KELLY RUSSIA: tHE aLLIES Navalny CALL vOTERS tO COMMUNIST PARTY iN POWER wEAKENING MOSCOW (Reuters) - allies of the opponent Russian Alexei Navalny Wednesday called Russian citizens to vote for the Communist Party in the elections légistatives which take place this week, a supposed tactical voting weaken united Russia, the ruling party.

He estimated that "Apple Blocking by Apple and Google creates a hazardous precedent that will affect freedom of expression in Russia and around the world."

as almost no candidate truly opposed to Vladimir Putin has been authorized to present themselves to the legislative, the partisans of Alexei Navalny have established a so-called "intelligent vote" strategy, intended to support the candidate - often communist - The best placed to undo that of the ruling party, Russia united.

In the past, this tactic had encountered some success, including Moscow in 2019, and the authorities have been hit in recent months blocking any access to these voting instructions. Alexei Navalny has been imprisoned and his movement classified as "extremist" and forbidden.

After the disappearance of the TELEGRAM bot, the partisans of Alexei Navalny fell on Twitter, publishing links to documents on Google Docs, containing the voting instructions.

Canada retains four-day breath of Legislative

 Canada retains four-day breath of Legislative © Getty Images North America / AFP / Archives A Four Days of Legislative Legislative, Tension Monte in Canada and the Prime Minister Outgoing Justin Trudeau on the Sellette intensified his Call for strategic voting to block the road to the Conservatives who do not want to "roll back Canada".

According to the Allies of Alexei Navalny , Google demanded Saturday the removal of these documents following a Roskomnadzor request, threatening to erase it.

Legislative but also local elections in Russia started Friday and last until Sunday night.

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