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Spain: a seaside resort evacuated due to forest fires

 Spain: a seaside resort evacuated due to forest fires © Reuters A seaside resort evacuated due to forest fires in Spain Environment - a forest fire forced the evacuation of nearly 800 people around 800 people around 800 people around 800 people around The seaside resort of Estepona, in southern Spain , announced the local authorities Thursday 9 September, as you can see in the video at the top of Article .

Brych , if you know, is German. About Oliver, no comment. The two Dutchies will likely obtain appointments for semi-finals, which are most prestigious than a quarter final. If Rosetti had appointed Makkelie for this match and Orsato for the SF, then you would have said Orsato was favoured by Rosetti for obtaining I think, one can support the referee , when he whistles that penalty, because the contact with the defender's knee is unambiguously present. However, he also seems to exaggerate the importance of that contact - not mandatory to whistle for me. 59' - Not only one possible offence.

According to Kvyat, the proposal of the organizers seemed to him strange, as it contradicts his Russian mentality. He said that that Russians take a knee before the homeland, the flag and God. I have only read “Women and the Common life” about how awful suppressed feminists are in a marriage. “Populism, The only true paradise” about how wonderful BLM and IDL and Green Ideology are. “The radioactive family” about how sick and suppressing a life with a father, mother and children group is.

Jesse March has liked much what his troop offered on Saturday night in Cologne. What he has disappointed, however, is the final weakness of his protégés - and one out of his view "clearly false" decision of referee Felix Brych. Here, the Americans even spoke something in Rage.

Hat viel Gutes gesehen, aber auch Negatives ausgemacht Jesse Marsch. © Imago Images / Jan Hebner has seen a lot of good, but also negative Jesse Marsch.

stress has been wide-aligned at RB Leipzig - the coach hersit with the opportunity recycling

high pressing, counterpressing, fast combination football, ideas about the Cologne penalty area, degrees en mass - and also often from the best locations: this has been there for RB Leipzig this evening. But what was missing, apart from the highly deserved 1: 1 compensation via the header of Amadou Haidara? The cold cutishness, precision and maybe luck. For, for example, at Dominik Szoboszlais huge 2: 1 possibility in the 90th minute, the outstanding FC-Keeper Timo Horn served this evening with his forehead.

Bordeaux in nightmare

 Bordeaux in nightmare © provided by Sports.co.uk on the opening of Gaël Kakuta score. The beginning of the Girondins of Bordeaux is particularly catastrophic. The formation of Vladimir Petkovic, always without a victory, recorded his 3rd defeat in 5 days, Sunday afternoon, during the coming of the RC Lens (2-3), and is found alone last in the classification with 2 points. Aquitains are cursed.

Aguilar, Turpin, Irmatov, Marciniak and Brych are among the referees who are leaving the tournament. How unbelievable it was that a clear push from Boateng on the Swedidsh stiker , Marciniak refused to check with VAR and his VAR Turpin mysteriously didn't bring to Marciniak's notice !

Police disperse 'anti-vaccine passport' protesters in London after red paint bombs were thrown over the distinctive black ironwork of the gates of Downing Street.

The analysis of the RB coaches fell accordingly in conversation with TV channels "SKY": "We have to be more consistent with so many chances. Everything was there, we have played well and fought."

"A clear contact with the knee!"

At the same time, the Americans who stands with the Saxons at first a winning win and just this draw (otherwise already three Bundesliga bankruptcies), even something else. Namely, that the noting results are tolerate something to his protégés: "With the last results, it is not easy for us, the guys remember the stress and self-confidence is missing in front of the gate."

On top of that, even unfortunate decisions of the referee's scanning as at the meantime 0: 1 of Anthony Modeste (Mark Uth had disturbed in the formation of Mohamed Simakan, but the foul was taken back to VAR intervention). After the perspective of the pictures played by "Sky", which documented the existing obstruction of Uth to Simakan, march rightly: "That's not OK, I do not really have to see the pictures. Also, SIMAKAN itself said that there a clear contact was. That was clear, that's just a foul - a clear contact with the knee! "

Indre: Three hundred bottles of wine will stay under water for a year to analyze their aging

 Indre: Three hundred bottles of wine will stay under water for a year to analyze their aging The bottles were immersed at four meters deep in a pond. The owners will emerge in November 2022 © Travers / Sipa Wine is a niche market, because if the demand explodes, the amount of bottles remains limited. Experience - The bottles have been immersed at four meters deep in a pond. The owners will emerge in November 2022 An impressive operation took place this Sunday in Saint-Michel-en-Brenne ( Indre ). 300 bottles of Valençay's wine have been immersed four meters deep in a pond.

Instead, Russians generally interpret taking a knee as a sign of submission. The historic roots of this uncompromising position might go back to the 13th and 14th centuries when Russian land was dominated by the Mongol Empire and the Golden Horde. When Mongol ruler and founder of the Golden Horde Batu Khan invaded Kievan Rus’ in 1237-1242, Russian princes became politically dependent at the Khan’s will. Back then, it was customary for Russian princes to travel to bow to the great khan, their practical vassal. And sometimes, the Russian princes were forced to kneel before their foreign vassal.

Indeed, Moscow clearly has concerns about its negotiating partner, given the movement is listed as a terrorist group and banned in Russia. However, it must also be said that neoliberal ideology has been a contributing factor to previous failures of establishing an inclusive government. Russia has not been successful in getting along with the West, as the Cold War institutions remain in place and drive tension. Moscow had pinned its hopes on organising indivisible pan-European security in the inclusive Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) after the Cold War.

"I know Felix, he is a good schiri. But this divider is clear to me clearly. "(Jesse March over the 0: 1 and Referee Felix Brych)

, especially as the following in his statement should be played with: First, the main referee Felix Brych had decided on foul, but then according to VAR message as well Own study of pictures the whole withdrawn and the 1-0 counts. However, the repetitions or slow motions did not give enough to tilt the first decisions really doubtless. Once again, the exercise manager came to speak again: "I know Felix, he is a good swiri. But this divider is clear for me, very clear. And with us in sports in America (for example, in American football; Note d. Red.) Applies that this must be clear and obvious on the square to clearly and obvious to turn it around. " But this was not happening here, which march just seemed to rise.

Gulacsi "does not want to speech"

In principle, the coach of the Saxony was still satisfied with this 1: 1 in the end. "It was a positive game," says March. "Cologne had a great start to the season and they have played very fighting. We have to win this game, but it comes. We are in a difficult phase, but I believe in this team."

The underlined Joker Emil Forsberg ("The last 30 minutes were a step in the right direction") and Captain Peter Gulacsi: "I do not want to speech, but we had a hard start program. Playing in Cologne and Mainz was never easy for We, then Wolfsburg and Bavaria. We would have wanted more points to prelude, but I see many positive things. " Now, from the perspective of Hungary, it was easy to win in the next week against Hertha BSC (Saturday, 15.30, live! At Kicker).

South Africa: Profile Profile in Violent Country .
© Wikus de Wet Lieutenant-Colonel Elmarie Myburgh, the only "profound" in South Africa, in his office of Pretoria on September 20, 2021 The breasts are mutilated but the intact sex. No blood on the crime scene, the body has been moved: the crime is made up, deduced Elmarie Myburgh, the only profound machine in one of the most violent countries in the world, South Africa. In the office it has occupied for nearly 25 years, at the police headquarters in Pretoria, she has accumulated paperwork.

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