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Angela Merkel in eight video sequences

 Angela Merkel in eight video sequences © Copyright 2021, Obs When Angela Merkel has accessed power, YouTube had just been launched, the iPhone existed only in Steve Jobs's head and the French came Just reject by referendum the draft European Constitution. Sixteen years later, the longevity record at the German Chancellery beaten, it derives its reverence , more popular than ever in Germany. For some, Angela Merkel has even become an Pop icon.

After sixteen years in power and with popularity ratings that many politicians can only dream of , Angela Merkel is preparing to step down as chancellor, leaving a great void for Germany, the EU and the world despite a mixed record and legacy .

These have been good years , she says, and Angela Merkel has done a good job. "We don't really have much to complain about," adds her husband Phillip, who took her surname when he married into the family business. The Mittelstand could, he says, do with more support and less bureaucracy. In their typical German Schrebergarten (allotment garden) Hannelore and her friends say they thought Mrs Merkel would do more for the former East. After all, the chancellor herself grew up behind the Iron Curtain. Disillusioned with Germany's long-established political parties, they vote AfD.

  Après seize années au pouvoir, le legs d’Angela Merkel © Copyright 2021, Obs

Angela Merkel is the woman of all paradoxes. After four successive mandates, nearly sixteen years spent at the head of the 4th World Power, the German Chancellor is preparing to leave the power as it exercised, quietly and serenely. The leader, who exceeded all the records of longevity, leaves a country in order of walking, pivot of the European Union and stability pole in the Western world. The one that has long been underestimated by his adversaries - they had not seen this woman, who is more from Germany of the East - is now infinitely respected for his incredible political flair. His lack of flamboyance, his glamorous refusal, however, have disarken more than one, proving if it was necessary for the real leadership to be exercised in appearances. On the contrary, it is in this singular exercise of the power that Agela Merkel has pleased to forge its quasi-legend.

Merkel was "self-satisfied": The "Economist" keeps Germany for unreiformable

 Merkel was on the title of the influential "Economist" magazine is Angela Merkel to see in the finish, she wears a heavy, old-fashioned suitcase. Is it a suitcase full of unresolved problems? The special edition of the British-American magazine to the Bundestag election does not save with criticism of her chancellery and paints the future of Germany in rather gloomy colors.

Angela Dorothea Merkel (née Kasner; born 17 July 1954) is a German politician who has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005.

“ After 15 years, German voters have learned from Merkel what a chancellor is,” said Diederich, the political researcher. “Maybe [Scholz is] the person who best fits the image for chancellor for most voters.” At a Berlin beer garden on the River Spree, Scholz cut a confident figure earlier this month as he discussed such diverse topics as pensions, post-pandemic economics, rents, education and Afghanistan. Election in Germany: The race to succeed Angela Merkel . Germany’s parliamentary elections on Sept. 26 will signal the end of Chancellor Angela Merkel ’s 16 years in power .

from Chirac to Macron: Angela Merkel told by French leaders

Of course, the leader is not exempt from criticism. Evoking the German Chancellor, long shatter of ordotalism, it is to remember that it incarnated until the caricature fiscal orthodoxy, very often favors the interests of Germany on the necessary solidarity - we remember Its intransigence against Greeks during the euro crisis. Some will also say that it was more manager than visionary, that the regulated economic power of his country, considered the sick man of Europe in the early 2000s, mostly owes the reforms of his predecessor Gerhard Schröder, and not to his own. Others will point out that its ecological assessment is not good and that it is difficult to accept that a developed economy as Germany does not plan to abandon the coal power plants in 2038.

Faced with existential challenges, Europe fears the vacuum of the post-Merkel

 Faced with existential challenges, Europe fears the vacuum of the post-Merkel faced with decisive sites, Europe will have to do without Angela Merkel, greeted by all the countries as it is preparing to Leave his duties. The withdrawal of Angela Merkel of the political scene arouses the fear of void within the European Union, faced with decisive sites for its survival, but also the hope of a wind of renewal.

image captionCDU leader Armin Laschet (R) is Angela Merkel 's favoured successor but his leadership has seen a fall in party poll ratings. Germans vote in a month's time in parliamentary elections that mark the end of Angela Merkel 's 16 years in office. For the first time in 15 years, one opinion poll this week has given the centre left a lead over the outgoing chancellor's conservatives. But one thing is clear, whoever wins will have to put together a coalition. Three parties currently believe they could secure enough seats in parliament to do that and choose the next chancellor.

The DW documentary " Angela Merkel - Navigating a World in The upcoming German elections will mark the end of the era of Angela Merkel after almost 16 years . Related Subjects Germany, CDU, Christian Democratic Union, Angela Merkel , Merkel ’s Era: The Women of Power , DW Voices.

Video: Angela Merkel: 16 years of power, four French presidents (France 24)

flexibility and firmness

All this is true but fails to eclipse the incredible aura from the Chancellor: in 2020, she had been classified by the International Pew Research Center Institute as the leader who inspired the most confidence in the world. This solid popularity that is not denied in its country can be explained in particular by its ability to govern horizontally, by the compromise. Certainly, the German institutions are for many: the conservative, who runs a federal state, has forged coalitions with the Social Democrats for three of its four mandates. But Angela Merkel, it is also the art of the opposite, the ability to grasp the story when it is done: it has often been mocked for its slowness knows how to spill the table suddenly, surprising its allies like His opponents: So when, in 2015, she decided to welcome migrants who fleeing Syria to war - providing the quolibets of her foreign counterparts but saving the honor of Europe. But also when it opta, overnight, for the release of nuclear nuclear after the Fukushima disaster or when it converts, under the pressure of the CVIV-19, to the mutualisation of the debt when adopting the recovery plan European.

After Angela Merkel, the fear of emptiness in Germany

to govern in the dialogue while managing the symbols, with a true meaning of the momentum: this unpublished alliance of flexibility and firmness, it is a woman without ways, which refuses the attributes classics of power, which will have the best to embody it. At the time of the goodbye, we like to hope that the Merkel style inspires our French leaders, always quick to sin by an overflow of arrogance and an immoderate taste for the verticality of power. Vu of France, the legacy of Angela Merkel, it is also this: to show us that modernity is also to know how to direct soothe way, without yielding too easily to the national penchant for conflictuality.

election campaign in the streaming rain .
The prerequisites for this campaign event were not the best: with streaming rain, accompanied by whistles and builds and under the pressure of weak survey values ​​are Union Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet and Chancellor Angela Merkel (both CDU) on Tuesday evening in Stralsund Current. Both warned of red-green red and were a guarantee of a strong economy and internal security for a Union-led federal government.

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