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14:40  19 september  2021
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Germany. Parquet survey for alleged cyber-espionage against MPs

 Germany. Parquet survey for alleged cyber-espionage against MPs © F8Studio / Goyoliz Illustration Image. Have foreign intelligence services attempted to spy on German institutions? To answer this question, the German floor launched an investigation after suspicion of cyber espionage. The German Federal Prosecutor's Office announced on Thursday the opening of a survey for the alleged cyberspionage against members of the Bundestag, a few weeks of the legislative elections, behind which Berlin suspects the Russian information services.

Des employés municipaux peignent une image d'Alexei Navalny avec les mots «Héros de notre temps» à Saint-Pétersbourg, le 28 avril. © Valentin Egorshin Municipal employees paint an image by Alexei Navalny with the words "hero of our time" in St. Petersburg, April 28th.

Alexei Navalny is in prison, his lieutenants in political exile, his organizations classified "extremists", any independent candidate who would be bound by close or far away from the polls. Insufficient in the eyes of the Kremlin, for the parliamentary elections that end this Sunday in Russia and taking place in a political field previously cleaned in Kärcher. It was necessary to force Apple and Google to delete from their platforms an application created by the navalny supporters of "intelligent vote", to find in each constituency the candidate the most able to challenge that of the party of power, Russia united. Other applications related to opponent organizations are not available either in the Russian Stores.

elections in Morocco: The PJD heavily sanctioned by residents disappointed

 elections in Morocco: The PJD heavily sanctioned by residents disappointed © AFP - Fadel Senna The journalists follow the announcement of electoral results in Morocco, September 9, 2021. Aziz Akhannouche is, since Friday, September 10, the new head of government. The billionaire and Minister of Agriculture of the previous team, but also president of the National Independent Rally (RNI), was appointed to this position by King Mohammed VI.

Upstream of the parliamentary elections, the Russian authorities have been fighting for months to plant the Internet, the main space of political expression and which escapes them still largely, by removing sites and accounts deemed disruptive, and more precisely all the publications of the movement. Alexei Navalny. The American giants had managed to circumvent the summons and decisions of Russian justice in the name of territoriality. But representatives of Apple and Google were finally summoned Thursday before a Commission of the Upper House of Parliament, the Council of the Federation.

"Google said they removed the" Navalny "application after the Russian authorities threatened criminal prosecution of concrete employees. The Russian authorities are terrorists, " tweeted the spokesman for Navalny, Kira Yarmish, herself in the Collimator of Justice for many months. "Remove the Navalny app of the platforms is a shameful act of political censorship. The authoritarian government and Russian propaganda will be delighted, " has brought twitter Ivan Zhdanov, one of the relatives of the opponent, who had to flee abroad. The supporting of the opponent also accused Saturday night Google from having blocked in the country access to two lists of candidates recommended by Navalny, published on Google Docs. Two YouTube published videos - Ownership of Google - in which voting instructions were also mentioned were blocked.

Syria: Vladimir Putin received Bashar Al-Assad in Moscow

 Syria: Vladimir Putin received Bashar Al-Assad in Moscow © Mikhail Klimentyev Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in Kremlin on September 13th. AFP / Sputnik News / Mikhail Klimentyev Same suit, even tie, even intransigence. Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin received the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in Kremlin. The first assured the second of its support by criticizing the presence of foreign forces deployed in Syria without a decision of the United Nations.

Tandem irritating

108 million Russians are called to the polls to elect 450 deputies from the Lower House of Parliament, the Duma. Half is referred to as the Proportional List Voter, the other in the Unincominal Majority mode. The part of the United Russia power, which has become very unpopular, on the background of corruption scandals and decline in standard of living, picks up 30% favorable opinions in polls. This is one of the reasons it is taken at the federal level by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov , that of the Defense, Sergey Choïgou, or the doctor hero of the fight against Covid, Denis Protsenko, faces of power much more listed these days, and less irritating than the tandem that has been united for years Russia, its President Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. The latter has even chosen to completely disappear from the public space in these electoral days, declaring a contact case.

legislative elections in Russia, the party in power is looking for a new majority

 legislative elections in Russia, the party in power is looking for a new majority Russia - Election / (photo, TV): Legislative elections in Russia, the party in power is looking for a new majority Moscow, 17 September (Reuters) - The Russians Go to the polls Friday for legislative elections that the Russia Russia Party should win despite a decline in its popularity and most of the Kremlin detractors were banned. The overwhelming majority of United Russia within Duma, the country's lower house, is at stake.

"The entire Russian state and even tech companies are against us, but that does not mean that we can give up", wrote the Navalny team on the Telegram channel at the beginning of the day. Its recommendations for the "intelligent vote" were published Wednesday and tirelessly broadcast by all canals still accessible and other VPNs. The concept, developed and put in place for several years has already borne fruit, especially in local polls, in the regions, but also in Moscow. More than half of the designated candidates are carried away, by conviction or opportunism, the Russian Communist Party, which has the rise in its moment and could slightly nibble the United Russian scores.

The fears of the Kremlin, which also puts a lot on an important abstention of the dissatisfied and encourages its supporters to vote online in exchange of big lots, so are not totally unfounded. Although the power party, without real competition and first beneficiary of the urn jam (including cases have already been reported in the first hours of the vote) and other frauds, should reflect the majority of the seats. Still, if the score is not impressive enough, its legitimacy, already very skinned, will come out even more diminished.

Updated Sunday: Added suspension of access to Navalny voting instructions.

opposition sees massive fraud: Kremlin party wins Russia election .
as expected Kremlin party in Russia wins the parliamentary election. But she has to insert losses. But the communists gain many voices. © Photo: DPA / Alexei Druzinine / Pool Sputnik Kremlin / AP Vladimir Putin, President of Russia The Kremlin Party United Russia has clearly won the parliamentary election in Russia, despite losses . After counting all ballots, it came to 49.8 percent, as the central election commission announced on Tuesday in Moscow.

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