US News Submarines: The EU highlights "a lack of loyalty" of the United States

02:45  21 september  2021
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Australian submarine contract. "Great disappointment" of French Naval Group

 Australian submarine contract. © Archives Ouest-France. This contract represents 50 billion Australian dollars (€ 31 billion). The decision of Australia to have nuclear propulsion submarines in partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom is a "great disappointment" for Naval Group.

United Nations ( United States ) (AFP). EU chief Charles Michel on Monday accused the United States of a lack of loyalty after Australia canceled a mega-contract with France to buy US nuclear submarines . "The elementary principles for allies are transparency and trust, and it goes together. France is livid by the move, with Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian accusing Australia of "back-stabbing" and the United States of betrayal. Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, also visiting the United Nations, described the contract decision as "a thunderbolt first for France but also for Europe

Some Americans saw an allegiance to the Roman Catholic Pope as an allegiance to a foreign political leader, which meant the loyalty of Catholics could never lie with American leaders. These non-Catholics believed a lack of loyalty to US political ideas and leaders by Catholics would undermine the democratic system.

Union européenne, Sous-marins, Etats-Unis, Charles Michel, © Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP European Union, submarines, USA, Charles Michel,

C Harles Michel, the President of the European Council reacted Monday 20 September to the affair of submarines that shake the political and diplomatic world for a few days. On September 15, Joe Biden reported the signing of a security pact with Australia and the United Kingdom to counter China. France, not consulted, lost a huge contract of submarines ordered by Canberra. Reactions have been linked since and the US president is strongly criticized by French and European policies. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, even qualified Joe Biden of "Trump without tweets". Monday, Charles Michel was less imageful, but he pointed out that, under the former US president, "he was clear at least, in the tone, the substance, the language that the EU was not a partner, An indispensable ally ".

biden embersed Australia and the United Kingdom in a new strategic alliance

 biden embersed Australia and the United Kingdom in a new strategic alliance © AFP L ES USA, who seek to strengthen all-round their alliances against China, announced Wednesday with Australia and the United Kingdom A large security partnership in the Indo-Pacific area, which could mislead the French ambitions in the region.

The paper introduces a categorisation of ethical issues into two main types, which are referred to as 'ethical dilemmas' and 'tests of integrity' which is then used to clarify the issues involved when duty and loyalty come into conflict. It is argued that a true understanding of loyalty and disloyalty means that the demands of loyalty can never legitimately override a genuine duty to follow orders. or indirectly in connection with or arising out of the use of this material. The Problems of Duty and Loyalty. STEPHEN COLEMAN.

The duty of loyalty has long been a fundamental value and requirement of the public service of Canada. In Canada's system of parliamentary democracy, public servants owe a duty of loyalty to their employer, the Government of Canada. A significant number of cases involving the duty of loyalty have come to court. The cases typically result from judicial reviews of grievances on disciplinary action taken by the government as employer on the basis that the public servant's conduct is in breach of the duty of loyalty .

Charles Michel denounced a "lack of loyalty" and "transparency" of the United States in this submarine crisis which opposes them to France. "The basic principles, between allies, it is transparency and trust, it goes together. And there, what do we see? A clear lack of transparency, loyalty, "he said to a few journalists in New York on the margins of the UN General Assembly.

Video: Submarine contracts: "France is not part of the first circle of American allies" (France 24)

The EU claims accounts to Washington

The European Union asked Washington a "clarification" to "try to better understand what are the intentions behind" the announcement of a strategic partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia , "Because it is incomprehensible to ", he added.

Australia's new nuclear submarines will have to remain out of New Zealand waters

 Australia's new nuclear submarines will have to remain out of New Zealand waters USA-Security-Australia-New Zealand: Australia's new nuclear submarines will remain out of New Zealand water Australia's new nuclear submarines will remain out of New Zealand waters Wellington (Reuters) - Australia's new nuclear submarines will not be allowed to enter the neo-waters. Zealanders announced the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

I think loyalty still exists, it’s just a matter of where you look to find it. For instance, Trump complains that too many people are disloyal to him. In the first place, loyalty is a two-way street. Trump’s followers are loyal to him despite the obvious facts about who he is and his abject incompetence. That is a level of loyalty that I do not think that any previous President has enjoyed. Religious people seem to be loyal to their religion despite the nonsensical nature of the stories that they have accepted.

Mounting Casualties of Disloyalty. Undeniably, fanatic loyalty can be destructive, but a lack of loyalty can also tear society apart. To be loyal, states Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary, means to be ‘faithful to a person or cause’ and “implies personal steadfast adherence in the face of any Each year, one million children in the United States experience the divorce of their parents, and in any given year, half of all children born to married parents in that country will likely be victims of divorce by the time such children are 18 years old. Statistics show that the outlook is similarly heartbreaking for many

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This situation argues once again for the strengthening of the capacity of action and European defense, supported Charles Michel. "We have to develop our ability to act, not against our allies, but because if we are stronger and more robust, then our alliances will also be stronger," said the European manager. If China is the number one priority for the United States, so they must choose to "strengthen the transatlantic relationship" and not "weakening it," he has been borne.

Submarine crisis: Blinken and Drian expected at a joint meeting, but no head-to-head planned .
© AFP / Andrew Harnik US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (Dr.) and his French counterpart Jean-Yves The Drian had given a joint press conference in June, before the United States shorted the Franco-Australian contract on submarines. AFP / Andrew Harnik The atmosphere should be, at the very least, cold.

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