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19:45  21 september  2021
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Merkel: "Let yourself be vaccinated - now"

 Merkel: At the start of a nationwide action week, the Chancellor calls all citizens to use Corona vaccination offers. The opposition criticizes the pandemic policy. © Markus Schreiber / AP Photo / Picture Alliance "It was never easier to get a vaccine. Never was it faster," said Chancellor Angela Merkel in her weekly video doducast. Vaccine offers will give it to the voluntary fire brigades, in the tram, on the edge of football fields and in mosques.

Le projet de l'artiste-architecte Philippe Paoli pour Wez-Macquart. © Philippe Paoli The artist-architect project Philippe Paoli for Wez-MacQuart.

in 2051, the Dulut could have a delta, and water lilies, conducive to nap; The Lille-Roubaix line would be served in barge; The Lille metropolis could accommodate Dutch climate refugees from the rise of waters housed in pink-furnished and painted containers; Vignes would push in its rural fringe, next to a vertical urban farm. And a tram-sky, a species of horizontal cable car, would connect the semi-rural areas to the center of Lille ...

"Starter Look"

The Lille Métropole Development and Urban Planning Agency (Adult) started in a Intelligent anticipation game, an order made to the speculative architect artist Philippe Paoli, to give to think. The exercise resulted in three podcasts, with planks drawn from these potential future, accompanied by a commentary commentary, interspersed with fictitious testimonials. They were rendered public in June, during the meetings of the agency , devoted to the theme "Imagine our future".

Lille: Firefighters save nine people and two cats of a violent fire

 Lille: Firefighters save nine people and two cats of a violent fire Several inhabitants of a three-story building were slightly injured during a fire © Northern SDIS Firefighters from the North rescued 9 people flames. Fire - Several residents of a three-story building were slightly injured during a fire Sunday, around noon, a fire stated in a building of three floors, St. Garibaldi, in Lille , Have we learned from the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) North . Quickly, important means have been implemented, the building with six families all occupied.

Video: 6th J. - David does not explain the difficulties of Lille at the beginning of the season (Dailymotion)

the person in charge of the urban projects to the adult, Annabelle Maze, at the origin of this original order, clearly poses the stakes : It is not a question of listing potential proposals, but to explore the possible. "This prospective project is absolutely not predictive," insists. "On themes proposed by the adult, I reacted with a shifted look that belongs to me," explains Philippe Paoli. Originally, he had to draw his imaginaries, he finally left on stories, shrinks with the agency, where all the skills were useful, sociologists as planners. It is disobected and well fucked, with for example a reflection on the preservation of land, with the principle of raw zero artificialization. What would go beyond the current principle of net artificialization by 2050, provided for in the law "Climate and Resilience", which requires compensating newly constructed land. This new rule would prohibit any new right-of-way, forcing to use the lands already built. Philippe Paolip imagines "to release the soil of the roads", by favoring the air and the fluvial, and to superimpose the uses: why not live with the workshops, next to the future Bios fields, in a city productive and proximity?

yellow-red and nerve crimi: with wolves-comeback "has a lot missing"

 yellow-red and nerve crimi: with wolves-comeback of the VfL Wolfsburg, with his Champions League comeback, tires a happy draw in Lille. But in the end stands: no corner, no shot on goal and a place of space. © Provided by sport1.de yellow-red and nerve crimi: at wolves-comeback "has a lot missing" the end of this game in Lille, which the VfL Wolfsburg had survived with a blue eye, was particularly nerve-wracking. because exactly at this end, in the sixth minute of injection time, referee Danny Makelie suddenly showed the point.

The question of water, paramount in the future

2051 is not a randomly chosen date, it is the year according to the deadline of the commitments made during the Paris Agreement on the climate. The framework of reflection is necessarily that of the ecological transition. Each of the chosen places reflects the current diversity of the Lille metropolis: Saint-André-lez-Lille, on the edge of the Canal de la Dule, for the question of water, paramount in the future; WEZ-MACQUART, the village that must find its place in a metropolis; Wattignies with its shopping center that the podcast imagines in future deseriece and replaced by an orchard. Annabelle Maze says: "This work is an object of debate, wants to test the resilience of the territory and its inhabitants." It is used to dream, too, to waterproof islands on the Deûle.

It is necessary to "transfer" Lloris, Laure Bulleau Attack .
© provided by Sports.co.uk Laure Bulleau claims another guardian in France team. Highly performing with Lille the past season and with AC Milan since the beginning of the current year, Mike Maignan is considered the future guardian of the France team. But for some, it is now that the former PSG player should be installed. So, Laure Bulleau is one of those who would like "turn" Hugo Lloris Blues goals? "Yes, exactly," she replied Sunday on the football club channel tray.

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