US News Vaucluse: a shooting burst into a city of cavaillon, schoolchildren confined several hours

21:35  21 september  2021
21:35  21 september  2021 Source:   20minutes.fr

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A shooting has broken in a cavaillon city in the Vaucluse, forcing schoolchildren from the city to remain confined

Une voiture de police (illustration) © Alexandre Vella / 20 minutes a Police car (illustration) shooting - a shooting broke in a city of Cavaillon in the Vaucluse, forcing schoolchildren from the city to remain confined

according to information of France 3 , an Fusillade broke out this Tuesday Before 11 hours in a sensitive Cavaillon city, in the Vaucluse . The authors of the facts were then entrenched in a building of the city. According to our colleagues of Vaucluse-morning and France 3, the forces of the Order decreed, as a precaution, the confinement of certain schoolchildren in the city between 11 am and 1 pm, including the 223 students of a Primary school located nearby.

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 Greece passes an additional six-gust order This decision has been hailed by Paris, which sees an "advance" in the European Defense Cooperation © Michael Varaklas / AP / SIPA Rafale aircraft count for a good part in sales of French weapons.

According to these two sources, research is still in progress to find the authors of these facts. The city affected by this shootout is known to be a high place of drug trafficking, and has already been in recent weeks the scene from previous shootings.

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Bundesliga star becomes a police officer .
Florian Niederechner takes over a special role in Augsburg. © Provided by sport1.de Bundesliga star is becoming a police officer Bundesliga striker Florian Lechtechner went on behalf of the Augsburg schoolchildren under the police. The FCA professional carried out with the fourth graders of the Fröbelschule in Haunstetten speed controls and punished traffic-lighters in place. motorists traveling in the 30s zone too fast had to bite into a lemon slice.

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