US News Germany: a gas station employee shot by an anti-mask client

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Near Rennes, his theater sells black gold

 Near Rennes, his theater sells black gold © West-France Gwenael de Boodt transformed the gas pump from the road between Rennes and Saint-Malo in theater station. Gwenael de Boodt, founder of the theater station in La Mézière, north of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), creates and welcomes art living in an old gas station. The artist highlights the texts of writers, a timeless treasure. On Sunday evening, when it stopped on the road between Saint-Malo and Rennes ( Ille-et-Vilaine ), a lot was full at the essence station of Mézière .

  Allemagne : un employé de station-service abattu par un client anti-masque © Copyright 2021, Obs

The murder of an employee of a German service station, shot Saturday, September 18 by a client who refused to wear An anti-covid mask, arouses a sharp excitement in the country, where a strong movement opposite to health restrictions is mobilized.

The suspect, a 49-year-old man from Idar-Oberstein (West) currently in pre-trial detention, indicated the police do not respect barrier gestures or health restrictions to combat the coronavirus epidemic.

"We will put you a ball": these doctors threatened with death by the AntiVax

the social democratic candidate (SPD) to the Chancellery, Olaf Scholz, said on Twitter "very shocked that someone was killed Because he wanted to protect yourself and protect others. " "As a society, we must resolutely oppose hatred. The offender must be severely punished, "said Angela Merkel's current favorite of surveys. The Minister of Justice, also a member of the SPD, Christine Lambrecht, she spoke of a "scandalous and disgusting" act.

Comparison Portal: Gas and electricity prices are rising heavily

 Comparison Portal: Gas and electricity prices are rising heavily The gas and electricity prices for consumers are according to the Compare Portal Check24 on record level and continue to rise. A pattern household with a consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours gas pay currently average 1516 euros annually. © Marcus Brandt / DPA In the coming months, electricity and gas consumption for households will post a significantly more expensive. 50 basic suppliers have already increased their prices or price increases announced - on average by 11.5 percent, shared the com

"I am shocked by the terrible murder of a young man who only asked to follow the rules in force, to be careful and to be solidarity", has on his side estimated the ecologist candidate at the Chancellery, Annalena Baerbock.

"All these aggression and all this violence, also in the Word, must end. And that's why I call on anyone who have a different opinion: violence is not a way, "said Angela Merkel's Conservative candidate, Armin Laschet.

from Chirac to Macron: Angela Merkel told French leaders "corrupled" by the sanitary restrictions

This case goes back to Saturday when an employee of a service station, a 20-year-old student, had refused to cash a client Who wanted to buy a beer pack because the latter did not wear a mask. Edged, the 49-year-old man left leaving his beers on the spot.

EU countries discuss higher energy prices

 EU countries discuss higher energy prices The increased energy prices and effects for consumers employ the EU countries. © Sina Schult / DPA / Illustration The wholesale prices for natural gas rise and increase. One I have ideas that you can approach the problem, but will first advise you, said EU Energy Commissarin Kadri Samson before a meeting of the relevant department chiefs of the EU countries in Slovenia. Austria's energy minister Leonore Gewessler said the answer to high gas prices is to change rapid to renewable energies.

He returned an hour and a half later wearing a mask but removed him in front of the counter to spark a reaction of the cashier. After receiving the order again to wear his mask properly, the customer has released a revolver from his pocket and fired on the student, died on the spot, said the police.

The suspect took the next day at the local police station. The accused told the police that he felt "corpled" by the measures relating to the Pandemic of Covid-19 he perceived as a "growing involvement of his rights" and that he had not seen "none Another outcome, "said Prosecutor Kai Fuhrmann Monday.

After Angela Merkel, the fear of void in Germany

investigators then searched his apartment in which they found the crime weapon as well as other firearms and ammunition. Since Saturday, several inhabitants have deposited flowers and candles in front of the gas station.


Foreign Minister Heiko Maas challenged Twitter The self-proclaimed movement of "free thinkers" (Querdenker), motion radically opposed to sanitary restrictions.

Faced with the outbreak of gas, the United Kingdom rotates its coal plants to ensure its electricity supply

 Faced with the outbreak of gas, the United Kingdom rotates its coal plants to ensure its electricity supply © Nadinlisa / Pixabay Faced with the outbreak of gas, the United Kingdom rotates its coal plants to ensure Its electricity supply at the risk of incorporating its energy transition, the United Kingdom has been forced to rotate its coal plants - particularly polluting - to ensure the supply of electricity recently. Faced with the outbreak of Gas prices, the United Kingdom did not hesitate to rotate its coal plants in recent weeks to ensure the supply of the country with electricity.

"The" free thinkers "celebrate the act on the Internet. The hatred and harassment of these incorrigible people divide our community and kill people. They do not have their place in our society, "the minister accused.

The police did not specify whether the author of the shots consider himself a member of this movement. This federates members of the far left, followers of the theories of the plot, detractors of vaccination as well as supporters of the far right. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have regularly organized events across Germany having gathered tens of thousands of people, many of whom degenerate in violence.

"They question the disease": a nurse tells the distrust of patients in the caregivers

the German internal intelligence services announced in April that they placed members of the Querdenker under surveillance, suspecting them to have links with the right extremism. "The climbing of the far-right conspiracy fantasies among aggressive citizens and inclined to violence has been obvious for months," said Stephan Kramer, Head of the State of Thuringian Intelligence Services, in the east of the country , to the German media group RND.

EU makes rising energy prices for the chief thing .
The price explosion on energy markets in Europe calls the policy on the plan. France announced a lining of the tariffs for gas and electricity over the winter months. © Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez / DPA Central Image / DPA The price explosion on the energy markets in Europe calls the policy on the plan. The heads of state and leaders of the EU Member States want to discuss the topic at a summit on 21 and 22 October.

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