US News Nuclear: Iran favorable to negotiations to raise "all penalties"

13:30  22 september  2021
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Iranian nuclear: Tehran will come back "Very soon" at the

 Iranian nuclear: Tehran will come back Negotiation Table © Iranian Presidency, AFP After the Westerners have expressed their frustration with the negotiations around Iranian nucleari, Tehran seems to display a position more Positive.

Le président iranien Ebrahim Raïssi s'adresse à l'Assemblée générale des Nations unies par visioconférence, le 21 septembre 2021. © AP The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisssi addresses the United Nations General Assembly by videoconference, on September 21, 2021.

Tehran announced that negotiations with the great powers on his nuclear file would resume, but without giving a specific date. In addition, the new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisssi opted for a firm position that worries the United States and Western countries while Iran has accelerated its nuclear activities.

with our correspondent to Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

according to the new Leader of Diplomacy, Tehran is forming a new team for the recovery of the Vienna negotiations. But by refusing a ministerial meeting of the group 4 + 1 in New York, as desired by France, he gave the tone.

Lead 1-Iran must honor the nuclear surveillance agreement, warns Washington

 Lead 1-Iran must honor the nuclear surveillance agreement, warns Washington Iran-Nucleaire / IAEA (Lead 1): Lead 1-Iran must honor the nuclear surveillance agreement, warns Washington (updated With the reaction of the United States and the EU) by Francois Murphy Vienna, September 27 (Reuters) - Iran must allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to access a workshop From the TESSA Karaj complex, as agreed two weeks ago, or expose themselves to diplomatic retaliation on the part of the board of governors of the UN agency in the coming days, warned the United S

Video: Nuclear: An agreement between the IAEA and Iran concluded to "give time to diplomacy" (Le Figaro)

on its side, the Iranian Conservative President Ebrahim Island also Hardly criticized the United States in its video-conference speech at the United Nations General Assembly: "The United States did not comply with their commitments that were the annulment of penalties. They left the nuclear agreement and imposed many other sanctions against my people. We do not trust the promises of the US government. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers that only negotiations resulting in the cancellation of sanctions are useful.

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Lead 1-nuclear-Agreement between Iran and the IAEA on Surveillance Cameras

 Lead 1-nuclear-Agreement between Iran and the IAEA on Surveillance Cameras Iran-Nucleaire / IAEA (Lead 1): Lead 1-nuclear-Agreement between Iran and the IAEA on the cameras of Surveillance (Updated with Press Conference of the IAEA Director) Dubai / Vienna, 12 September (Reuters) - Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have reached an agreement on The maintenance of the surveillance cameras of Iranian nuclear facilities, reviving the hopes of a wider agreement with the West.

"pre-" cancellation of penalties

Discussions with Iran are at the point of age since the end of June. The new team of Iranian negotiators will certainly have a harder position when resuming negotiations.

Besides, the new head of Tehran's nuclear program stated that the United States had to cancel "in advance" sanctions for a resumption of negotiations. It was then then, he added, that Iran will agree to further limit its nuclear program.

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