US News Unveiling over Finance: Trump sued nieces to $ 100 million compensation

15:05  22 september  2021
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The old spokesman for Melania Trump is loose and compares with Marie Antoinette

 The old spokesman for Melania Trump is loose and compares with Marie Antoinette © Chris Jackson "contemptuous. Beaten. Detached. Melania Trump inherited these qualifiers in the pages of the book I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House of Stephanie Grisham , to appear on October 5th. For the former spokesman for the former first lady, the wife of Donald Trump was like "The French Queen Condemned" and thus possessed the same personality and the same course as Marie-Antoinette .

The former US President Donald Trump has filed his finances against the newspaper and his niece Mary Trump because of the revelations of the New York Times' revelations. He accuses them to have forged a "insidious complant" to receive his tax returns, as shown by the application filed in the state of New York.

Der ehemalige US-Präsident Donald Trump verklagt seine eigene Nichte. © AP The former US President Donald Trump sues his own niece.

The "New York Times" reporter Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russ Buettner had led a "crusade" to get to confidential documents of the former president. Her motive was revenge. The "New York Times" journalists were awarded in 2019 for their 18-month research and subsequent article series to the business empire of Trumps with the renowned Pulitzer Prize.

Biden defends his Chief of Staff, accused of having exceeded his duties at the end of the term Trump

 Biden defends his Chief of Staff, accused of having exceeded his duties at the end of the term Trump © AFP J OE Biden reaffirmed on Wednesday his confidence in his chief of staff, General Mark Milley, accused of having exceeded his duties by calling his Chinese counterpart at the end of 2020 because of his concerns about the mental health of Donald Trump . "I have great confidence in General Milley," President Biden said, while representatives republicans called on that the Chief of Staff be dismissed.

Money should flowed over felly

The jury said then, the reporters had refuted, among other things, Trump's assertion, he had acquired his prosperity from their own power. They also have shown that the Trump Company Empire was "peppered with tax avoidance tricks". The reporters had revealed others that Trump had received more than $ 400 million over the years from his father. The money should therefore be sometimes influenced by a certificate to avoid taxes.

Trump is therefore intended to help his parents who deceased in 1999 and 2000, as a whole, to retail their real estate ownership and thus save taxes. Mary Trump is the daughter of the older brother of the ex-president, Fred Trump Jr., who had died in 1981 on the consequences of his alcohol addiction.

What is the salary of a mayor?

 What is the salary of a mayor? © Provided by Gentside Salary Mayor The mayors of France do not all affect the same salary, far from it. The remuneration of the mayor of a municipality, as well as that of its deputies and other municipal councilors, varies by the number of inhabitants of the municipality. These remuneration can be increased. This is particularly the case when the municipality is a chief town, or when it is classified tourist resort.

Vertes Mary Trump against a clause?

in her book published in July 2020 her family had stated that she was the main source for the revelations of the "New York Times". Trump's lawyers argue that his niece had violated the information against a secrecy agreement that she had signed in 2001 after a comparison of the estate of Donald Trump's father Fred Trump Sr. The former President demands $ 100 million (85.25 million euros) compensation and damages as well as the entire proceeds from the book of his niece.

Trump had refused to publish his tax returns during his entire term of office. He was the first US president since Richard Nixon, who kept his finances secret. Against the Trump Organization - the real estate empire of the former US President - is currently being determined in New York because of suspicion of tax fraud.

Mary Trump denotes uncle as a "loser"

Mary Trump designated her uncle in an opinion as a "loser". Trump is desperate and will try "as always" to change the topic, she explained according to the sender NBC. The "New York Times" rejected the allegations of Trumps.

Due to the careful research, the population has been informed about a topic of "parent public interest", explained a spokeswoman of the newspaper. "This lawsuit is trying to silence independent news organizations, and we will vigorously defend ourselves". (AFP)

The Weekd is accused plagiarism .
The singer should have plagued his song "Call Out My Name" from the production team Epikker. © Provided by www.musikexpress.de The Canadian pop star The Weekd has taken most money with its Greatest Hits album - about streams. The singer is said to have plagued his song "Call Out My Name" from the production team epikker. The Weeknd was apparently sued by Epikker, a production team consisting of Suniel Fox and Henry Strange, for copyright infringement.

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