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19:15  22 september  2021
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If the to-do list will be on the work more and longer and you just do not find peace, these three simple tips could help strengthen your mental health

3 SOS-Tipps, um die mentale Gesundheit auf der Arbeit zu stärken istockphoto © iStockphoto 3 SOS Tips to strengthen mental health at work iStockphoto

Some working days are just so stressful that we do not even remember our lunch or make a coffee after another. On such days, where the to-do list is simply not shorter or a problem emerges after the other, we must not neglect our mental health. Mental illnesses such as depression or a burnout can be the case with too much stress and make our work-life balance completely out of balance. A few simple measures are enough to strengthen our psyche and make them more resistant to stress:

No money without "green pass" in Italy

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1. 5-minute breaks

be it a short chat with a working colleague or a fast phone call with the partner - Taking a short break of about five minutes during working hours can cause true miracles. According to Carson Tate, Founder of Working Simply and Author of Own It. Love It. Make It Work: How to Make Any Job Your Dream Job is a five-minute exchange with another person like food for the brain, which the mood Immediately increase and strengthen relationships. Another option: a break. According to The Journal of Positive Psychology , a few Britney Spears songs not only help to reduce depression and anxiety, there is also a thrust of their daily self-esteem, especially if they choose an optimistic melody.

2. Movement at stress in the office

The most stressful challenges are those who are completely unexpected: an unpleasant e-mail from the boss or a surprise meeting in the calendar. The best defense? A short walk, a few Hampelmen or (at least in the home office) a small dance party to reassure the emotions. Consider it as a kind of meditation in motion - it mits fighting or escape reactions, but also brings clarity into the daily tensions and irritations, so that they can release things a bit easier.

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This hobby is good for your psychic health

3. Define your work

According to Tate, it can be very helpful to be aware of your problems and tasks during work. So ask yourself, which is why you now feel this stress, which is so important to you in your profession and what tasks may be moved back.

TATATE advises the following questions:

"Which benefits do your customers draw through their product or service?" "How does your work have a positive effect on the people?" "What would the effects on your team, companies and their customers if they would not do the job?"

Write down answers and read it whenever negative feelings appear to visualize your work and its role.

(Author: Irem Özkalgay)

The suicide prevention number, the 31 14, will be operational on Friday, ad Olivier Véran .
© Denis Balibouse / Reuters Olivier Véran attends a press conference after an opening ceremony of the WHO Academy, at Lyon, France, September 27, 2021. Wednesday, September 29, Olivier Véran was the guest of the morning of France Inter. In particular, he returned to the ads of Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday, September 28, at the foundation of mental health. The Minister of Health was invited, Wednesday, September 29, in the morning of France Inter.

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