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20:10  22 september  2021
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Much of the biowaste in Germany will in future be included in the future before further processing only a plastic content of a maximum of 0.5 percent.

Immer wieder landen Dinge in der Biotonne, die dort gar nicht reingehören. © Jan Waitas / DPA Central Image / DPA Always end up things in the biotonne who do not hurt there.

This initially introduced upper limit provides for the amendment to the Bio-Waste Ordinance, which the Federal Cabinet has decided.

Thus, in the future, all biowaste, which do not end up about the biotonne in composting and fermentation, should meet this limitation. According to the Federal Ministry of Environment, this concerns more than 60 percent of the annual biowazy-volume of a total of 14 million tonnes.

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for the remaining waste landing in the Biotonne and treated from there, an upper limit for the plastic content of 1.0 percent shall apply. In 2019, around five million tons of garbage have been collected over the biotonne. Experience has shown that the plastic waste in the biotonne, which are usually made of private households, are harder to process - hence the higher upper limit.

operators of the treatment facilities are required in the future to examine the amount of foreign substances in the delivered biowaste. If the new upper limits are exceeded, you must remove the foreign matter expensive. The new rules are expected to enter into force in the first half of 2022.

"Plastics have nothing to look for in the biowaste," said Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD). Much too often would end up food waste with plastic packaging in composting or biogas plants. Schulze also pointed to the high cost, which causes the removal of plastic.

Appell by Schulze

Schulze also appealed to consumers to separate biots "conscientious". There is still a large part of the biowaste in the residual waste bin (40 percent).

The Association of Communal Company (VKU) welcomed the new regulation. Plastics in Biomüll are a "big annoyance", said VKU Vice President Patrick Hasenkamp on Wednesday of the DPA. Here, the citizens would have to contribute their contribution. Hasenkamp announced that the municipal disposals wanted to "intensify" their waste advice.

At the same time, there will also be an increased control of biotonnes. "In case of malfunctions", the disposable tons would have to stand in the future, said Hasenkamp.

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