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global warming: 216 million people could migrate by 2050

 global warming: 216 million people could migrate by 2050 © provided by the Parisian the Parisian up to 216 million people in the world could migrate by 2050 to flee the adverse effects of the Climate change such as the decline in agricultural production, the water scarcity and the rise in sea level , the World Bank alert. A phenomenon that is not irreversible, however.

New York. Kermit the frog, windright forests and exhausted candles: The British Prime Minister again gives the class clown before the UN General Assembly. His speech revolves around the fight against the climate crisis.

 Der britische Premierminister Boris Johnson bei seiner Ansprache vor der 76. UN-Vollversammlung. © Eduardo Munoz The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at his address before the 76th UN General Assembly.

The British Premier Boris Johnson continued his tradition of absurd-strange performances before the UN General Assembly with a speech to fight climate change. With a view to the threatening climate conference COP 26 in Glasgow in November, Johnson collects in his speech at the United Nations General debate in New York on Wednesday evening greater efforts. "We have a great power to change things or to change better, and a great power to save ourselves," he said.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Boris Johnson's mother, died

 Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Boris Johnson's mother, died © Lucy Young / Shutterstock / Sipa / Shutterstock / Lucy Young // Sipa B Oris Johnson is mourning. The mother of the British Prime Minister, the painter Charlotte Johnson Wahl, died at the age of 79, indicated a notice published in the daily The Times, Tuesday, September 14. The one who suffered from Parkinson's disease, diagnosed at the age of 40, died "suddenly" but "peacefully" at St Mary's Hospital in central London, "said Johnson family.

Embroidered that climate measures would not only help the planet, but also took advantage of the economies: "As Kermit the Frog" It is not easy to be green "Sang - Do you remember? - I want you to know he was wrong. He was wrong. It's not just easy, it's lucrative and it's right to be green! "Johnson's well-known frog figure from the" Muppet Show ". He added: "Let's say that he was unnecessarily rough to Miss Piggy, as I think."

Pries Johnson in addition to the plants of trees especially the wind energy - on His very own way: "We have created large forests from beautiful wind turbines in the flooded prairies of Doggerland between the United Kingdom and Holland in the North Sea. In fact, we produce so much offshore wind that I think about it, to change my name in honor of the God of the North Wind in "Boreas" Johnson. "

The health crisis and climate at the center of the UN General Assembly

 The health crisis and climate at the center of the UN General Assembly UN-ASSEMBLY / (photo): The health crisis and climate at the center of the UN General Assembly by Michelle Nichols United Nations, September 20 (Reuters) - World leaders come back this week at United Nations Headquarters in New York for a general meeting whose primary concerns will be the fight against climate change and against the coronavirus pandemic, which had forced Last year the UN appointment to be virtual.

in his speech thanked the British Prime Minister, who is known for his silly performances, China's President Xi Jinping for his announcement, no more coal-fired power plants to export. He also praised US President Joe Biden for his promise of billions of additional dollars on climate aids. Likewise, Johnson rendered from modern technology to "absorb and do in Brownies" CO2.

The Premier also made it clear that the global course in the fight against global warming with a predicted temperature rise of 2.7 degrees to 2100 is fatal. "I hope that COP 26 will be like a 16th birthday for humanity, where there is not much misery, but a party in which we decide to grow up," Johnson said. That's why the climate conference "the candles of a burning world" would have to be exhausted.

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