US News Death of Influencer Gabby Petito: The suspicious attitude of Brian, his fiancé always sought by the police, and his parents

20:35  23 september  2021
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Marine Le Pen: "Emmanuel Macron has a suspicion bias with regard to the National Police"

 Marine Le Pen: © Europe 1 according to the information of Europe 1, Emmanuel Macron must announce Tuesday a strengthening of the police control by the parliamentarians . "Every time it moves on the security field, it is to tap the head of the police," lamented Marine Le Pen Tuesday, guest of the morning of Europe 1. Emmanuel Macron must close Tuesday the Beauvau of Security.

Mort de l'influenceuse Gabby Petito : l'attitude suspecte de Brian, son fiancé toujours recherché par la police, et de ses parents © Instagram @gabspetito Death of Influencer Gabby Petito: the suspicious attitude of Brian, His fiancé always sought by the police, and his parents after the discovery of the lifeless body of Gabby Petito on September 21, his fiancé is actively sought after by the police. New testimonials highlight the strange attitude of Brian Laundrie, as well as parents there.

Since September 21, when the lifeless body of Gabby Petito , young influencer who was a road trip through the United States with his boyfriend, was found, it's a real hunt. Man taking place on the Atlantic to hunt Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of the young woman who has volatilized. The latter is always missing and is considered "worthy of interest" by investigators who are now working on a homicide case. While traveling in Van since July with Gabby Petito , this 23-year-old man returned alone to North Port (Florida) where he lived with his girlfriend. Brian Laundrie had remained on the silence before running away.

North Port: Where is the 22-year-old Gabby? "Two drove lot, only one came back"

 North Port: Where is the 22-year-old Gabby? in the US is the feverish search for a 22-year-old woman in full swing. Gabriele "Gabby" P. undertook with her friend Brian L. a multi-month van journey through the west of America. Now Brian L. returned back - and from Gabby P., every trace is missing. The FBI, the US counterpart to the German Federal Police, already set up a nationwide telephone hotline. © Picture Alliance / Associated Press Gabrielle Petito All fellow citizens were called up to pass on any hints to the authorities.

a last SMS sent by Gabby Petito worried his mother

if Brian Laundrie is the first suspect in the case, the police brings together all the information to know what happened. Our colleagues of the New York Post procured the police report and according to the first information, a strange SMS sent by Gabby Petito would have started to worry his family. "Can you help Stan, I do not stop receiving messages but I magnify his calls" , had sent the young woman on August 27th. According to the explanations of the mother of Gabby Petito, Stan is the first name of his grandfather, but she never called it so. By reading this strange message, " The mother started to worry about something that was not going with her daughter " , explained the agent Daniel Alix in her report. To the point of wondering if it was she who had written this message.

Gabby Péto: Who was the influencer whose body was found in the United States?

 Gabby Péto: Who was the influencer whose body was found in the United States? © provided by Gentside Gabby Petito, the influencer disappeared on September 11th. What happened to Gabrielle Péto? This is the question that haunts the investigators as well as the many Internet users who have followed the soap opera that has agitated social networks in recent days, while a body corresponding to the description of the young woman was discovered this Sunday, September 19 in An area of ​​a Wyoming National Park where research was underway to find it.

Witnesses claim to have seen the couple arguing several times

for the time, the investigations did not give anything but the research had to resume this Thursday. Images of video surveillance sowed doubt about Brian's attitude: Gabby Péto, crying against police officers, on a Utah road. The young woman had argued with her boyfriend on 12 August last, the police had been warned and the scene filmed by the camera of a policeman on which the young woman is in tears. Then, tourists from Louisiana who had lunished on August 27 in a Jackson restaurant (Wyoming), about thirty minutes from the Grand Teton Park, would have attended a new altercation between Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito. According to their testimony at CNN, the influencer was in tears, while his boyfriend, visibly angry, fulminated when he returned and coming out of the restaurant.

The suspicious attitude of Brian Laundrie's parents on Wednesday, neighbors of the laundrie family told

Fox News that about a week after the return of Gabby Petito's fiance from Mountain West, his parents had prepared an "Camping-bus attached" and were getting ready for a long camping weekend. " I was in the front yard and I noticed that they had a new trailer for the back of their pickup. I did not find anything unusual. They had a new trailer and so they wanted to install it. I saw them work. Then they prepared their trip and I saw them charge the camper , "said William Guthrie. " I saw them load their vehicles and so I assumed that they were preparing for a camping trip ," said Charlene Guthrie. What was mostly disturbed the neighbors is that the couple left with Brian, who came back from his own road trip. This Thursday, according to Fox News , the parents of Brian Laundrie returned home in the morning with the Ford Mustang that the authorities towed for analysis this week. Roberta Laundrie was then released from the Mustang and returned to a truck led by her husband, Chris, and left the property a second time.

The mysterious days that preceded the reporting of the disappearance of Gabby Petito .
The police revealed that the day before the official report of the disappearance of Gabby Petito in the United States, agents went to the home of the parents of his fiancé. . © Reuters / Shannon Stapleton Once again, LaonDrie family is at the heart of the questions. Brian's parents, Christopher and Roberta, say they have no idea what happened to Gabby Petito. The latter was on a trip with his fiance through the American national parks since July when she ceased to give news to his loved ones.

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