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11:05  24 september  2021
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Guinea: The fate of the fallen president Alpha Condé always in discussion

 Guinea: The fate of the fallen president Alpha Condé always in discussion © Reuters / Afolabi Sotunde / file photo The Guinean fallen president, Alpha Condé. On the sidelines of the political discussions on the future of Guinea, other topics are in progress, in the shadows, about the fate of Alpha Condé. The fallen president is still detained by the junta. He was able to receive the visit of the Cédéao delegation at the end of last weekend, but for now, Alpha Condé refuses to pass the hand.

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Another area where employers' and young peoples ' views differed is in relation to Information Technology (IT) skills. When asked about the things they value most about young recruits, many employers mentioned their ability with computers. On the other hand, few young people mentioned this explicitly. In terms of the inductions provided for their young recruits, the results of this study confirmed both expectations and the findings of earlier research – that employers vary widely in the nature of the training they provide. Differences included the length of time the inductions ran, how

Particulièrement exposées aux violences et discriminations liées au genre, les femmes exigent principalement l’application effective des lois censées les protéger et une implication beaucoup plus forte dans les affaires d’État et de l’économie (image d'illustration). © RFI / Igor Strauss , particularly exposed to gender-related violence and discrimination, women primarily require the effective application of the laws that are supposed to protect them and a much more involvement Strong in state affairs and economy (image of illustration).

In Guinea, CNRC continues its consultations with the different fringes of Guinean society. Thursday, the junta received the medical profession, as well as youth and women organizations. Despite many efforts, the female status remains worrying in the country among those with the highest rate of excision. Young people also wanted to make their expectations heard.

The Taliban replace the "Ministry of Women" by the "Vice Prevention"

 The Taliban replace the © Sandra Calligaro of the Taliban patrols at nightfall on the outskirts of Kabul. The ministry was feared for its fundamentalism during the first reign of Islamists twenty years ago. revenue in power This summer in Afghanistan , the Taliban would have closed this Friday the Ministry of Women to replace it with that of the promotion of virtue and the prevention of the vice, a department whose mission is to verify the application of the application of Islamic rules of conduct.

This meant that last autumn women were a third more likely to start a degree than their male counterparts, despite the fact that there are actually more young men than women in the UK. How many males and females are on my campus? The gender make -up of each university is influenced by the type of subjects on offer. Imperial College London, for example, – a science, engineering, medicine and business institution – is one of two institutions where men count for two thirds of the undergraduate intake.

Young people in the USA can be very ageist—fun and vitality are only for young people —old people are best not seen, best not heard, and best packed off to Old Folks’ homes s. There are a number of such conditions, as the other answers show. In the geriatric population, one such condition is boredom with the expectations of young people , who shrink with horror at the idea that Grandpa still has sexual feelings, and reject the idea that Grandma would want to go out gambling rather than stay in the living room and knit.

With our special envoy to Conakry, Sidy Yansane

dozens of female and young organizations and associations responded to the invitation of CNRD to expose their grievances to the People's Palace. Particularly exposed to gender-related violence and discrimination, women primarily require the effective application of the laws that are supposed to protect them and a much stronger involvement in state affairs and the economy.

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"Studies have shown that the participation of women at the state level, at the level of companies, allows a better result, says Maimouna Diakhaby, Secretary General of The Federation of Young Women of Guinea. Since we are half of the sky, as Sankara said, we would like to be parity at the level of the government, that there is equal opportunities in the field of work, whether for women. markets up to the level of government.

Guinea: Back Triumphal in Conakry for four opponents of Alpha Condé

 Guinea: Back Triumphal in Conakry for four opponents of Alpha Condé © AFP - Cellou Binani protesters in Conakry on September 18, 2021, acclaiming the return of four opponents to Alpha Condé, who had to flee abroad. Return to the country Saturday 18 September for four figures of the National Defense Front of the Constitution (FNDC). These fierce opponents of constitutional reform and the candidacy for a third term of Alpha Condé had to flee abroad.

Women in the UK are now 35% more likely than men to go to university and the gap is widening every year. A baby girl born in 2016 will be 75% more likely to go to university than a boy, if current trends continue. The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has published research examining this This suggests different barriers in attitude and expectation . And it suggests some communities have been left behind, as industries and expectations have changed around them. Or perhaps boys are just less well disposed to studying. The report includes OECD data, gathered alongside international Pisa tests

Children listen to their parents, but want to decide for themselves. In selecting family factors that affect children’s expectations concerning a future job, the impact of parents’ educational and professional status was factored into the time it takes pupils to make decisions concerning a career. The research’s results show that among young individuals, both male and female, there is a high percentage of those who listen to the opinion of adults – nearly 40% in each subgroup. Parents and children’s expectations nonetheless turned out to be unconnected from a purely statistical standpoint.

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for a National Youth Council

Youth, which represents the majority of the population, believes that they have always been manipulated and abandoned by policies. To end this idleness, the Executive Director of the Young Girls Club Leaders of Guinea, Kadiatou Konaté, advocates for the creation of a National Council: "I think we are broadly revenue on the issue for youth organizations , we are not federated. So getting a consultation framework, it is getting a national youth council. In the subregion, all countries, almost have a national youth council that carries the voice of young people, except Guinea.

Pending the installation of the transitional government, the CNRD President is reassuring, promising new blood and that there will be no recycling of the usual dignitaries of the state.

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Guinea: 12 years after 28-September, the victims call on the new authorities .
© RFI / Anne Cantener The stage of September 28 in Conakry (image of illustration). in Guinea, 12 years ago, military under Captain Moussa Dadis Camara have perpetrated the worst massacres ever committed in a day against opponents and members of civil society opposed to the military regime who wanted to prevent the candidacy of the Chief of the Junta. Twelve years later, always in search of justice, the victims appeal to the new Guinean authorities.

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