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17:50  24 september  2021
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Söder says gender language rules the fight to

 Söder says gender language rules the fight to of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to take a closer look at gender language regulations. © Carsten KOALL / Getty Images Markus Söder Affected by the critical inventory of the Bajuwaran Landesvaters are primarily the universities in the Free State - and their gender language rules. around that is not just rosy, because Söder has announced a determined procedure against the new guidelines.

Sexual Unfus up to no sex in the relationship or marriage - that's no exception. Maybe you are in such a situation yourself.

Kein Sex in Beziehung.jpg © iSock / GpointStudio No sex in relationship.JPG

If yes, you are not alone. But you can also keep the erotic fire in long-term partnerships. Important is important not only to take care, but also at a distance. find out what fulfills you and do well and then do it. That affects your charisma, your self-confidence grows and you can naturally a interesting aura around you - a good weapon against sexual unluck.

also the attention and body contact with the partner are important for the most sensible everyday life. a smile, a hug, a tender kiss - all this can promote tingling between the couple and even end sexual listlessness in marriage or relationship.

Emmanuel Macron receives Angela Merkel

 Emmanuel Macron receives Angela Merkel © John MacDougall / AFP The invitation of Ms. Merkel in Paris puts one last time in light the personal relationship and work between Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, who has changed considerably since 2017 . This Thursday evening, Emmanuel Macron receives Angela Merkel one last time, before the Chancellor did looks good to power. They plan to make a joint statement at 19:00.

Quality Time or Separation On Time

experts agree: it does not matter how much time spend the partners, but what quality this time has. And that should have a permanent place in life, for example once a week an appointment to the conversation.

Everyone is allowed to say freely, what lies to him on the heart or busy him, the other listens. Then vice versa. It can also be activities that you do - main thing, the partners have the opportunity to exchange.

is the relationship quality already so bad that the sexual unusual mental causes are based on, then it can actually be useful to separate for a certain amount of time. You have the chance to find back to yourself to see the positive pages of the partner and, if necessary, to work on personal problems in peace.

Why an opera singer now porn turns

 Why an opera singer now porn turns Vienna. Seven years ago, Adrineh Simonian was as a singer on opera platforms. Now the Viennese produces porn movies and wants to disassemble stereotypes with feminist pornography. © Joe Klamar Adrineh Simonian in Vienna (archive image). regrets you the career change: Meanwhile, the 48-year-old prominent supporter is artistic and ethical porn. In one industry, trained by sexism, humiliation and abuse allegations, it is in the foreground that the actors feel comfortable.

Due to the distance, the sexual desire for the partner is often increased again. However, exactly the opposite can happen. Namely, that you recognize the benefits of altitude as well as the problems with the partner.

Six Tips for More Sex

If the sexual listlessness in marriage or the relationship is based on no deeper relationship issues, but is only a symptom of the routine, then try the following six things:

1. A date with the partner: if you Two have no more sex in the relationship, make an appointment with each other as if it were a flirt. Make you smart and meet him at an interesting place.

2. Sex Talk: talk openly about erotic and sex. Say what you like and what you are slowing down.

3. Joint friends: couples who have shared friends or hobbies can be found each other most attracting. If you come home after a convivial evening, the desire for sex can rise.

4. Remain curious: You can also be creative during sex. Allowed to feel both comfortable.

5. stay left: No more sex in the relationship can also associate with excessive pressure. Couple who do not stress because of the sex frequency, can gotten each other better. So the lust will not be pushed by bad feelings.

6. Sex is a minor matter: Sounds Paradox, but is true. Partners who do not contribute to the sex and accept that he is not the most important thing, surprisingly frequent sex, as people who hunt the eroticism.

Vianney: This incredible gesture made for MENTISSA, its old protégé in "The Voice" .
Thursday, September 30, 2021, Vianney has announced a great news from its Instagram account. The singer has just gave a nice boost to his old protégé in The Voice, Mentissa. © TF1 Vianney: This incredible gesture made for MENTISA, its old protégé in "The Voice" during the last season of The Voice, Vianney took its first steps as a member of the jury. A first for the 30-year-old singer who ended up in the famous swivel red chair.

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