US News conclusion with Krypto: China prohibits Bitcoin and CO

18:00  24 september  2021
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Australia will acquire US nuclear submarines

 Australia will acquire US nuclear submarines USA-SECURITE / BIDEN - Asia (photo, TV): Australia will acquire US nuclear submarines by Trevor Hunnicutt, Nandita Bose, David Brunnstrom and Colin Packham Washington / Canberra, September 16 (Reuters) - The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced Wednesday the establishment of a new security and defense partnership in which Washington and London will help Australia to acquire nuclear-propulsion submarines, while China strengthens its influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

China has generally banned Krypto transactions of any kind on Friday and strangely tighten his efforts to stop crypto mining. The crypto market is still looking for a reaction.

Schluss mit Krypto: China verbietet Bitcoin und Co © Lukasz Stefanski / Shutterstock Stop Krypto: China prohibits Bitcoin and Co

If so far had believed, China will be a dramatically regulated, but in the rest of relatively liberal handling of crypto currencies, sees himself deceived. On Friday, the People's Bank of China, the central bank of the country, published a statement on its website , which does not allow for clarity to be desired.

Chinese National Bank wants to ban Krypto from the country

From now on, Krypto transactions of any kind should be considered as illegal financial activities and followed accordingly, announces the bank. All the services are to be offered, which are offered by crypt bodies outside the country. Crypt feeds may not be circulated anymore.

Submarines: China denounces an "irresponsible clique"

 Submarines: China denounces an © Xie Huanchi / Xinhua via AFP Beijing judges in particular "extremely irresponsible" the transfer of technology of atomic propulsion submarines promised by the United States 'Australia. China The China severely condemned the new security pact concluded Wednesday by Joe Biden with Australia and the United Kingdom, which " seriously undermine regional peace and stability " in a context of rivalry Thank you with Washington.

The ban is the very hardest step in which China could do against crypto currencies, but he does not completely surprise. China has always emphasized in recent years that crypto currencies in the People's Republic are maximally tolerated, but by no means welcome. They spent too much energy and would be too often abused in fraudulent intent, for example for money laundering.

Anti-Krypto measures were gradually escalated

In the summer, the Chinese government had then searched Province

after miners and the industry ultimately rises the tap. Although there are still miners that have escaped the previous measures. The likes had hoped they could simply look a difficult phase. Today's explanation shows that this will not work.

Now the time is likely to come to sweep the back on the Crypto Miner to the country. The finish was already visible

Faced with China's critics, Australia says Defend International Law

 Faced with China's critics, Australia says Defend International Law © AFP Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left), and Chinese President Xi Jinping (right). The Australian Prime Minister explained Friday that the military alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom aimed to respond to the current situation in the Asia-Pacific region, where the territories are increasingly disputed and where the Rivalry with China intensifies.

. While China still had a share of 75 percent in the global hash rate in September 2019, a measure of the computing power used to mining and processing, this share fell to 46 percent in April and has steadily decreased.

Unfortunately, the Bitcoin Mining Map

of Cambridge University has not been updated since April so that the actual drain is difficult to evaluate. Observers, however, can see a clear emigration at the latest since May 2021.

losses yes, but price decline remains largely from

of the bitcoin and other crypt feeds responded to the news from the kingdom of the center with partly significant price losses. But a crash remained so far. The Bitcoin has significantly lost with almost six percent, but not clearer than to other occasions.

EtherEme shows more nervousness with around nine percent. Similarly, Solana, Avalanche, the Binance Coin, Ripples XRP and the unbreakable Dogecoin. The reasons for this are however multifactorial and can not be fully attributed to the Chinese crackdown. Fully with the Chinese crackdown, however, we may justify the crash of shares of the various mining companies. Thus, the papers of the Groß-Miner Riot Blockchain and Marathon Digital Holdings have also gained spontaneously by eight percent.

crash in the spring also influenced by China

for truth but already belongs that the tightening approach of China against the crypto market was a major reason for the fact that it had come to the nationwide and massive losses from the second half of the week. The recent uncertainties around the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande had also had a significant effect on the cryptocurges. To expect a Chinese crypto ban without effects on the perspectives would probably be pure wishful thinking. Only the reflex reaction of the market seems to be spared us first.

The recent blow comes at a time when the crypto feeds after the massive setback in May and June just recover - albeit highly volatile - to recover. This upswing should first be braked when not finished. The exciting question remains, how much nervousness the big investors still tolerate before it comes to sellout? X1

Alert in the United States: The government could be short of money in the coming weeks! .
© Pixabay Alert in the United States: The government could be short of money in the coming weeks! The Minister of Finance warned that for the first time in his history, "America will fail" if the debt ceiling is not raised. The financial situation of the United States worries.

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