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18:35  24 september  2021
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Dream of Christo and Jeanne-Claude finally realized: The Arc de Triomphe is covered

 Dream of Christo and Jeanne-Claude finally realized: The Arc de Triomphe is covered Since Sunday, more than 70 building climbers worked on the cover of the Parisian landmark. Now the Arc de Triomphe is completely covered and the major project of the artist couple postum realized. © Chesnot / Getty Images The veiling in Paris: Homage to Christ and Jeanne-Claude with 19 fabric railways is covered, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is hardly recognizable. The last project of Christo and Jeanne-Claude has thus become reality.

Pour livrer des centaines de blindés dernier cri à notre armée, cette usine de la Loire fonctionne à plein régime © Pixabay to deliver hundreds of state-of-the-art shielded to our army, this Loire factory works full a Roanne Factory (Auvergne Rhône Alpes) aims to deliver 936 heavy griffon multi-roles shielded, 489 Armored Multi-Role Serval Vehicles and 150 Recognition and Combat Gear (EBRC) Jaguar by 2025, and as much on the Following years, a program of a total amount of 11 billion euros.

This Plant of the Loire (Auvergne Rhône Alpes) can rub your hands. The site behind him a century of equipment intended for armies. In charge of providing French forces into hundreds of state-of-the-art shielded, it currently operates at full speed. Nexter , a subsidiary of the Franco-German Knds Holding, is the worker ankle, alongside the other Arquus , Thales and Texelis defense industrialists, the Scorpion program that includes new gear and upgrading of the oldest, in particular The Leclerc massive tank, interconnected by an information system.

at the meeting of the cosmonauts of the Hague-Fouassière

 at the meeting of the cosmonauts of the Hague-Fouassière © West-France at the Hague-Fouassière, the roundabout of space or roundabout of cosmonauts, always stuck curiosity. An offbeat ride is proposed around the famous roundabout of space, at the Hague-Fouassière, Saturday, September 18, during the Heritage Days. It is called the roundabout of space or roundabout of cosmonauts, to The Hague-Fouassière . A local curiosity that surprises, especially at night, when you discover.

With 60 million euros of investment, it was necessary to enlarge and reorganize this factory dating from 1917 and the roofs characteristic of saw teeth, to meet the objectives of the 2019-2025 military programming law. It is aimed at the delivery of 936 heavy-driven multi-roles Griffon , 489 Armored Vehicles Multi-Role Serval and 150 Recognition and Combat Gear (EBRC) Jaguar by 2025, and as much over the next five years , a program totaling 11 billion euros.

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"The conjunction of the development of three vehicles, knowing that there are engineering studies, tests, Integration tests, prototypes in all directions, the rise in industrial rate, it is not a simple job, "says Nicolas Chamussy, the Director General of Next. Five years ago, the Roanne site "no longer produced new vehicles", its facilities used to maintain or renovate ancient armor, recalls this airbus transfer that took control of the company in April.

The trial of the trafficking trafficking, these birds resold up to € 1,000, is postponed to 4 March

 The trial of the trafficking trafficking, these birds resold up to € 1,000, is postponed to 4 March © Thierry Hollow / West France Goldfinches. (Picture of illustration) Four men are pursued for trafficking of this protected species. The trial that was to begin this Monday in Marseille was postponed to 2022. The trial, initially planned Monday 20 September 2021 to Marseille , of four men pursued for thoroughfinch traffic , birds in decline appreciated for their Melodious singing and their plumage on the international market, was postponed until March 4th.

But in four years, the workforce swelled by 500 people, reaching 1,367 employees, and up to 80 should be added in 2022 to process the order book. Especially since Scorpion armors have begun to meet the success in export: Belgium commissioned 442 (382 Griffon and 60 Jaguar), a € 1.6 billion contract including training, the Training and maintenance, all for delivery from 2025. "How to integrate 500 people in addition, to train new trades, guaranteeing their safety? It's a everyday fight "," says Mr. Chamussy.

The factory received impressive cutting machine tools: the aluminum used for the shell of the shielded, lighter than the steel of the old generation gear, can make up to 8 cm thick. Part of the assembly is robotized, while some welds are made by "mixing friction", an innovative process that avoids fusion and thus losses of the physical qualities of the metal, potentially fatal on the battlefield. The lines nevertheless seem more artisanal aspects than those of the automotive plants: number of operations remain manual, the clamping of the bolts to the connections of the sprawling beams of the turrets of fire.

Lyon supporters forbidden for the Derby

 Lyon supporters forbidden for the Derby © provided by Sofoot back to good old habits. and eight! On October 3, Saint-Étienne-Olympique Lyonnais will be the eighth consecutive derby without supporters from the visiting team in the stadium. The préfecture of the Loire announced this Thursday forbid the access of the cauldron to the Lyonnais by fear "major risks of disorders to public order" . A questionable, but understandable decision, given the current one of the 1 league forums that put on the mouth for a yes for a no.

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It must be said that the pace is not the same as the hundreds of Daily units at Renault or Peugeot. At full speed, Roanne will produce a griffin (six wheels, 24.5 tons) every two days, a jaguar every ten days, and three serval every two days. It is this compact and angular version of the Griffon, with its four wheels and 15 tons, but capable of carrying 10 soldiers, which monopolized attention this week, with the inauguration of its line of assembly. The first copies will be delivered Start 2022.

The high technology is transplained inside, between touch screens and ubiquitous electronic boxes: the Scorpion program forms a communicating defense system, capable for example to decide, on a battlefield, which vehicle, which vehicle will be best placed to reach his target. Beyond the commercial visibility area of ​​this high-end program, Next's leaders remain cautious on new contracts, after the upheaval of COVID-19. "We leave a period when the sellers could not travel (...) We are still a little blind", concedes Mr. Chamussy.

Rains and Violent Winds: 12 North West Departments Now in Orange Vigilance .
© Marc Roger / West-France A family in the rain in the streets of Nantes, January 24, 2021. Photo of illustration. Weather France has placed twelve departments in orange vigilance in the north west of France because of the risk of rainfall and violent winds, this Saturday, October 2, in its newsletter published shortly before 11 am. Umbrella and imbecue, this Saturday, October 2nd in twelve departments.

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