US News Volcanic eruption at La Palma: "Tourists can maintain their stay"

21:03  24 september  2021
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warning level yellow! In the Canaries a volcanic eruption

 warning level yellow! In the Canaries a volcanic eruption threatens the popular Canarian holiday island La Palma threatens a nature disaster and it could come to a volcanic outbreak. © Getty Images The Vulkan Box Cumbre Vieja On the Canaries Island La Palma Currently, the earth is constantly looking up and before the Canaries - the "Cumbre Vieja" on La Palma could be a volcanic outbreak.

Le nuage de cendres émis par le Cumbre Vieja est particulièrement surveillé car il est susceptible de perturber le trafic aérien. © Desiree Martin / AFP The cloud of ashes emitted by the Cumbre Vieja is particularly monitored because it is likely to disrupt air traffic.

A lava flow, then an uninterrupted smoke column. Since its eruption Entry on Sunday 19 September , the Cumbre Vieja volcano disrupts the daily life of part of the inhabitants of La Palma, one of the seven islands of the archipelago of the Canary Islands in Spain . Nearly 5000 inhabitants and a few hundred tourists have been evacuated from the few municipalities affected by the lava casting which seems now move more slowly .

What to compromise the French holidays who have planned to stay there soon? José Juan Lorenzo, director of the Canary Islands Tourist Office, evokes the on-site situation and delivers his recommendations to travelers.

Spain: lava flows at La Palma after the eruption of an

 Spain: lava flows at La Palma after the eruption of an Volcano Spain-Volcano: Spain: lava flows at La Palma after the eruption of an Volcano © Reuters / Forta Spain: Lava lava flows after the eruption of an volcano by Borja Suarez La Palma, Spain (Reuters) - a volcano is eruption on the Spanish island of La Palma, the Canary Islands, sending a plume of Smoke and ash in the air and lava jets towards dwellings located in two villages.

Le Figaro - A few days after the beginning of the eruption, what is the situation on the spot?

José Juan Lorenzo - The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano touches a very localized area in the southwestern island La Palma . Some municipalities are affected by the lava casting and have been evacuated: El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte. Nearly a thousand tourists who were in this area were evacuated elsewhere in La Palma, while part of them chose to finish their stay in Tenerife. On Friday, the authorities ordered the evacuation of Tajuya, Abajo's Tajo and Roriba Tact, always in the scope of the volcano. While air traffic has been spared since the beginning of the phenomenon, flights from and to the Palma have been canceled since Friday 16 hours for an indefinite period. The inter-island ferries operate normally.

people on La Palma rescue what to save is

 people on La Palma rescue what to save is on the Volcanic Island La Palma buries the around the 1000 degrees hot lava on their way to the sea a house after another. © Equipo I Love The World / Europe Press / DPA A lava stream destroys many houses on the island of La Palma. The affected residents also tried on Wednesday further desperate to save the most important parts of their house council, as the state TV channel RTVE reported.

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What do you advise to tourists who have planned to visit the Palma soon?

Those who planned to stay at La Palma outside the zone affected by the volcanic eruption can maintain their stay without any problem. I advise them, however, to contact their accommodation before they leave in order to inquire about the locally on site. The trajectory of the ash cloud is closely monitored and it is likely to disrupt air traffic. Here too, it is important to check the status of its flight with its airline. On site, tourists can keep us informed in real time on the Canaries Government website ( 112canarias.com ).

cut roads, closed parks ... Are the tourist activities maintained?

Tourism activities such as excursions are suspended only in affected municipalities. The phenomenon has no impact on travel conditions elsewhere on the island and throughout the archipelago.

volcano in the Canaries: a new lava casting, very liquid, goes to the ocean .
© provided by the Parisian the Parisian a new cast of massive and very liquid lava occurred this Friday, on the Spanish island of La Palma, where the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted almost two weeks ago . According to the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME), this new casting started around 2:30 (3:30 in France), after the appearance of a new mouth deemed "very effusive" on the side of the Cumbre Vieja , in the canary archipelago, off the northwestern coasts of Africa.

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