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is the chancellor to blame?: Schäuble: Due to Merkel, it has heavy

 is the chancellor to blame?: Schäuble: Due to Merkel, it has heavy Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) sees in the interview with the daily mirror concentrated the scope for the candidate of the Union by the Chancellor. © Photo: Imago Images / Metodi Popow "I'm waiting" Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), President of the German Bundestag, worries about the size of Parliament. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) makes Chancellor Angela Merkel indirectly responsible for the heavy state of the Union in the Bundestag election campaign.

About 40 percent of the voters have applied for 2021 postal election. But some have missed to send the documents early. A guidance like you can still choose.

Trotz Antrag auf Briefwahl ist es möglich, am Sonntag im Wahllokal zu wählen. © dpa Despite application for postal ballot, it is possible to choose on Sunday in the polling station.

In order to send off the postal ballot documents for the federal election 2021 in good time, it is too late in most cases. The Federal Dutch Manager Georg Thiel recommended to send the red post-billing abrasion at the latest three working days before the general election on September 26, 2021.

Who has requested absentee ballot, now has different ways to give the votes. An instruction. Choose

For the first time, 85,000 people with disabilities are allowed to choose

 For the first time, 85,000 people with disabilities are allowed to choose Berlin. Next Sunday, 61.5 million citizens are called to choose a new Bundestag. For the first time, a special group is at a federal election: around 85,000 people with full care can choose. © Julian Stratenschulten to the group, which may for the first time in the general election, are an overall estimated 85,000 people. actually the matter is clear: may choose the Bundestag, simplified, all German citizens who are on election day 18 or older.

by letter: How does the postal ballot still work in time?

One way to make the postal votes still punctually is to throw the postal ballot documents directly to the competent authority in the mailbox. This offers for letter voters that are prevented on Sunday.

to which address the post-voting documents must be brought, is on the red postal choice envelope. The postal ballot documents are controlled by the letter selection board from 3 pm from 3 pm from 15 clock, the voice counting begins after 6 pm.

Therefore, the postal ballot documents should arrive before closing the polling stations at the competent electoral office. Otherwise, the voices will not be counted.

More: For detailed instructions for list selection, see this article .

Bundestag election: Always these pictures

 Bundestag election: Always these pictures already in the election campaign had to fight with unfortunate pictures. On the election day itself, another thing coming: apparently the CDU candidate does not take so accurately with the electoral secrecy. © Federico Gambarini / DPA Armin Lashet in his voting in his hometown Aachen. Always these pictures that he did not always make the best figure in photos, with CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet has probably already been resigned.

Can I also choose on Sunday in the polling station, although I have requested postal election?

Yes, that works. If you requested postal election, but your voices have not left by postal vote, can also go regularly in the polling station between 8 o'clock and 6 pm on Sunday. It is important to know in which dialing it can vote. This information can be found at the indication notification . However, certain documents are needed so that you can choose on Sunday in the polling station, although you have requested postal vote.

Which documents do I need to choose in the polling station if I have previously requested postal election?

Who has not sent his postal voting documents, can also choose on Sunday between 8am and 6pm in the polling station. The following documents are required:

identity card Alternative: Driving license or Passport Selection license

The ballot can be obtained together with the postal ballot documents. This document is crucial to be able to choose on Sunday in the polling station, although you have requested postal election. The election notification, however, is not necessary.

Voter turnout for the general election: More postal ballot, but lower turnout on site

 Voter turnout for the general election: More postal ballot, but lower turnout on site So far, fewer voters have voted in the electoral locals than in the 2007 general election. But the proportion of the mail voters is higher - and could end up the difference. © dpa electoral helper prepare the counting of the postal voting documents. a trend statement for how high the turnout 2021 will be is still difficult. According to the Federal Electoral Leader, 36.5 percent of all voters had given their votes on site until 14 o'clock. This is less than in 2017.

postal ballot on site: What is abstract "in place"?

voters also have the ability to "place on the spot" to perform the postal ballot. With the postal ballot documents can be chosen on site in the letter selection office, where appropriate electoral cabins are ready.

However, these authorities are usually open only on weekdays. Only in some big cities there is an exception on Saturday before choice.

Therefore, a timely vote before the general election is usually only possible today. If you missed the opening hours, you can throw the postal ballot documents until Sunday 6 pm at the competent electoral office in the mailbox or choose all on Sunday with the ballot and a card document very regular in the competent polling station.

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City Bergheim apologizes for "regrettable incident": polling stalk had a woman first because of the headscarf and mask from .
Despite training, an election assistant did not choose the woman. A Town Hall Assignment allowed the voter then the vote for the general election. © Photo: Roland Incense / DPA Because she wore a headscarf and a mask, a woman in a polling station was initially dismissed for the general election (symbol image). In the Bundestag election on Sunday, an election assistant in North Rhine-Westphalian Bergheim near Cologne has rejected a voter with headscarf and mouthguard.

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