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22:10  25 september  2021
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in companies around the world, more and more importance are becoming increasingly important in companies around the world. A study has now determined which employers have improvement potential in equal opportunities.

Jirsak / Shutterstock.com © Provided by Finanzen.net Jirsak / Shutterstock.com Equal Opportunities as a success concept

Today, a company has to bring a lot to apply as a good employer. Not only does the focus on diversity and equal opportunities play an important role, but also the possibility of the associated economic success. The younger generations are the future, because particularly for them, diversity and inclusion are important factors and that not only in the private environment, but also increasingly in career choice. We are in constant transformation and digital change, while values ​​such as equal opportunities, innovation and openness continue to be in the foreground. In order to be able to keep in the labor market, companies need to be further developed and future-proof.

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The Diversity Study

The Berlin Startup TruFFLS has carried out a study on this topic and determines the extent to which German companies with equal opportunities still has to catch up. Truffls works in the field of mobile recruiting and provides a job app that works with the help of simple gesture control, machine learning technology and its own algorithm. In the current diversity study by TrufFLS, it becomes clear that German workers want more diversity in their business. It is important to two-thirds of German workers, which attitude occupies the company on diversity and equal opportunities. This attitude is particularly strong in young employees, which are particularly important with an above-average share of 74 percent. For this result, TrufFLS has interviewed more than 1,000 workers nationwide.

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The results of the study

While the outcome of the young workers clearly shows that diversity and equal opportunities are important in their company, reality often looks different. Because these numbers face the actual employee experience that states that in just 13.5 percent of the company's diversity is actually playing a very important role. Every third party to the survey stated that there is a rather subordinate role in his employee a variety. Particularly concise is that 13 percent of the respondents are convinced that their employer is not cared for this topic at all.

The Way to Success

The study showed another result that can be positively evaluated because it is, the workforce and Human Resources in most cases agree that various teams are more successful than others. According to the study participant, the positive attitude to diversity is the crucial factor for the company's success. 58 percent of respondents are convinced that various teams come to innovative results, while 62 percent they assess them more creative. 54 percent of the study participants keep cooperation in the teams more effective. Also 56 percent of the personally writing various teams becomes better results.

European companies worried about China's new course

 European companies worried about China's new course Beijing. The leadership in Beijing relies slightly new rules in the private sector. The ranging, but also the rapid advancing foreclosure of the second largest economy will provide great worries. Are the golden years over? © Huang Jingwen The Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a large regulatory campaign. European companies see the new economic class of Chinese leadership with great concern.

Currently lacking equal opportunities

The TruFFLS study also provides more interesting insights, which affects opportunity equality in the professional context. More than half of the study participants indicate that there is a need for the individual career development in German companies. According to the results, especially people with a migrant background, it has difficult to achieve vocational success - confirming both student participants and respondents without a migration background. Another known problem lack of equal opportunities is that, regarding the equal opportunities of women, because at least 60 percent indicated in the survey that it is heavier for them.

The study makes it clear that companies - but also society themselves - still have a wide path to themselves, until topics such as diversity, equal opportunities and openness are not only present in the heads, but also successfully implemented. Editorial Finanzen.net

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