US News afghanistan: a risk of famine "imminent", is alarmed with the United Nations

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These Afghans rebel against the Taliban by sharing their traditional outfits

 These Afghans rebel against the Taliban by sharing their traditional outfits © Reuters on social networks, Afghan women around the world are called upon to share their traditional outfits. women - a chain reaction. Last September 11, images shot in Kabul in Afghanistan, and showing women supporting the Policy Taliban went around the world. On these sequences shot in a university in the capital, all are dressed in Abayas, a Niqab with a Sitar that covers them. It was after seeing these images that Afghanies from the four corners of the planet decided to respond. Dr.

  Afghanistan: un risque de famine © AFP

"L has position in Afghanistan is alarming" and the risk of famine is "imminent" as the approach of the Winter and the disorganization of the services with the return of the Taliban to power, warned in an interview with the AFP the Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Natalia Kanem.

"At least one third of the population is threatened with imminent famine in the country," said Kanem, particularly concerned about the violence "who are now victims of women and girls", including displaced women.

According to her, the rudeness of winter that hinders the proper functioning of transport and the pandemic will deteriorate an already difficult situation.

Russia: We have to talk to the Taliban

 Russia: We have to talk to the Taliban While the Russian President pronounces for talks with the Islamists, arouse them with a renaming of the Ministry of Women's Gloomy Memories. © Wakil Kohsar / AFP / Getty Images Taking Panel: Taliban Fighter in Kabul (Archive Image) Russian President Vladimir Putin has reaffirmed its demand for a constructive cooperation with the Taliban ruling in Afghanistan .

"There are many concerns about how we are going to be able to treat and nourish" people, warned this Panamanian doctor at UNFPA headquarters in New York.

In this context, the first victims will be women.

Video: Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan: 14 million people are on the verge of famine (Dailymotion)

"We can not look too much on the fact that, even during this transition period, women and girls have rights Who must be respected, "she warned by recalling that Afghanistan is already" one of the countries where the birth mortality rate and during pregnancy is the highest "in the world.

"Afghanistan women have made it clear for years that they want their education, health care, and are also ready, eager and capable of designing programs in order to lead their communities," has Hammered Natalia Kanem.

Afghanistan. Sixteen French Repatriated Kabul in Doha

 Afghanistan. Sixteen French Repatriated Kabul in Doha © AFP Photo / Ho / Qatari Foreign Ministry In total, about 2,800 people were evacuated from Afghanistan by Paris, of which some 2,600 Afghans, according to official figures. A new evacuation operation was organized between Kabul and Doha to repatriate sixteen French and their families this Sunday. Sixteen French and their families were repatriated from Kabul to Doha (Qatar), and will soon take flight for Paris, indicated Sunday the French authorities.

Despite the promises of the Taliban to be more open and less violent than at their first regime (1996-2001), signs are not very encouraging for women.

On the one hand, they appear less rigorist, seem less importing women on the street and allow them to study. But on the other, they suppress the Ministry of Women, replace them with men in some administrations, restore non-mixed university.

Natalia Kanem recalls that in an Afghanistan ravaged by decades of conflict, women, especially in the most severe areas affected by violence, are the only family supports.

This is why "we really hope to deliver goods and goods" to populations living in small communities, as well as "preserve an operational health system".

The head of the UN recognizes that the goal is "difficult" to reach "with the closed airport" and "some professionals who left the country".

"If the health system collapses, it will be a total catastrophe", is still alarmed by Kanem. The United Nations released Wednesday $ 45 million in emergency aid for the health system in Afghanistan.

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Ethiopia: The United Nations refers to "unprecedented" malnutrition .
© AFP / Archives U Do not "unprecedented" Touche, after ten months of war, pregnant and lactating women in the Ethiopian region Tiger, said Thursday night the humanitarian agency of the UN , shortly after the announcement of the expulsion of seven UN leaders by Addis Ababa. In a report released online, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) also describes an "alarming" malnutrition among children, while the Spectrum of Famine grows.

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