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02:50  26 september  2021
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"With the FDP there will be no left-back": Lindner doubts at a traffic light coalition with the SPD

 in the "Handelsblatt" has recruited SPD chancellor candidate Scholz around the liberals. But the FDP boss dates to be a coalition. "We only enter into a middle government," Lindner said. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld / DPA FDP boss Christian Lindner introduces the election call to his party on a press conference. FDP boss Christian Lindner has evidenced doubts about an traffic light coalition by SPD, Greens and his own party after the general election.

The Social Democratic Party of Germany is a social democratic political party in Germany. It is one of the two major contemporary political parties in Germany along with the Christian Democratic Union of

The 2021 German federal election for the 20th Bundestag is expected to be held on 26 September 2021. On the same day, state elections will be held as well: Berlin

The Berliners choose their country parliament on Sunday. As sure to the victory of Franziska Giffey appears, the fight is twice two.

Legte den besten Wahlkampf hin: Franziska Giffey, SPD-Spitzenkandidatin für die Berliner Abgeordnetenhauswahl. © Britta Pedersen / DPA laid the best election campaign: Franziska Giffey, SPD top candidate for the Berlin House of Department. with whom could the SPD be governed in Berlin?

When it comes to events, Berlin is used to a lot. The 7000 demonstrations are logged in in normal years, and during the summer, thousands of young people celebrate thousands of young people in the city's parks. This Sunday still applies as a challenge. There is once the super election day to the 2.5 million Berliners are called to vote four times. Bundestag, House of Representatives, District Assembly. In addition, a folk decision to the question of whether large housing companies should now be expropriated or not.

What is the salary of a mayor?

 What is the salary of a mayor? © Provided by Gentside Salary Mayor The mayors of France do not all affect the same salary, far from it. The remuneration of the mayor of a municipality, as well as that of its deputies and other municipal councilors, varies by the number of inhabitants of the municipality. These remuneration can be increased. This is particularly the case when the municipality is a chief town, or when it is classified tourist resort.

The foundation of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (German: Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, SPD ) can be traced back to the 1860s, and it has represented the centre-left in German politics for much of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The 2021 Berlin state election is expected to be held on 26 September 2021 to elect the 19th Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin . The current government is coalition of the Social Democratic Party

A total of 34,000 volunteers are in use on Sunday. Also, because there is a second major event with the Berlin Marathon. "Not only on five six appear in the polling station," says Landeswahltleiterin Petra Michaelis. At least 41,500 Berliners would have to cross the marathon route when they want to electoral station, that takes time. Nevertheless, the marathon is rather as a luck for the election: the Berliners are then on the way to watch. The detour in the election cabin was made fast, says Michaelis.

Every voice counts, so it always says at elections. On Berlin, this is especially true this time, because the fight for second place of the House of Deputies seems to be pretty open. According to the last survey of the research group elections from Thursday, the Greens are 19 percent of the votes and the CDU at 17 percent. In the past week, it was otherwise vice versa - very meaningful the numbers do not appear. Especially since almost every third Berlin apparently is obvious, whom or if he wants to choose at all.

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 can be tapped is also an art Berlin. Much excitement about nothing? The SPD and its Chancellor's candidate are likely to be so. But the Federal Finance Minister must have alleged allegations in the Causa's anti-money laundering authority - and not only there. © Carsten Koall Federal Financial Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Monday after the special session of the Bundestag Financial Committee.

Many could envision an SPD coalition with the Greens, but there were considerable reservations over teaming up with the Left Party. Scholz has been sidestepping the question of whether he would form a coalition with the Left for weeks, and it's no different in Lehrte and Soltau. Would the SPD be able to maintain unity in the face of an internal power struggle? Scholz's confidence is unshakable these days. " The SPD has experienced that we succeed when we act in unity, as we do now.

The SPD had been on a roll for weeks but has seen its lead whittled down to such a wafer-thin majority that its advantage is in effect non-existent, especially when a statistical margin of error of about 2.5% is also taken into account. On Friday, thousands of campaigners for Fridays for Future gathered in Berlin joined by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, accusing the traditional parties of failing to take the climate emergency seriously and demanding the new government do so.

Video: House of Deputies in Berlin: Remains the Red Town Hall in SPD Hand? (AFP)

set seems only the winner: Franziska Giffey, former Federal Family Minister of the SPD and former district mayor of Neukölln. With her personal popularity she was the mayor candidate of the Greens, Bettina Jarash, and her challenger of the CDU, Kai Wegner, always far ahead. Overall, the SPD succeeded in becoming a favorite third place in just a few months to the favorite of this House of Representatives. 22 percent of the votes give her the research group elections, 24 percent Civey on behalf of the Tagesspiegel .

The upswing of the SPD Berlin has only partly to do with the upswing of the SPD in the federal government. Candidate Giffey has simply succeeded in presenting themselves as mayor for everyone. Their campaign team has looked at exactly where SPÖ mayor candidate Michael Ludwig had brought his voices in Vienna in 2019. While Bettina Jarash stands by the Greens especially for climate protection and Kai Wegner rather for the West Berliner around the S-Bahn Ring, Giffey aims at the middle.

House of Deputies: Head-An-Head Race Between SPD and Greens in Berlin

 House of Deputies: Head-An-Head Race Between SPD and Greens in Berlin Head-An-Head Race between SPD and Greens in Berlin According to ZDF, the Social Democrats with top candidate Giffey are close to the front. © Jörg Carstensen / DPA Franziska Giffey (SPD), top candidate of her party to the House of Department in Berlin. At the same time with the general election is elected a new House of Representatives in Berlin - and thus the office of the ruling Lord Mayor.

Germany's political establishment is centered in Berlin . Here, parliamentarians hobnob with lobbyists; heads of state with heads of government . Take a tour to the favorite eateries of German political figures.

Between her ministerial stints in Berlin , she was deputy chair of the CDU and headed the CDU in the western German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. A continuation of the coalition that has governed Germany since 2013 was pretty much a last resort. The SPD had initially ruled out entering another Merkel-led coalition after their worst election result since World War II. And then talks between the conservative bloc and the smaller Free Democrats and Greens collapsed in November.

Giffey does not shy a certain populism. Economy, build, security and cleanliness are your mantra. The topics, on the other hand, who mainly employed the reigning Senate from SPD, Left and the Greens, which has dramatically cleared them: Under a mayor Giffey, everyone continues to use his car despite climate catastrophe, even in the city center. Expropriation of large real estate corporations? Even they will not give it with Giffey.

measured at the last survey, a new Senate would have to consist of at least three parties, even a large coalition of SPD and Greens or SPD and CDU would have no majority. Giffey has not committed to certain allies, but it speaks a lot for they would prefer a Germany coalition with CDU and FDP. Also, because the Christian Democrats in coalition negotiations would probably be more likely to help than the Greens. However, Giffey would have to win high - but she would have the power to force the rather left Berlin SPD into such a alliance.

But also a continuation of a red-red-green senate would be conceivable. For this only the referendum would have to threaten the expropriation in the voter - then it would not be a central theme with possible coalition negotiations. As I said: It depends on every voice.

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SPD / FDP, SPD / GREEN, Union / FDP: The parties use the uniform day to talk in several rounds about so much connecting, that in the end a three-person coalition jumps out - or not. © Provided by Deutsche Wave SPD Chancellor Candidate Olaf Scholz; FDP boss Christian Lindner and the Green Co-Chair Annalena Baerbock One week after the federal election, the wrestling comes in a new government alliance.

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