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04:05  26 september  2021
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is the chancellor to blame?: Schäuble: Due to Merkel, it has heavy

 is the chancellor to blame?: Schäuble: Due to Merkel, it has heavy Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) sees in the interview with the daily mirror concentrated the scope for the candidate of the Union by the Chancellor. © Photo: Imago Images / Metodi Popow "I'm waiting" Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), President of the German Bundestag, worries about the size of Parliament. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) makes Chancellor Angela Merkel indirectly responsible for the heavy state of the Union in the Bundestag election campaign.

the countdown is running. From 8 o'clock the federal citizens are called to choose a new parliament. The SPD with Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz led in recent surveys just before the Union with its candidate Armin Laschet.

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The output of the choice is considered open and it seems that it will be tight between the two formerly large folk parties SPD and the Union Parties CDU / CSU. Clearly behind it are in surveys the Greens with their Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock. The FDP again strives for a double-digit result. The AFD is in the Bundestag before her re-entry. According to the surveys, the left should be in voices, but be represented again in parliament. In total, 47 parties and groupings are available - as many as never since German reunification.

Forsa- "Trendbarometer": SPD Despite light plus at the Union front

 Forsa- in the current trend barometer of RTL and NTV, the values ​​of almost all Bundestag parties are stable. The Union lays down slightly and the SPD remains strongest power. © Photo: Imago Images / Political-Moments Armin Lashet The CDU chairman and Chancellor candidate five days before the general election is the SPD in a new survey.

in the 20th German Bundestag, however, are most likely only the already mentioned six parties. With closure of the polling stations at 6 pm (MESZ) first forecasts will be published, a little later then initial calculations.

Around 60.4 million citizens are called to give their vote and thus decide on the composition of the next Bundestag. Chancellor Angela Merkel no longer occurs after almost 16 years of term.

Stand now several coalitions will be possible

It is expected that for the first time since 1957 only an alliance from three parties reached the necessary majority for coalition formation. Here are realistic these models: Union - Green - FDP or the SPD - Green - FDP option. In this alliance, the largest content of content would be to be overcome. A coalition SPD - Green - Left seems politically as numerical after last surveys despite fluctuation ranges rather unlikely. An alliance with the right-wing populist AFD exclude the other parties.

German Elections 2021: One poll, but two

 German Elections 2021: One poll, but two votes © Michaela Rehle To win the vote, the leader of the CUD ARMIN LASTOLT must count on two votes: one is a majority unincominal and the other, at the proportional and national. This Sunday, 60.4 million Germans are called to the polls and, among them, 2.8 million will be able to vote for the first time. As in France, the right to vote is granted to all citizens of more than 18 years; They are therefore automatically enrolled in the electoral lists.

has been indicating that - also because of the Corona Pandemic - a record number of people by postal ballot. It is expected that at least 40 percent of the votes cast is on postal voters.

Video: Does the Bundestag growing after the election on 1000 MPs? (dpa)

Gemeinsamer Wahlkampfauftritt in Aachen - die Kanzlerin und der Unionskandidat © Ina Fassbender / Getty Images / AFP Joint election campaign in Aachen - The Chancellor and the Union Candidate

advertise Voting votes

a day before the election, all parties were once again around undecided voters. Union Chancellor Candidate Laschet joined together with Chancellor Merkel in his hometown of Aachen. The CDU chairman warned against a government participation of the left. At the same time, both warned against government is beyond the Union. "It does not matter who governs Germany," Merkel said.

SPD Chancellor's Candidate Scholz launched social policy in his constituency in Potsdam. He promised stable pensions, a minimum wage of 12 euros as well as respect for the living benefits of people. At the same time his desire reaffirmed a coalition with the Greens: "This is my favorite coalition."

tremble in the evening and big frustration at the left

 tremble in the evening and big frustration at the left Berlin. For the left, the election result is equal in two ways a bitter disappointment: in the Bundestag, it shrinks clearly - if she creates the reintegration at all. And a hope has smashed completely. © Jan Zappner Gregor Gysi after the election on the "Party" of the left. that the numbers in the left would not trigger a jubilation towers before. But that the crash would fail so violently? "Nee, I did not think that.

Deutschland vor der Wahl - Plakate der drei Kanzlerkandidaten © John MacDougall / Getty Images / AFP Germany prior to election - posters of the three chancellor candidates

The green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock said in Potsdam, a real renewal only with strong Greens. At the thought games on possible coalition they do not participate before the general election.

FDP party lindner described it in Dusseldorf as a key task of a future government to free the land of bureaucratic shackles. The liberals are only ready for "a middle", in which there will be no tax increases and no softening of the debt brake.

Parallel to the general election is elected a new state parliament in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and in the state of Berlin the House of Representatives.

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The prosecutor is looking for prove why the Warburg-Bank was allowed to keep illegal tax refunds initially. It could be tight for the SPD electoral winner Olaf Scholz. © dpa SPD Chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz leaves the building after the first faction meeting of the SPD in the newly elected Bundestag.

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