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23:25  26 september  2021
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 Wilson in front of Milestone: with MJ coach finally constant? Seattle / Munich - For Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, the new season could hardly have started better. Against the Indianapolis Colts, the quarterback with 18 out of 23 passes for 254 yards and four touchdowns set a first exclamation mark and thus underpinned its role as a league superstar on its position. © Imago Images / Zum Wire Russell Wilson This also proves the statistics, after all, Wilson can in the second game of the season against the Tennessee Titans (Sun, from 22.25 live

Berlin. For the left, the election result is equal in two ways a bitter disappointment: in the Bundestag, it shrinks clearly - if she creates the reintegration at all. And a hope has smashed completely.

 Gregor Gysi nach der Wahl auf der „Party“ der Linken. © Jan Zappner Gregor Gysi after the election on the "Party" of the left.

that the numbers in the left would not trigger a jubilation towers before. But that the crash would fail so violently? "Nee, I did not think that. This is a deserious result, "said Link-Urstein Gregor Gysi in the evening on the election party of the left in Berlin-Kreuzberg - although party can not be spoken by Party. Wine was drunk, but from frustration.

Svensson is dissatisfied: The zero is located in Mainz, the defensive not

 Svensson is dissatisfied: The zero is located in Mainz, the defensive not looks at the outside, it works curios: Despite the fourth to zero in the current season, Mainz coach Bo Svensson is dissatisfied with the defensive performance. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner Not completely agreed with the defensive behavior: Bo Svensson. FSV coach looks after the 0-0 against Freiburg Redebedar A year ago Mainz 05 had only two hits less shot at the same time of the season, four instead of six instead of six.

Dramatically described it the parliamentary managing director of the Left Faction, Jan Korte: "This is crappy in every way. This is a catastrophic result, "said Korte in ZDF. He hopes that the left is about the five percent hurdle. The hope die as last.

crash from 9.2 to 5 percent, it became a dither evening. Whether the reintegration would succeed in the Bundestag, initially unclear. Top candidate Dietmar Bartsch had to put a lot of power in his voice to raise optimism at those present: "Do not look at me so badly, we manage that!" Yes, you will come over the five percent, no question and you will also get more As three direct mandates win, no question.

wins a party three or more direct mandates grabs the so-called basic mandate clause. That is, she also gets seats in the Bundestag in a failure at the five percent hurdle according to its second-party parts. In advance it was considered probably that the left again brings several direct mandates.

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is clear: the great dream of the party and faction peak, which maybe for the first time in government formation in the federal government and maybe sit with the table in a red-green-red federal government, should be bursting. For this, the voices of SPD, Greens and Links are not enough. "Our place in the German Bundestag will be the opposition," said Bartsch.

Now the cause search goes off. Did the left voices lost because voters in the crucial question "Lashing or Scholz?" Dear the SPD have given their voice? Was it on the continuing dispute within the left on the right course of the party, which came to rest only before the summer so reasonably in a kind of ceasefire?

In the spring, Sahra Wagenknecht had recovered his own party with her book "self-righteous". In the bestseller she accuses left parties, with gender, climate and organic food debates to portray their core voters. That had triggered violent party discussions.

final spurts for the general election: the last bid

 final spurts for the general election: the last bid between warnings before left Jusos and Anxiety: with mutual attacks, the election campaign takes the end towards the end. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA Election Posters in Berlin: Battle until the end The last bid It is the day before the general election. An exciting election evening indicates and still at the last meters, the parties promote undecided voters.

The discussions about the right course and the question of what the left is actually and for what it is needed for, are likely to cook again. The Party Feeders Susanne Hennig-Wellsow and Janine Wissler first summon the cohesion, they win together and lose together. "We know that we have to reinvent ourselves," said Hennig-Wellsow. A thoughtful Gregory Gysi accounted for: "We should be critical about us and our future."

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