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15:25  27 september  2021
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Burkina Faso: Dismantling of a vast fuel fraud network

 Burkina Faso: Dismantling of a vast fuel fraud network © SIA Kambou / AFP Bottles of gasoline sold in the street in 2015 (image of illustration). Investigations in several cities in Burkina Faso allowed, in the course of last week, the arrest of dozens people and the closing of several gas stations and fuel deposits. This fuel fraud would be one of the circuits of terrorism financing in Burkina Faso, according to safe sources. The Prosecutor has also opened an investigation for aggravated contraband, money laundering and terrorist financing.

London (Reuters) - the gasoline crisis in the course of a lack of truck drivers in the United Kingdom is tightened.

ARCHIV: Handgeschriebene Schilder an einer Zapfsäule einer Tankstelle in Manchester, Großbritannien, 24. September 2021. REUTERS/Phil Noble © Reuters Archive: Handwritten signs at a petrol column of a gas station in Manchester, United Kingdom, September 24, 2021. Reuters / Phil NOBLE

In some parts of the country, up to 90 percent of the gas stations of the fuel was assumed, said the association of independent gas station operators (PRA ) On Monday with. The government tries to reassure the tense situation. There is no reason for panic purchases, affirmed Environment Minister George Eustice. There is enough fuel available. Background is a lack of truck drivers not least because of the Brexit, which led to delays and interruptions of supply chains.

"That it feels good to resume the concerts": Paris Paradis, the Parisian Festival, it's gone!

 © Fred Dugit The rapper Marseillais launched a fanfare the "Parisian" festival this Friday night. LP / Fred Dugit "Are you happy that it resumes? Hurling of the crowd. 21:30, to La Villette. Soprano puts the fire at Paris Paradis in one sentence. The rapper Marseillais launches a fanfare the "Parisian" festival this Friday night.

On Sunday long snakes had formed at the dispenser. Many petrol stations that were still open and had gasoline had rationed the levy. Calls of the government to waive hamster purchases were ignored. The location was serious, warned the gas station association Pra. "Unfortunately, we see panic purchases at fuel in many areas of the country," said Managing Director Gordon Balmer. One must stop the development, otherwise you get into a vicious circle. Forwarders, petrol stations and retailers, the government has been asking for some time to quickly tackle the problem to avoid bottlenecks and empty supermarket shelves at Christmas. But they also warn that they could hardly hope for quick solutions, as the lack of truck drivers was so acute and the transport of fuels requires additional training and licenses.

Shortages in the United Kingdom: Towards Temporary Visas For Foreign Road Drivers

 Shortages in the United Kingdom: Towards Temporary Visas For Foreign Road Drivers © Jon Super, AP Store Rays are empty in Manchester, England, Saturday, September 25, while the country is facing shortages. The British Government plans to temporarily relax the visa rules, on Saturday announced several media. A decision to attract foreign road drivers while the country is affected by shortages. While the shortages multiply in the United Kingdom , now touching fuels, the British government is looking for solutions.

Environment Minister Eustice said that there are no plans to organize the military for transport trips. However, instructors of the army should help to accelerate the test methods for truck driving licenses. It is estimated that the British transport industry is currently lacking about 100,000 truck drivers. Many had returned to the European continent after Brexit. In addition, the Corona Pandemic Disabled Education and Tests of New Drivers. On Saturday, the government had announced to exhibit 5,000 temporary visas to alleviate the lack of truck drivers. In addition, 4000 people will soon make a truck driver's license. In addition, higher wages and better working conditions had also been demanded from the industry.

Recently, the government had launched help in the fight against the massively higher gas prices, which also led to a shortage of carbon dioxide. This, in turn, increasingly brings the meat manufacturers in the United Kingdom. CO2 is needed, among other things, for vacuum packaging with meat as well as anesthesia of battle cattle and is also used in the production of beer and soft drinks. In some shops, the shelves with carbon dioxide drinks are already empty.

United Kingdom: Despite the shortages, Boris Johnson excludes a return to the pre-Brexit .
Economy © supplied by the Parisian the Parisian despite persistent shortages in supermarkets or pump , accentuated by the Brexit British Prime Minister Boris Johnson excluded Sunday back to the "broken" economic model that prevailed in the United Kingdom prior to his release from the European Union.

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