US News Gasoline Shortage in the United Kingdom: The Government calls on the army to stand

04:55  28 september  2021
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A case of "mad cow" detected in England

 A case of © Franck Dubray / Archives West-France A classic case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (ESB) was detected in a southwestern operation of the England. Photo Stock Illustration. A case of "mad cow" disease was detected in an exploitation of southwestern England, announced the health authorities. A conventional Case of Spongiform Spongiform Encephalopathy, known as the "Cow Cow" , was detected in a southwestern exploitation of the England , announced Friday night the health authorities. .

military tanker trucks could be mobilized to stabilize fuel supply

Une station-service de Londres prise d'assaut, le 24 septembre 2021, en pleine pénurie. © Ben Cawthra / Shutterstock / SIPA a gas station From London to assault on September 24, 2021, in full shortage. SEC Diet - Military Tank Trucks could be mobilized to stabilize Fuel Supply

The United Kingdom has asked its army on Monday to keep itself ready help in the fuel crisis on the country After a weekend where the worried British rushed into the service stations, leaving a lot to dryness.

"A limited number of military tanker drivers must be ready to intervene and deployed if necessary to stabilize the supply of fuel," said the Ministry of Energy in a statement on Monday night. The fuel shortages have aggravated Monday, always under the effect of "panic purchases" of worried motorists.

in Lebanon, a number against suicide submerged by desperate calls

 in Lebanon, a number against suicide submerged by desperate calls © Anwar AMRO post-ITS with words of encouragement in the offices of the Embrace, which operates a green number against suicide, in Beirut On 1 September 2021 At the other end of the line, a father announces that he wants to commit suicide because he no longer fails to feed his four children. In Lebanon, affected by an unprecedented socio-economic crisis, the ringing of the only green prevention number against suicide continues to sound.

Everywhere across the country, "more gasoline" or "out of service" panels are multiplying near gas pumps, including about 30% of Giant BP stations affected by fuel shortages. Some British media have published videos of Cran drivers by coming to hands near the pumps, for fear of failing or being able to work. If medical organizations sound the alarm on the difficulties of caregivers to move to see their patients, some schools plan to return to distance education if the problem persists.


According to PRA, one of the associations of fuel distributors, up to two-thirds of its members (5,500 independent sites out of a total of 8,000 stations in the country), were short of fuel on Sunday, "the Others almost dry ". But the association says it expects "a possible relaxation of demand and a standardization of stocks in the coming days".

Faced with a shortage of roads, London ready for relaxation

 Faced with a shortage of roads, London ready for relaxation GB-roads: Faced with a road shortage, London ready for relaxation © Reuters / Peter Cziborra Faced with a shortage of roads, London ready for relaxation by Michael Holden London (Reuters) - Great Britain should announce the issuance of temporary visas for road drivers to respond to a shortage of manpower that has resulted in rationals in certain service stations and arouses the Concern among distributors.

Monday, representatives of the sector have once again wanted to reassure that there is "full fuel in British refineries". The situation recalls fuel rations during the 1970s' energy crisis, or a blockage of refineries that paralyzed the country's activity for weeks in the early 2000s. The crisis started in a midweek last after. A confidential BP report to the government has leaked, describing a few dozen service stations that closed for lack of fuel, as regretted by a PRA representative. Panic purchases immediately were packaged across the country and a majority of service stations are now concerned.

Fuel or diesel shortages are initially due to the lack of truck drivers to route storage terminals to the pumps. The problem also affects the rays of supermarkets, fast foods, pubs, bicycle merchants, among others, who deplore delays of deliveries and stocks exhausted on certain products.

Despite the shortages, Boris Johnson excludes a return to the pre-Brexit economy .
© Pool Reuters Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a lecture in London, May 10, 2021. Boris Johnson defended Brexit despite the Shortages currently affecting the United Kingdom, this Sunday, October 3rd. According to him, the economic model in the EU was "broken".

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