US News Dietmar Hamann criticizes national coach Hansi Flick for Ridle Baku: "For me incomprehensible"

14:15  03 october  2021
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 on the edge of the Caspian Sea, corruption is a local specialty. The Aliev family, which reigns in Baku, has made it a widespread system to buy respectability with Western democracies. ARTE - Tuesday, September 28 at 8:50 pm - Documentary at the Aliev, Azerbaijan, we love power. Absolute and without opposition preferably. Having become independent in 1991, the former Soviet Republic by the Caspian Sea was headed for more than ten years by Heydar Aliev.

Ridle Baku is one of two deleted players in the DFB bid. For Didi Hamann, the non-consideration of the Wolfsburg is "incomprehensible".

Dietmar Hamann has criticized national coach Hansi Flick because of the non-consideration of the Wolfsburg Ridle Baku for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers of the German national team . "For me that is incomprehensible," said the TV expert on Saturday at Sky.

"He's 23 years old and shot a great goal last week in Hoffenheim. Even during the week he played well in the Champions League. It has since changed in Mainz three years ago in Mainz, a cometary climb "Hamann stressed.

Football Middle Rhine League: Kilics Travel to the Past

 Football Middle Rhine League: Kilics Travel to the Past The Trip with the Siegburger SV 04 to Bergisch Gladbach is a journey to the past for coach Bünyamin Kilic (34). The upcoming return to his old workplace awakens a sense of nostalgia at the coach of the football Mittelrheinligeist. "I've played there only two years, but it was with the happiest time of my career," he says not least with a view of the Regionalliga Season 2012/13. © Axel Randow SSV coach Bünyamin Kilic like to think back to the time in the Bergisch Gladbacher jersey.

In Wolfsburg, Baku has become wonderfully developed and is a serious option for the right side of the nation in the national team. "That's why it is very surprised," said Hamann.

GER ONLY Hansi Flick DFB Germany 2021 © Provided by Goal Ger Only Hansi Flick DFB Germany 2021 Flick to Baku Waiver: "Do not have to join a unnecessary journey"

around Baku had given a little bustle during the last movement phase, as a flick the player after the first of total Three qualifiers sent back to Wolfsburg.

in the kicker (Monday edition, note d. Red.) Explains Flick now his decision. "I had talked about Baku with his coach Mark Van Bommel and also with sports director Marcel Schäfer, both found it well that we have opened the situation openly. They also found it meaningful and right to take him to join him so that he did not participate in unnecessary journey It has to be able to train instead at home in the club. Everything was communicated clean. "

Turkey Coach Kuntz: About Bundestrainer Job "Designed"

 Turkey Coach Kuntz: About Bundestrainer Job The new Turkish football national coach Stefan Kuntz has also briefly dealt with the potential succession of Joachim Löw as a national coach. © uncredited / ap / dpa is now training the national team of Turkey: Stefan Kuntz. «At least the situation was so that one thought once about it," said the former U21 success coach in a picture interview. "After Hansi Flick has become free, that has done herself. I find that Hansi is the perfect choice.

Hamann: "Maximilian Arnold would have come up with the European Championship"

Hamann also made himself strong in his criticism of the current nomination of the national trainer for a second Wolfsburg player: "Maximilian Arnold, who has brought outstanding achievements for two seasons in Wolfsburg, is also Not there. For me he would have had to come to the EM and now both players in the squad. "

Hamann had already demanded the appeal of Arnolds in the younger past. Unlike his teammate Baku, who was last allowed twice the DFB jersey, Arnold has been waiting for a nomination for more than seven years. Before the 2014 World Cup, Arnold was allowed to participate in a better B team in a test match against Poland for 13 minutes.

DFB Team: Commentary to the DFB Team: Flick triggers the handbrake .
five games, five victories, 18: 1 goals. Even if the German national team had no counterparties at Hansi Flick against him, the manuscript of the new national trainer is already recognizable. If this positive development goes on, a lot is possible next year in Qatar. A comment. © Provided by Spox Hansi Flick celebrated his fifth victory in his fifth international match.

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