US News The Nobel of Medicine Rewards Discovery on the Nervous System

14:55  04 october  2021
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 Plan: Light drinks promote cravings! © iStock Plan: Why do you have to avoid drinks Light you bet on lightened drinks to lose weight? Attention, the SODAS LIGHT could on the contrary cause harm to your diet. This is the observation of American researchers at the origin of a new study published within Jama Network Open. In question, the sweeteners accused of promoting cravings. You tend to consume lightened drinks hoping to keep the line? Attention, this habit could be a counterproductive .

The Nobel Medicine Prize was handed over to the Americans David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their work on the nervous system.

The Nobel de Medicine 2021 was awarded Monday to the American David Julius and the American of Lebano-Armenian origin Ardem Patapoutian, for their discoveries on how the nervous system feels the temperature and touch. Their "revolutionary discoveries" have "made it possible to understand how the heat, the cold and the mechanical force can initiate the nerve impulses that allow us to perceive and adapt to the world," the Nobel jury indicated in Stockholm. David Julius, 65, professor at the University of California, used capsaicin, an active component of the pepper that causes a burning sensation, to identify a sensor in the nerve endings of the skin reacting to the heat.

Who are the Nobel favorites this year?

 Who are the Nobel favorites this year? © Niklas Halle'n A Nobel Prize Medal, December 8, 2020. Pioneers of Anti-Covid vaccines or high-flying geneticists, Bellass opponents or freedom of the press, a non-Western novelist? The Nobel 2021 prices are awarded from this Monday, under the seal probably unavoidable of the pandemic.

Ardem Patapoutian, Professor at Scripps Research in California Born in 1967, used pressure-sensitive cells to discover a new class of sensors that meet the mechanical stimuli in the skin and internal organs. In addition to RNA messenger vaccines, cell adhesion experts, new lanes for rheumatology treatments, epigenetic champions or antibiotic resistance would have gathered the laurels for the 120th anniversary of prices, according to The experts of the scientific prices surveyed by AFP. Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, the price 2020 had gone to viologists, three discoverers of the formidable hepatitis C. The Nobel season continues in Stockholm Tuesday with physics, Wednesday with chemistry, before the highly anticipated price of Literature Thursday and Peace Friday, the only reward awarded to Oslo. The newest economy price closes the vintage next Monday.

  Le Nobel de médecine récompense des découvertes sur le système nerveux © Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP

point of view. "The journalist and the president: a Nobel prize in a fight for the truth" .
© Rappler / Via Reuters Maria Rêna, Nobel Peace Prize 2021, October 8, 2021, in Manila. The Philippine Maria journalist resur, with the Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov, was rewarded by the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight for freedom of expression. "More than a remarkable integrity and professional competence, it is a political fight that is rewarded", according to Sophie Boisseau du Rocher (Center Asia Ifri).

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