US News Death of the Swedish caricaturist of Muhammate Lars Vilks, the preferred accidental track

21:15  04 october  2021
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"It's time": Young people want to save the planet

 © Miguel Medina Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, at the youth summit on global warming in Milan, September 28, 2021 Pretty pretty Promises and empty words of meaning: youthful ambassadors called on Tuesday the leaders of the world to "wake up" and to take seriously the climate crisis, at a month of crucial climate conference COP26. "That's all we hear from our so-called leaders: words.

Le caricaturiste suédois Lars Vilk, en 2007. Il est mort dimanche dans un accident de la route. © Lindblom Stefan The Swedish caricaturist Lars Vilk, in 2007. He died on Sunday in a road accident.

Swedish caricaturist lars vilks , target of an attack in Copenhagen in 2015 and who lived under protection after drawing Muhammad with a dog's body in 2007, died in a road accident on Sunday in Sweden, with The two police officers to protect him. The Swedish police confirmed the death of the 75-year-old designer and the two policemen in a violent accident that occurred in the south of the country. She immediately dismissed the hypothesis of a malicious act.

"This is investigated as any road accident. As two police officers are involved, an investigation has also been entrusted to a particular section of the parquet ", said a spokesman for the local police. Asked about any items suggesting a track other than accidental, the latter responded that no. "The investigation would be oriented differently if it had been the case" , "he said.

lars vilks, agitator and caricaturist of Muhammad who defied the death

 lars vilks, agitator and caricaturist of Muhammad who defied the death © David Leth Williams The Swedish artist lars vilks, known for her caricature of Muhammad, receives the Danish price of the freedom of the press on March 14, 2015 in Copenhagen The Swedish Artist Lars Vilks, died Sunday in Sweden with two of his bodyguards in what the police consider as a tragic accident of the road, was a stirrer threatened with assassination for a caricature of Muhammad he defended by Artistic freedom.

The accident occurred Sunday afternoon on the E4 motorway, near the Swedish commune of Markaryd, when the car hit a truck circulating in the opposite direction. The two vehicles then took fire "following the collision" .

The trail of the expanded attack

according to the daily expressen, The trivial police car, which rolled very quickly, crossed a safety slide for a reason still undetermined before hitting the heavy weight. The truck driver was hospitalized, according to the police. "That the person we protect and two colleagues have found death in this tragedy is inconceivable and terribly sad" , "said Carina Persson, regional police chest.

There is no indication that the road collision that cost Sunday from Swedish caricaturist Lars Vilks, threatened after drawing the Prophet Muhammad in 2007 , was a malicious act, announced the Swedish police on Monday. "We totally want to exclude an external act targeting the car in which Lars Vilks was. Nothing indicates that but we want to be sure to be able to close this door ", said a police officer, Stefan Sintéus, at a press conference.

Who are the Nobel favorites this year?

 Who are the Nobel favorites this year? © Niklas Halle'n A Nobel Prize Medal, December 8, 2020. Pioneers of Anti-Covid vaccines or high-flying geneticists, Bellass opponents or freedom of the press, a non-Western novelist? The Nobel 2021 prices are awarded from this Monday, under the seal probably unavoidable of the pandemic.

Protection almost uninterrupted

After its drawing of dog in dog, which followed the Danish caricatures of the prophet published in 2005, Lars Vilks lived under police protection so uninterrupted because of numerous threats and aggression from Islamists. On February 14, 2015, a young Dane of Palestinian origin had opened fire by trying to burst into a debate on freedom of expression in Copenhagen, organized after the deadly attack against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Lars Vilks, who was the head of poster of the meeting with the Ambassador of France, escaped free, but a 55-year-old Danish director was killed by the assailant, who later in the evening had slaughtered a guardian of the Copenhagen synagogue. He had been killed the next morning during a face-to-face with the Danish police.

A French soldier died in an accident in Mali .
© Copyright 2021, Obs A French soldier of the Antidjihadist operation Barkhane died Tuesday, October 12 in an accidental way on the basis of Timbuktu in Mali, announced this Wednesday The staff. The Marshal of the Adrien Queletin Logis, a 29-year-old mechanic belonging to the 4th GAP hunter regiment, "carried out a maintenance operation on a truck. He was seriously injured by the rocking cab of the truck while working on the vehicle engine ", according to a statement.

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