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16:25  05 october  2021
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European Funds and Mafia: Italy more than ever vigilant

 European Funds and Mafia: Italy more than ever vigilant © AP - Valeria Ferraro The trial of hundreds of alleged members of the Ndrangheta, the powerful mafia of Calabria, in January 2021. The massive influx of silver Public, from the European stimulus plan constitutes ground conducive to diversion, warns the Italian direction of anti-mafia surveys. His last report highlights the new modes of infiltration of crime organized in the economic and social fabric. Italy is the main beneficiary of the European Economic Recovery Plan.

This antioxidant asset improves the quality and beauty of the epidermis and preserve external aggression . Better yet, it is ideal for skins with oily and acneic trend. The natural ingredient in question? SYLIMARINE, a substance from the milk thistle.

La sylimarine l'allié anti-âge pour éviter les rides et avoir une peau jeune. © iStock Sylimarine anti-aging ally to avoid wrinkles and have young skin.

The field of anti-aging is vast and varied. Some flagship assets are the unconditional of our routines. It is thought to hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol. Other unknown ingredients contain fabulous powers. This is the case of sylimarine extracted from milk thistle. The latter includes three essential substances: silybine, silychristine and silydiamine, which is silymarin. The mixture is present throughout the plant. Its concentration is all the higher in the mature seeds of the milk thistle. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, the plant is renowned for its effects on the detoxification of the liver . It also has beneficial effects on the skin.

billion-heavy hedge fund manager Steve Cohen: "I am completely converted to Krypto"

 billion-heavy hedge fund manager Steve Cohen: The crypto industry has found a new trailer: hedge fund manager Steve Cohen recently expressed themselves on a conference in New York euphoric about the disruptive potential of the blockchain Technology. He see Krypto's chances that he does not want to miss, so Cohen. Appropriate Investitons he has already made - at least private - even. © Provil by Finanzen.net Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images • Son convinces Cohen of Meaning of Krypto Industry • Private Investment and Building Crypto-base

in issue? Its antioxidant powers. The silymarin contained in the milk thistle is an ally of size against aggression external to the example of UV rays and pollution. It preserves the epidermis of the damage caused by free radicals but does not replace a SPF protection specially designed to combat the harmfulness of the sun. The specified of the silymarin is due to the fact that it also delivers a purifying power. What to prevent the oxidation of sebum and agree with oily skin.

While this ingredient blends perfectly with

hyaluronic acid, it does not mix with AHA (fruit acid). If they are included in a routine, it is important to use sylimarine in the morning and AHA in the evening for example. It is also preferable not to combine it with other antioxidants.

countdown in Washington to avoid government paralysis

 countdown in Washington to avoid government paralysis © Olivier Douliery The Democratic Chief of the American Senate Chuck Schumer on August 11, 2021 Parliamentarians only had only a few hours on Wednesday to approve budget law and avoid Suddenly the federal government finances Friday, a perspective that Democrats and Republicans want to avoid while the Congress must also resolve several other hot issues as soon as possible.

For the moment, the silymarin is quite difficult to find. Some brands begin to include it in their cosmetics, like Skinceuticals. If the state of health allows it and requires it, it is also possible to follow a dietary supplement cure that will act internally, at the liver level.

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  Anti-âge : ce nouvel ingrédient naturel est un puissant élixir pour éviter les rides… C’est l’actif dont on va entendre parler skin © provided by version FEMINA


  Anti-âge : ce nouvel ingrédient naturel est un puissant élixir pour éviter les rides… C’est l’actif dont on va entendre parler © Provided by Version Femina

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Sydney comes out of its confinement, more than 4.84 million dead: the point on the pandemic .
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