US News I Feel Good (Arte): Has the film with Jean Dujardin been shot in a real Emmaus village?

10:15  06 october  2021
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West Bank: Four Palestinians killed during an Israeli operation

 West Bank: Four Palestinians killed during an Israeli operation © Jaafar Ashtiyeh A Palestinian protester pushes a tire in a street from the village of Borqui, near Jenin, September 26, 2021 in the West Bank The tension is mounted Sunday in the West Bank occupied, Where four Palestinians have been killed in clashes with the Israeli army that has been conducting a military operation against the Hamas Islamist movement.

I Feel Good (Arte) : le film avec Jean Dujardin a t-il été tourné dans un vrai village Emmaüs ? © Patrice Terraz I Feel Good (Arte): Has the film with Jean Dujardin been shot in a real Emmaus village? Tonight, Arte diffuse I Feel Good, a social comedy of the Duo Gustave Kervern / Benoît delélfine. For the purposes of filming, Jean Dujardin found himself in an Emmaus village located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

For about fifteen years, Benoît delépine and Gustave Kervern trace their furrow, singular and undisciplined, in French cinema. Since their first trials ( Aaltra , Avida ), very inspired by the Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki, up to their recent Clear the history , the two old everglasses of Groland continue to scrutinize society. Contemporary, declaring their love to marginal, inadequate and punks. In 2012, they present the grand night at the Cannes Film Festival in a good child brothel. During the Photocall, the filmmakers and their two main actors, Benoît Poelvoorde and Albert Dupontel, destroy the desk before which the stars pose. They also embrace the PhotoCall de Brad Pitt for the movie Coogan . An irreverent attitude that seduces a certain Jean Dujardin , to which they propose to make a movie together. A collaboration that is only materialized in August 2017, with the filming of their comedy I Feel Good .

Death in this garden (Arte): how Simone Signoret disrupted the film of Luis Buñuel

 Death in this garden (Arte): how Simone Signoret disrupted the film of Luis Buñuel © Dr. Death in this garden (Arte): How Simone Signoret disrupted the filming of Luis Buñuel movie broadcast Tonight on Arte, death in this garden of Luis Buñuel has experienced some turbulence during his filming in Mexico. The fault of a certain Simone signoret ... in the spring 1956, Luis Buñuel Embark Simone Signoret , Georges Marchal, Michel Piccoli and Consports in Mexico, to turn his second feature film: Death In this garden .

Your Browser does not support this video In this movie, Jean Dujardin embodies Jacques, a mowed loser, which arrives at his monique sister (

Yolande Moreau ), at the head of An Emmaus community. It agrees to host a time his brother in exchange for an activity with the members of the association. Only Jacques, resolutely liberal, thinking of having an idea to quickly gain a lot of money: organize travel in Eastern countries to offer discount cosmetic surgery to people in need. The opportunity for Kervern and Delépine to tutle a fable, both tender and caustic, on today's France. The idea of ​​ I Feel Good comes from their meeting with a place: the Emmaus village of Lescar-Pau, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Discovering this alternative and self-managed community thanks to their friend Jules-Edouard Moustic (the former presenter of Groland JT), Gustave Kersern sees a cinematographic potential: "The film was born from the place, and the way in which The place welcomed us. To be accepted by the Companions is not given to everyone. Land out there, it's a bit like crossing the door of a saloon in a western ... " gradual acclimation for Jean Dujardin

"The Caviar Connection", on ARTE: Full powers and black ideas in Azerbaijan

 on the edge of the Caspian Sea, corruption is a local specialty. The Aliev family, which reigns in Baku, has made it a widespread system to buy respectability with Western democracies. ARTE - Tuesday, September 28 at 8:50 pm - Documentary at the Aliev, Azerbaijan, we love power. Absolute and without opposition preferably. Having become independent in 1991, the former Soviet Republic by the Caspian Sea was headed for more than ten years by Heydar Aliev.

In order to be accepted by the 130 companions Emmaus who activate in the largest village of the kind in France, the film team will gradually. These are first Gustave Kersern and Benoît delépine who take the pulse then it is

Jean Dujardin and his brother Marc , co-producer of the film, who go to the spot. The director of the village, Germain Sahry, quickly understands that the artists' approach was respectful: "their first contact with Emmaus was of great modesty and great simplicity. I find in I Feel Good the Human and Social Force. From the village, expressed with intelligence and humor. Benoît and Gustave have perfectly been able to express our fight and that of Abbé Pierre. " Companions Committed

The filming takes place for a month and a half, between mid-August and at the end of September 2017. To camp this unique Patachon character,

Jean Dujardin takes a few pounds , by the grace of a regime based on croque-monsieur ! Directors give small roles to some of the village companions, like Gérard, who told his experience to our colleagues of Grazia : "I am at Emmaus for 7 years. I have invested a lot, it's for that. What I have finished in the movie: As soon as they needed something, I was there. Who could have believed that I would find myself on the big screen? It's a beautiful film because it's realistic and credible. " As James Brown sang, I Feel Good ... and you too, discovering tonight the nugget of the duo Kervern / Delépine.

Jean-Jacques Goldman: His handsome gesture for his musicians at the time of his musical retirement, "for everyone to find work" .
© SIPA Jean-Jacques Goldman: his handsome gesture for his musicians at the time of his music retirement, "For everyone to find work" our colleagues from the Parisian are returned to the footsteps of Jean-Jacques Goldman in order to collect a few news from the singer who celebrates today his 70 years. His musicians finally confidence on his huge altruism. It is an artist both rare and complete.

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