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21:50  08 october  2021
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CUM-EX searches in Hamburg: "The Razzia Strand Olaf Scholz lies"

 CUM-EX searches in Hamburg: The prosecutor is looking for prove why the Warburg-Bank was allowed to keep illegal tax refunds initially. It could be tight for the SPD electoral winner Olaf Scholz. © dpa SPD Chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz leaves the building after the first faction meeting of the SPD in the newly elected Bundestag.

Berlin. New phase in the exploratory education in the state of Berlin: After numerous discussions, it continues in three terraces. And it remains exciting.

 Die Berliner SPD-Landesvorsitzende Franziska Giffey und Raed Saleh, Landesvorsitzender und Fraktionsvorsitzender im Abgeordnetenhaus. © Monika Skolimowska The Berlin SPD state chairman Franziska Giffey and Raed Saleh, state chairman and group chairman in the House of Representatives.

The SPD in Berlin wants to talk about a government education in two three-way formats. In the coming week, on the one hand, they are planned to explore with Greens and FDP, on the other hand with green and left, the SPD top candidate participated in the House of Members of Members and designated ruling mayor Franziska Giffey on Friday. The preference for the SPD is a traffic light alliance with Greens and FDP.

Germany: Second meeting between Greens and FDP for a coalition with three

 Germany: Second meeting between Greens and FDP for a coalition with three Germany-Politics: Germany: second meeting between Greens and FDP for a coalition with three © Reuters / Annegret Hilse Germany: Second meeting Between Greens and FDP Berlin (Reuters) - The Greens and Liberal Democrats of the FDP met Friday for the second time since Sunday's legislative elections in Germany to seek points of agreement allowing the formation of a coalition Tripartite government with Either the Social Democrats of the SPD, arriving shortly, the cu-csu conservative block.

For the Greens, their top candidate Bettina Jarasch accepted the offer. One will follow the proposal of social democrats and talk both with SPD and FDP as well as with SPD and left. The desired bundry for the Greens is still red-green-red. "Unfortunately, but we have not yet been able to communicate with the SPD who should be the third force on our side," says Jarash.

After the election of the Berlin House of Representatives On September 26, SPD, GREEN, CDU, LINKE and FDP had initially been explored in two formats and differences in terms of a possible coalition. Because according to the election, a whole series of three bundles are possible.

Video: Lockets Step to the CDU reorganization Harvested Approval (dpa)

Germany: A SPD leader says a coalition before the end of 2021

 Germany: A SPD leader says a coalition before the end of 2021 Germany-Politics: Germany: A SPD leader says to believe in a coalition before the end 2021 © Reuters / Pool Germany: a SPD leader says to believe in A coalition before the end of 2021 Berlin (Reuters) - a coalition led by the Social Democrats could form a government in Germany by the end of the year, said one of the leading leaders of the Social Democrat Party (SPD) in An interview published Saturday.

After the decisions made now, the CDU and thus other alliance options are first external, even if exploits can still fail. For the left, an alliance of SPD, Greens and FDP would be bitter because they have had a red-red-green coalition in a red-red-green coalition since 2016.

Greens and Left had regularly declared in the election campaign to continue the current coalition with the SPD. The FDP, like the CDU, releases to an alliance of both parties with the SPD. Their top candidate Giffey, however, had dismissed both before the election and then, which alliance they prefer.

has been speculated in Berlin for a long time that the ex-Federal Family Minister as a new Berlin Townhauschefin would set a new coalition model for the coming five years. In addition to the now from her favored variant with Greens and FDP was also a three-bundn with CDU and FDP.

for Giffey and the SPD was the choice on September 26 no glory. According to the preliminary end result, the Social Democrats came to 21.4 percent: their worst result after the war. But they were thus strongest party. The Greens increased to their best Berlin regional result of 18.9 percent.

The CDU in third place with 18.1 percent only slightly better than in its historically worst result 2016. The left lost lightly and came to 14.0 percent, the AFD after significant losses to 8.0 percent and the FDP with Light winning to 7.2 percent.

Jutta Allmendinger and Peter Dabrock Open Letter to the SPD Bundestag fraction: It needs a woman as a Bundestag President! .
becomes the previous SPD faction leader Rolf Mützenich new Bundestag President, the entire German state lit is occupied with men. That looks like out of time - and has political explosive power. © Frederic Kern / Imago Images / Future Image SPD , GREEN and FDP Negotiate a progress coalition. Traditionally, the largest faction is in the Bundestag , the SPD, the Office of the Bundestag President or the Bundestag President.

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