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14:25  10 october  2021
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PACA: "In the area of ​​housing, the trend is absolutely catastrophic", according to the Foundation Abbé-Pierre

 PACA: three years after the drama of the street of Aubagne, the situation in the field of housing in the region PACA remains Disturbing according to the Foundation Abbé-Pierre © P. Magnien / 20 minutes Insealubre housing in Marseille (illustration).

For reasons of budget or by ignorance of the legislation in force, it can happen not to respect the antisismic standards when building its house

La France s'est dotée en 2011 d'une nouvelle réglementation antisismique relative aux maisons neuves © iStock / City Press France has endowed in 2011 of a New anti-seismic regulation relating to new houses Real Estate - For reasons of budget or by ignorance of the legislation in force, it can not respect the antisismic standards when building its house

depending on the region where you reside, your Habitation incurs real risks of earthquakes . More than 600 earthquakes are identified each year in France, of which fifteen are strong enough to be felt by the population and cause damage or threaten the structure of the buildings. The Alps, Provence, the Pyrenees, the Rhine and the Guadeloupe and Martinique are the areas most affected by these natural disasters.

Schiele Handert: "We want to shot the net broken"

 Schiele Handert: an intense impact exchange was delivered on Friday evening of the 1st FC Saarbrücken and Eintracht Braunschweig. Without winner. But with a lion coach who hounded with his team. © Imago Images / Jan Hebner can not believe in some chances that the ball is not on the net: Braunschweig's coach Michael Schiele.

In order to minimize their consequences and to preserve human lives, the architects have developed preventive measures allowing the dwellings to be both stronger and to deform without collapse. At what rules of development and construction your habitat is submitted? What are the precautions to be respected to protect yourself?

The current standard

so that dwellings are resistant to earthquakes, France has completed a new anti-seismic regulation (PS-MI 89 revised 92) on new homes. First item to be taken into account: the construction area of ​​the construction. Depending on the seismicity of it (rated from 1 to 5 on the hexagonal territory, the latter category concerning mainly the West Indies), different measures will have to be applied.

In India, the inhabitants of this building have little escaped its collapse

 In India, the inhabitants of this building have little escaped its collapse © Pawan Kumar in India, the inhabitants of this building have fallen little to its collapse various facts - no one was injured when a 7-storey building collapsed in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh in India , Thursday, September 30, as you can see in the video at the top of Article . On Facebook, a live video showed the building of several stages leaning dangerously before collapse on at least one other house.

A geotechnical study will also need to be planned to ensure soil stability and prevent potential collapses or landslides, which will determine the depth and anchoring of the foundations. You can consult the seismic zoning map of your municipality on the website schedule.fr.

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A care taken at the construction

Then, during the design of the building , it is recommended to privilege simple forms in plan and elevation, with a preference house. rectangular and limited deposits. The building will also have to be split into homogeneous blocks by continuous seal. The number of floors, finesse and building the building will have to meet the criteria required in the defined seismic zone.

Finally, during the construction of a new house, the choice of high quality materials and their assembly will be crucial, again dictated by the standards. The non-structural elements that can represent a risk to the safety of the inhabitants, such as chimneys, false ceilings, partitions or balconies, are also subject to certain dimensions.

rise in real estate prices: the revenge of the territories

 rise in real estate prices: the revenge of the territories The pandemic has upset the location of the rise in real estate prices. The large agglomerations are no longer the motors of the market. © Dr. between Île-de-France and the other regions, the increase in the value of old housing still does not follow the same pace, except that, now It is the province that records the strongest increases.

On the other hand, with regard to the existing building, there is no obligation at the moment, except when they are the subject of works that could weaken their structure. As for the high verandas extensions, they are treated as a new building. Know that non-compliance with regulations commits the responsibility of the owners and exposes them to criminal sanctions.

The cost of a parasistimic construction

on average, compliance with seismic standards represents between 0.5% and 2% of the large total work for individual homes. The sooner the seismic risk will be taken into account, the less the invoice will be high. Their cost, however, remains significantly lower than that of material repairs and damage - and even human - that can lead to an earthquake.

Also know that you can benefit from aid, including the regional council, which can rise up to 14,000 euros depending on your area of ​​residence.

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