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08:55  13 october  2021
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Algeria prohibits the overview of its territory with French military aircraft

 Algeria prohibits the overview of its territory with French military aircraft © Copyright 2021, Obs Relations between Paris and Algiers entered a new zone of turbulence. Algeria has prohibited the overview of its territory with French military aircraft, which usually borrow its airspace to join or leave the Sahelo-Saharan band where the troops of Operation Antijihadist Barkhane have been deployed, said Sunday a. word of the French staff.

Saïd Bouteflika (au deuxième plan) en 2009 avec son frère Abdelaziz alors président de l'Algérie. Condamné le 12 octobre à deux ans de prison ferme, il a désormais perdu sa grande influence et son frère est décédé le 17 septembre. © AP Saïd Bouteflika (in the second plan) in 2009 with his brother Abdelaziz then President of Algeria. Sentence on October 12 to two years in prison, he now lost his great influence and his brother died on September 17th. Fall - The brother of the former president was sentenced for "hindering the smooth running of justice". It is also cited in other cases being instructed

the bad news are linked for the Bouteflika family. Said, Cadet Brother of the Dead former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika , was sentenced Tuesday night to two years in prison for "hindrance to the smooth running of the Justice ," said the official APS agency.

Closure of Algerian airspace: What military consequences for France in Sahel?

 Closure of Algerian airspace: What military consequences for France in Sahel? © Reuters / Benoit Tessier / File Photo A French soldier of the Barkhan army patrol in the city of Tin Hama, Mali, October 19, 2017. Following the remarks kept by Emmanuel Macron and reported by the newspaper Le Monde During the weekend, Algiers decided to prohibit the overview of its territory to the aircraft of the French army. Decisions that may have consequences beyond the two countries concerned.

In front of the Criminal Court of Dar El Beida, east of Algiers , the prosecution had required seven years firm. Said Bouteflika was continued with other former leaders for "incentive to falsify official documents", "abuse of function", "obstructing justice", "incentive to the bias of justice" and "contempt of magistrate".

six years in prison for the former Minister of Justice

Video: The former President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is dead (France 24)

The main accused in this trial is L Former Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh. He scrumped six years in prison while the former boss of the bosses, the businessman Ali Haddad, was sentenced to two years firm. The former Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice, Tayeb Belhachemi, was also sentenced to two years' imprisonment. The Tribunal delivered the acquittal of six other accused.

Emmanuel Macron tries to soothe diplomatic tensions with Algeria

 Emmanuel Macron tries to soothe diplomatic tensions with Algeria © Ludovic Marin, AFP (Archives) Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee, September 7, 2021. In a broadcast on Tuesday, the French president expressed his willingness to appease the tensions that undermine relations between Paris and Algiers, while Algeria closed on Tuesday its airspace to French military aircraft and recalled its ambassador following the announcement of the reduction of the French visa to the Maghreb .

Saïd Bouteflika, 63, had been arrested in May 2019 with three co-accused and sentenced in September of the same year to 15 years imprisonment during a flash trial in a military court for "conspiracy against the army" , who then publicly asked the departure of President Bouteflika to get out of the crisis born of the hirak, the anti-stretching protest movement. On January 2, 2021, a military court of appeal had acquitted Said Bouteflika, but being under a filing mandate for "trading of influence", he had been transferred from a military prison to a civil prison.

The fall continues for the one who was the influential councilor of his brother Abdelaziz, who died on September 17th. Cited in other cases being investigated, he should stay in prison even by having already served the two years of Tuesday. Since the forced resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika in early April 2019, under the pressure of the manifestations of the Hirak and the Army, the Algerian justice placed pre-trial or convicted of several politicians as well as powerful businessmen close to him, especially for facts of corruption.

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massacre of October 17, 1961: an unprecedented commemoration from France .
© Mehdi Fedouach / AFP Emmanuel Macron will go to Colombes this Saturday to pay tribute to the Algerians killed by the Parisian police on the night of October 17, 1961 . An unprecedented approach from a President of the Republic. No speech is planned, but it is a step towards recognition of the facts.

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