US News is the DRC: a chocolatee survives in the furnace of the rebels ADF

12:40  13 october  2021
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Designation of the President of the Ceni in the DRC: Catholics and Protestants raise the

 Designation of the President of the Ceni in the DRC: Catholics and Protestants raise the © Reuters / Thomas Mukoya Conference of the CENCO, in Kinshasa, on December 21, 2016 (image of illustration). In the DRC, the process to designate the future President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Cenénie) is bogged down. At a press conference, Catholics and Protestants raised the tone yesterday, Thursday, October 7, to denounce the responsibility of the political actors in the blocking.

Début de processus pour les fèves de cacao à la chocolaterie de Virunga Origins, à Mutwanga le 18 novembre 2020 © Alexis Huguet start of process for cocoa beans with the chocolate of Virunga Origins, in Mutwanga on November 18 2020

"We are pioneers!" Lance Roger Muhindo in front of the entrance of his chocolate that survives in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces Group (ADF) have massacred nearly one thousand civilians in twelve months.

Un fermier dans son champ de cacaoyers à Mutwanga le 19 novembre 2020 © Alexis Huguet A farmer in his cocoa fields in Mutwanga on November 19, 2020

Roger Muhindo and the dozen employees of the "Virunga Origins Chocolates" factory are in the heart of the turmoil. The barbed wires and armed guards around the ground of what should have been a thriving industrial area recall that the front line is nearby.

Attack in Yemen against an official convoy, at least six deaths

 Attack in Yemen against an official convoy, at least six deaths © AFP A U Leven six people perished Sunday in a bombing of the car trapped in the southern Yemen against a convoy of government officials, who have Survived this last attack in this country ravaged by the war. according to security sources, the Governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, the Minister of Agriculture, Salem Al-Socotri, and a third official whose identity has not been specified in the immediate future, were on board of the convoy rolling in Aden.

Despite extreme violence and lack of infrastructure, the Virunga National Park (NPV) is fighting to run this chocolate. Its objectives: to transform the cocoa on the spot to fight against its contraband towards neighboring Uganda and create jobs to fight against enrollment in armed groups.

"There are others who would like to invest here, but they are afraid, with the war and everything that happens here," explains Mr. Muhindo, responsible for the production of the small factory installed since January 2020 in Mutwanga , in the troubled territory of Beni.

In December, only a few months after the marketing of the first chocolate tablets, Mutwanga and the neighboring localities, so far, relatively spared by violence, have become one of the main targets of the deadly attacks attributed to ADF rebels.

Veronique Véronique Genest shocked, it pushes a new fuck

 Veronique Véronique Genest shocked, it pushes a new fuck © Best_Image Véronique Véronique Genest shocked, it pushes a new fuck since the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19, Véronique Genest does not hesitate to give of the voice to denounce all that seems to displease him. This Sunday, October 10 on Instagram, his wrath fell on an unfortunate doll, sold equipped with a mask. It was not necessary to plunge the actress in a black anger.

In less than a year, more than 200 civilians were killed within a radius of 20 kilometers around the chocolaterie, mainly in isolated villages, near cocoa plantations.

Since 2019, the Islamic State Organization (EI) claims some of the rebel attacks of the ADF armed group against civilians and the positions of the Congolese army. The EI presents the ADF rebellion in its communiqués as its branch in Central Africa (Islamic State Central Africa Province, ISCAP).

Les barres chocolatées de Virunga Origins, à Mutwanga le 18 novembre 2020 © Alexis Huguet the chocolate bars of Virunga Origins, in Mutwanga on 18 November 2020

- Solar roaster -

"We deploy small units everywhere to protect those in their fields but it still makes us work too hard" , lament Antony Mwalushayi, spokesman for Operation Sokola-1 of the Congolese army, the ADF operation operation in Beni territory.

In a report of June 2021, the United Nations Expert Panel for the Democratic Republic of Congo specifies that in parallel with the attacks and kidnappings committed by ADFs against cocoa farmers, military Congolese armed forces have harvested the chops in Deserted fields to resell illegal beans in Uganda.

Our questions to the 8th Bundesliga matchday: Who survives in the hell of the Mooswald Zone?

 Our questions to the 8th Bundesliga matchday: Who survives in the hell of the Mooswald Zone? Shares Bayern before the top game? Where does the euphoria carry the 1st FC Cologne? Who does the health department? Our questions to the 8th matchday. © Photo: Imago Images / Sven Simon Departure to the Table Top. Last season, Robert Lewandowski scored the winning goal in Leverkusen in the detention time. Then Bayer crashed. Where is the euphoria limitless? in Kölle on Rhing, where the FC can jump on a Champions League Square this weekend.

The head of an agricultural cooperative that supplies Virunga Origins confirms to AFP, under the cover of anonymity, that "as soon as the planters leave the fields, there are soldiers who fly the products and resell them to the contrabanders" .

PNVI managers do not discourage. After turning the to the slow motion, the machines work full speed for a few months.

"We will multiply by ten the production capacity to deal with local and international demand and we will have one of the first 100% product chocolates on renewable energy, thanks to the solar roaster we are going to install", advertisement Bastien Allard, one of the PNVI officials. The expansion of the chocolateerie are in progress, says Allard.

Le barrage hydrolélectrique de Mutwanga, au pied des monts Rwenzori, le 19 novembre 2020 © Alexis Huguet The Hydrolelectric Dam of Mutwanga, at the foot of the Rwenzori Monts, November 19, 2020

After a first small hydroelectric plant launched in 2013, the PNVI started another in 2019, with a capacity of 2 , 4 megawatts, on the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains to feed the city of Mutwanga and the Chocolaterie.

The objective is to encourage investors to implement industries, benefiting from credit and stable and cheap electricity.

"Today, with the chocolate, the population knows how to see the cocoa transformed into chocolate directly" and even if it is still shy, "other factories are setting up, so now on the plan Economic it boosts the economy of the country! ", Rejoices Jonathan Kahumba, son of the region and responsible for the hydroelectric plant.


Tiger: WHO's boss pleads for humanitarian aid to his native region .
© Fabrice Coffrini The general manager of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on March 11, 2020, at the headquarters of the organization. Geneva the boss of WHO, Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called on Wednesday the Ethiopian authorities to guarantee unhindered humanitarian access to Tiger, a long advocacy for his native region ravaged for almost a year by a conflict with addison. Ababa.

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