US News Spain: An ex-sulfur curator says to be the "enemy to be slaughtered" at the beginning of his trial

19:35  13 october  2021
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 claimed by Madrid, the Leader Catalan Puigdemont appears in Italy © Miguel Medina Carles Puigdemont on September 25, 2021 in Alghero, Italy the separatist Catalan Carles Puigdemont, which is the subject of a European arrest warrant issued By Spain for extradition, appears on Monday before a court of Sardinia, where he had been briefly arrested on 23 September. This hearing was fixed by the Sardinia Court of Appeal on 24 September after the arrest of the former Catalan president upon his arrival in Alghero, where he had to participate in a cultural festival.

  Espagne: un ex-commissaire sulfureux dit être l' © Pool / AFP

The Ex-Spanish Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, implicated in multiple scandals involving men business and politicians, asked the victim on Wednesday on the first day of his trial for "corruption", assuring being "treated as an enemy to be slaughtered".

"I have not been treated as an alleged offender, I have been treated as an enemy to slaughter," denounced the former sulfur agent upon his arrival before the national hearing, the main Spanish criminal authority, which judge alongside 26 other people in a vast espionage case.

"In this country, when someone disturbs, it is destroyed, we destroy it, and unfortunately we use so many serious institutions as justice," continued the ex-policeman, dark beret, sunglasses and massive silhouette.

Germany. At age 96, the former secretary of a Nazi camp released before resuming trial

 Germany. At age 96, the former secretary of a Nazi camp released before resuming trial © Pool / Reuters two judicial officers before the trial of the former secretary of a concentration camp in Itzehoe, On September 30, 2021. An ex-secretary of a 96-year-old Nazi camp should be judged in Germany. Last week, she had been incarcerated for trying to run away the day of her trial. She has just been released.

José Manuel Villarejo, 70 years old, is accused of having benefited from his duties to record personalities without their knowledge and set up discredit campaigns on behalf of prestigious customers, in exchange for significant sums of money. He spent three years in pre-trial detention.

dozens of surveys have been opened on these actions that splashed several large patterns but also magistrates, senior officials and elected officials - like the former Minister of the Interior of Mariano Rajoy , Jorge Fernandez Diaz.

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on these many cases, three must be examined by the national hearing.

called "Iron", "Land" and "Pintor", they involve business leaders and lawyers suspected of having made competitors, Via Villarejo, to harm them.

Spain causes Italy / League of Nations (1/2 final)

 Spain causes Italy / League of Nations (1/2 final) The first semifinal of the League of Nations has seen Spain getting rid of Italy without too many sentences (2-1 ) Ferran Torres marked the two goals of the match. © Panoramic Ferran Torres Italy Spain League of Nations The European Champion fell. After almost three years of invincibility, the Squadra Azzurra had to drop the pavilion on Wednesday on the occasion of its League of Nations semifinal.

109 years of prison were required against Villarejo for this first trial, scheduled until the end of January in San Fernando de Henares, in the suburbs of Madrid. Several others should follow, on more media components of the case still subject to investigations.

Asked about the outcome of this first trial, the former police officer assured Wednesday to have "absolutely confidence in the independence of justice". "I trust the fact that we are in a rule of law and so I hope there will be no folk justice," he insisted.

In recent years, the former commissioner distilled in the media many compromising conversation extracts for power - and especially for the former King Juan Carlos, suspected of financial and exile malversions for more than a year in Abu Dhabi .

A strategy assumed by Villarejo, who said Wednesday to have thought that he was "his duty" to denounce "the illegal things" to which he was able to attend. "I have never been afraid of any individual", even the most "important," he insured on the margins of the hearing.

13/10/2021 14:10:35 - San Fernando de Henares ( Spain ) ( AFP ) - © 2021 AFP

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