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02:45  14 october  2021
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claimed by Madrid, the Leader Catalan Puigdemont appears in Italy

 claimed by Madrid, the Leader Catalan Puigdemont appears in Italy © Miguel Medina Carles Puigdemont on September 25, 2021 in Alghero, Italy the separatist Catalan Carles Puigdemont, which is the subject of a European arrest warrant issued By Spain for extradition, appears on Monday before a court of Sardinia, where he had been briefly arrested on 23 September. This hearing was fixed by the Sardinia Court of Appeal on 24 September after the arrest of the former Catalan president upon his arrival in Alghero, where he had to participate in a cultural festival.

No, according to [1], which is referenced by Wikipedia, the leader travels at 61 km/s and the return stroke at 27800 km/s. These speeds are much less than the speed of light (299792 km/s). Lightning CAN'T travel at the speed of light, no matter how hard it tried, because it would require infinite energy something we don't have. Even if lightning were to travel at 99% the speed of light, though, the energy released would DECIMATE the surrounding area where it struck.

new video loaded: Ex-Philippines Leader Travels to China.

3. League: SV Meppen - 1. FC Magdeburg (Saturday, 14:00 clock)

Der Spitzenreiter reist an © Provided by Sport1.de The leader travels at

before a true Hercules task is Meppen next Saturday. Finally, with Magdeburg the Primus of the 3rd league guests. The SV Meppen won the last match against the MSV Duisburg with 1: 0 and is 15 points above in the table. The 1st FC Magdeburg line on Monday three counters against Turkkücücü München (4: 0).

So far, Meppen drove four victories, three draws and four defeats. Only a single threesome posted the hosts in the past five games.

Guarantee of Magdeburg is the functioning offensive department, which shows the league best value with 22 hits. The previous yield of the guest: seven victories, a draw and three defeats. Most recently, it ran well for the 1st FC Magdeburg - nine counter from the last five games is the yield.

The offensive of Magdeburg is immense risk. More than twice per game the attack promotes the ball on average over the line. Trumps the SV Meppen this time again with home strength (3-1-1) Better opportunities will definitely be granted to the 1st FC Magdeburg (4-0-2).

Formal is the SV Meppen in the game against Magdeburg not the favorite. Nevertheless, Meppen expects opportunities to one or the other point.

kim jong-an amaigri and metamorphosed: this crazy rumor that agitates the canvas .
© ITAR TASS / BESTIMAGE Kim Jong-An amaigri and metamorphosed: this crazy rumor that agitates the web last June, the north-Korean television s authorized an unexpected remark on Kim Jong-one. His last appearances fuel, at the beginning of October, 2021, the rumor of a double double of the formerly obese leader. Prohibited comment on privacy and health status of their leader, North Korean television has surprised the world commenting on its physique.

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