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05:41  14 october  2021
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Vlad Tenev is one of Robinhood's founders and has sustainably influenced the investment behavior of many people with his NeoBroker. The inspiration for his company came from a tech legend.

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• Robinhood co-founder calls Steve Jobs' Keynote as Inspiration for Robinhood

• Consumer Product in Visor

• Analysts for Robinhood Optimist

The Bulgarian-American Businessman Vladimir Tenev Together with Baiju Bhatt, which he met at Stanford University, the trading platform Robinhood founded. Meanwhile, the NeoBroker is not only listed by listing, but has also contributed to a significant change in the financial market, because with the Robinhood App millions of people easily and free access to the world of the stock market. The idea for Robinhood came Tenev, who today acts as CEO of the company, with a keynote of Apple .

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Steve Jobs' iPad Presentation Imprative Tenev

In the "Earn Your Leisure" podcast, the entrepreneur will revive the time before the founding and recalled a product presentation of TechRiesen Apple 2010, which was then directed by Steve Jobs at that time . Jobs had presented the first ipad as part of the keynote of the public, which was apparently impressed by Tenev.

"I still remember how I saw these keynote and thought of how great it is to bring a consumer product to the market and to experience that normal people what you want to have, too," says TENEV in the interview. "We wanted to do that and saw a chance".

Tenev and Bhatt then pursued their vision of a trading platform without trading charges whose user interface is easy to understand and the mobile devices can be used. "When we had this idea, we knew that it was a big idea.", Explains the Robinhood co-founder.

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Precursor of Robinhood did not convince

before the trading platform was raised from baptism, Tenev and Bhatt, however, founded the forerunner of Robinhood, the software company Chronos Research, which developed the technology and software to support fully automatic trade. "We have developed the technology and licensed them to financial institutions that could not really keep up," describes Tenev. His business partner and he had noticed that they would not have enough passion for the final result, namely the entrepreneur business, which resulted from their idea, would bring. Customers of Chronos Research have been already rich and invested in the financial market. His company would have helped them only to adapt to a new environment through better technology, "but what we really wanted was to develop a consumer product and improve people's life in everyday life," said Tenev about his motivation to found Robinhood .

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Robinhood Share: Analysts voted positively

The idea was successful, In the second quarter , the NeoBroker achieved sales of 565 million US dollars - around 131 percent more than in the same period of the previous year. Transactional revenue has also increased by 141 percent to $ 451 million, alone trade in crypto currencies made $ 233 million in US dollars.

Even if Robinhood is always under pressure - most recently, after the US exchanges supervision SEC Public a ban so-called Payment for Order Flow (PFF) business models, as also practiced by the NeoBroker, are considered, the analyst assessments for the Stock of stock exchange majority positive . The majority of the experts recommends the share for sale, the average price target is well above the current price level with 55.19 US dollars.

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