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"Gainsbourg? Affirmative!", The exhibition tribute to the iconic singer 30 years ago

 in 1991, Serge Gainsbourg touted his reverence. To mark this event, the city of Erstein, in the Bas-Rhin, offers an exhibition with photographs of Pierre Terrasson, official photographer of the famous singer in the 1980s. © provided by Franceinfo in this anniversary year, the tributes In Serge Gainsbourg multiply. Near Strasbourg, the city of Erstein also devotes an event at its height.

1. I ’ m afraid he ____ five minutes ago. A) leaves. B) is leaving. 6. Bill wanted to know when Nick ____ come to us. 15. ____ not any glass in the windows, that is why ____ so cold in the room.

Do you like to send expensive gifts? Well, I ' m still a student, so sending expensive presents is a no-no for me. I prefer giving gifts that show my love and care for that person, for example, handmade ones. Another answer: I don't like sending some gifts that cost me an arm and a leg. People these days often give and receive technology related gifts which were quite rare in the past. To illustrate, the important presents that I received on my last birthday were perfumes and a laptop. Of course, gifts items in all decades do not remain the same.

« J’ai peur » : pourquoi Serge Lama, 78 ans, ne veut plus faire de tournées tours © Tiziano da Silva / Bestimage "I'm afraid": Why Serge Lama, 78 years old, does not want to do any news Up to 70 years, Serge Lama plunged body and soul in his tours to offer his most beautiful fans of his performance. Eight years later, it's up counter-heart that the artist announces that he has ended with the scene.

Serge Lama derives. After a long quarry of more than sixty years , the 78-year-old singer who chained a time 300 concerts per year , makes the choice of do not go back on stage . At the dawn of the sanitary crisis, Serge Lama, physically weakened , announced his last tour. Farewells in songs, which it was forced to postpone several times and which will never last. " There will be no tour. It's not that I do not want but I'm afraid," says I'm sick, in the edition of October 14 of the Parisian.

Polar Bears Berlin and Champions Hockey League: A difficult relationship

 Polar Bears Berlin and Champions Hockey League: A difficult relationship despite the spectacle against HC Lugano: Why the polar bears are heavy with the Champions Hockey League. © Photo: Matthias Koch / Imago New feeling. At 6: 3 against the HC Lugano, Eybären-Trainer Serge Aubin saw a satisfactory final score on the videov roof of the Arena on the Ostbahnhof for the first time this season. The Champions Hockey League made for the polar bears this season on Tuesday evening for the first time really fun.

- I ' m enjoying myself very much. I want to stay to the end. Do you know why an apple falls down and not up? - Yes, I always write to him on his birthday. Do you want to send any message? Tom and Mr Pitt . (have) a long conversation. 78 terms.

inhibited = not confident or relaxed enough to do or say what you want to . sensitive = able to understand other people's feelings and problems. extrovert = outgoing. persuasive = good at influencing other people to believe or do what you want . If they don't understand and want to clarify something, they wait for a suitable opportunity. When speaking, effective communicators are good at giving information. They do not confuse their listener. They make their points clearly. They will avoid technical terms, abbreviations or jargon.

at almost 80 years, his health status no longer allows him to cross France to occur on stage: " I am too fragile : my leg left, it's Worse worse, and the right has my body since the accident fifty-six years ago . That would be the fight of too . " Young Married , Serge Lama has a matter of no longer worrying his wife, the first he deserves : " I walk very hard to . On the last, I broke the figure several times. It was necessary See Luana vanish. "

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her most beautiful songs illustrated

and if the artist who boards on a new album , does not intend to stop her career, the tours are no longer "in his abilities": "I'm not saying that I would not be a farewell party at the Olympia ." There is a time when you have to know how to withdraw, and Serge Lama is aware of it: "Go back on the roads, tell me on the podiums, swing my big arms, this time is finished ." Before resuming the path of the recording studios, the singer who composed all the titles of his directory, says in the book Serge Lama. My life, my biggest songs shown by my favorite painters (Fine Arts editions), see October 13th. from Renoir to Monet , Picasso or Matisse, through 240 pages, It illustrates its 50 larger songs using the big names of the paint.

Congress LR: Why Xavier Bertrand has finally decided to rally .
© Pascal Guyot / AFP The President of the Hauts-de-France assured Monday night that he would participate in the Congress of the LR which will designate the candidate of the right to the presidential election. Xavier Bertrand has renounced cavalier alone and thus spreads the risk of fracturing his camp. A "very good news" for Valérie Pécresse.

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