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13:51  14 october  2021
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Cologne / Bonn Airport Before Vacation Rush: Children should refrain from Toys in Jet

 Cologne / Bonn Airport Before Vacation Rush: Children should refrain from Toys in Jet Cologne / Bonn Airport expects a further increase in the airports in the NRW autumn holidays starting on Friday. During this period, the Airport expects around 440,000 passengers, which corresponds almost two thirds of the comparative period of the pre-crisis year 2019. The top day is to become the 10th of October with almost 31,000 expected passengers. © ARTON KRASNIQI A Queue in Terminal 2 at Cologne / Bonn Airport at the beginning of summer holidays 2021.

it was already a one-time presentation in the Sürther restaurant Maaßen. Since 1975, this traditionally, the three star from the Festival Committee Carnival of the Altgemeinde Rodenkirchen is presented. And as you say so beautiful, according to Scheme F or at least, committed to the tradition.

Stefano Straberg (Mitte), der neue Präsident des Festkomitees, präsentierte die sechs Tollitäten. © Milden Stefano Strove (Mitte), the new president of the festival committee, presented the six tabilities.

Because while beyond the Rodenkirchen bridge, the Prinzen song of WICKY JUNGBURTH, "EINMOL PRINZ ZO SIN EN Kölle on Rhing ...", with "two moles", experiences a light but significant decrease, as the trifolium of the Old Tädter compete a second session in Cologne May, you prefer to stick to old pigtails in Rodenkirchen. And so then two three-offses were presented. Once delayed for the session 2020/2021 and then for the session 2021/2022.

Me presents: Week-end Fest X in Cologne - here the most important details

 Me presents: Week-end Fest X in Cologne - here the most important details Who stands on avant-garde and experimental pleasure instead of mainstream headliner, is just right at the weekend x in Cologne this weekend. We present! © Provided by www.musikexpress.de also occurs at Weekend Fest x: Suzanne Ciani, here live in the Terraforma in June 2017 who stands on Avantgarde and experimentation instead of mainstream headliner, is at the weekend x in Cologne at this Weekend just right.

No ride in the Ornat

but in turn. Because first, the outgoing three yield was passed by the former prince Stephan Albrech. "We can not feel like that will be. Hopefully you will be borne by a grandiose, short session. You will not experience a trip in the Ornat, "said Albrech, almost with reverence in front of the designated three star of the session 2020/2021, the Stefano Strabberg introduced as a new chairman of the Alcohol with a lot of joke and charm. Strove has begun to bring new wind into the carnival. The idea of ​​two three-stirnes, but was then unassembled for Strove as possible: it had been a decision of the Old Executive Board. "It was a shattered session. We look forward now. The only constant in life is the change, "he explained as a new chairman and made the impossible possible: a photo that shows both three-offs.

sign of religious freedom: Muezzins may soon call for prayer in Cologne

 sign of religious freedom: Muezzins may soon call for prayer in Cologne in Cologne are given five-minute prayer calls. Lord Mayor Reker evaluates this as "sign of mutual acceptance of religion". © Photo: Imago Images / Future Image / C. Hardt Exterior of the Ditib Central Mosque in Cologne Ehrenfeld. Who is traveling in Cologne , could soon hear the reputation of the muezzin in some places soon on Fridays. As the cathedral city announced, a model project initially limited to two years has started.

The trifolium of the kg of the rider, which is proclaimed on 5 November in elementary school at the Adlerstraße, may present the Rodenkirchen carnival by January 6th. Not without reason His greatness has, Prince Willi III. (Willi Cheiseler), Virgin Sonja (Björn Dant) and Bauer Peter Scheuß chose the entrance sentence for the motto that it needs a three star probably already from tradition. "It's different, as you have seen in Cologne," Bauer expressed shattering with a behavioral understanding. The Order, the Ornat, everything is finished finally.

Three Years of Hearts

The "Three Years of Hearts", as it was then called by Strand, hopes that they will be booked until the handover to many events until the beginning of January via their Priviline FRITZ Schatten. "The small, beasty virus has cost a lot of strength, time and nerves, but now it's so Wick," Prince Willi says at his place of existence on Kölsch yet in a good mood.

differently Prince André Skibbe presented himself. The native "Ossi", as he imagined himself, occurs with a pure "Immi-three star" - none of the gentlemen is from Cologne. From the 7th of January, at 7 pm, the Prinzenprklamation takes place in the Aula des Gymnasium in Rodenkirchen, Prince André with Virgin Tanja (Berti Tobjinski) and Bauer Alexander Reimer rules from the pine bumps. The club celebrates its 55th anniversary in the coming year.

Kölner Pendant storm space at the Youth League game in Genk .
Genk. On the edge of the Youth League game of the U19 of the 1st FC Cologne at KRC Genk, followers of the guests have stormed the place and the discussion with fans of the Belgian club wanted. The FC announces consequences. © monika skolimowska icon photo. Around 50 muted persons have according to matching media reports in the half-time break of the game enter the interior of the stadium and specifically sought the confrontation with fans of the host club.

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